Hoo presents

the Great

Hoo presents

the Great

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We're a new hotel booking platform and we're backing the Great British seaside as the tourism sector begins to recover from its darkest period in living memory.

This summer we are encouraging the capital’s trendsetters to ditch the usual exotic, sun-drenched, over-Instagrammed haunts for the only holiday resort trendy millennials should be checking into: Great Yarmouth.

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Why Great Yarmouth you ask? Well, why not?! Everyone loves a great British holiday and if staycation is the question, then Yarmouth is the answer. Don't just take our word for it. Ellie Diamond and Baga Chipz - stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race and cheerleaders for Yarmouth:

“No need to go fannying about with passports, flights, covid tests and all that nonsense when you can just hotfoot it to England’s finest - Great Yarmouth”

Baga Chipz
Baga Chipz, Ru Paul

Check out the full launch trailer!

“This past year has been a truly savage time for hoteliers, but there are better times ahead. We want to push as many eyes as possible to our sunny seasides - with Great Yarmouth being a particular favourite.  Holidaymakers should look again at these places - Great Yarmouth is cool - not just for this summer but also in future years as well. We hope our campaign helps play a small part in the recovery.”

Adrian, Co-Founder
The NED, London


Fancy a free dinner and night at the NED? Sign-up and create an account, you will be entered into a draft to win a dinner and a night at the NED on us. And fear not, even if you don’t win the big prize, you will automatically get £25 credit on your account to spend on your next holiday!

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What are we doing?

Here at hoo we love a great British holiday and for us there's nothing greater than our favourite Great Yarmouth. Throughout the summer we've been putting all of our efforts into transforming Great Yarmouth into the coolest destination for 2021.

From our pop-up travel agency in London's Shoreditch, staffed by no-other than Ru Paul's Drag Race's Ellie Diamond; to our eye-catching billboards across central Londonl. We're going big!

Now, we present our slick promo video to prove to everyone that Yarmouth is the Naxos of Norfolk. Beautiful beaches, great food, and more entertainment than you can shake a 99 at!

Hoo Pop-up Travel Agency

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What people are saying

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"A ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary summer of foreign travel for UK holidaymakers"
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"Despite the surge in bookings, we've still managed to find some deals from £29 a night in some of the most popular tourist spots"
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"Hotel booking platform Hoo show hotels for a family tour in Padstow, Cornwall are already 99% fully booked for August"

Great Yarmouth is open to great offers!