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hoo is a marketplace where hotels and travellers are brought together to reach a deal that works for both sides

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The prices you see on the internet are just plain wrong. Hotels are charged huge commission rates by the big booking platforms for selling their rooms, so they have to pass that cost on to their customers. At the same time, those same booking platforms prevent hotels from advertising lower prices elsewhere, including on their own websites. However, it doesn’t stop hotels privately accepting sensible offers from potential guests at any time – it just hasn’t been possible to do it online, which is why we created hoo.

Hotels are free to accept, counter-offer or decline – but sensible offers will always be considered and depending on when the offer is made, there’s no limit to what they might accept. hoo’s offer guide – driven by data – will help you and the hotel get to the right number.

Hotels are sent the offer and notified immediately, and hoo enables them to respond as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it’s real people who make the decisions and while some businesses will have a team to deal with reservations, others will be small guesthouses and the owner could be cooking breakfast(!). So please allow some time for them to consider it and expect the answer to be during business hours.

Not to worry – you can make up to 3 offers to the same hotel for the same booking request in any 24 hour period. The hotel can also send you a counter-offer at any time. The point is – time is precious for everyone and hoo helps both sides get to the right price as quickly as possible.

The hotel can still consider your offer but if they accept it, it’s down to you to make payment to complete the booking – if you don’t, the reservation is not secured. So, if you’ve agreed a price, move quickly to get your deal – the hotel is not obliged to hold that room for too long(!).

Yes, you can – we want you to find the right hotel room for your budget, whether that’s a better room or simply a better rate. Just remember – once the price is agreed, hotels don’t have to hold the room until you complete payment for the booking.

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