Where to Stay Around Great Yarmouth

Team Hoo
3rd June 2021

One of Norfolk’s most famous and most populated seaside resort towns is Great Yarmouth. It’s a town bustling with attractions, points of interest, golden sandy beaches and more. Each year, thousands of people descend upon the town during the summer months.

As you can imagine, hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation can fill up pretty quickly in Great Yarmouth. However, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of nearby places where you can stay, some of which are within walking distance of Great Yarmouth.


Stay in Lowestoft

Around 11 miles south of Great Yarmouth, in the neighbouring county of Suffolk, is Lowestoft. It’s an equally famous seaside resort town and is popular for its array of attractions, points of interest, and, of course, its lovely beaches.

It generally takes less than half an hour to travel between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, making Lowestoft the ideal base for a fun-packed seaside itinerary.


Stay in Corton

The sleepy village of Corton is roughly a 20-minute drive to Great Yarmouth, making it close enough to be near the action but far enough to enjoy some peace and quiet when you need it.

Corton is a village of historical importance, and it even has a mention in the Domesday Book. There are a couple of holiday parks in Corton and a hotel nearby, making it ideal for solo visitors to Great Yarmouth and families alike.


Stay in Hopton

Another village located close to Great Yarmouth is Hopton. It’s less than seven miles away from Great Yarmouth, making it a desirable location if you’re looking for where to stay around Great Yarmouth.

Hopton is a small village and only has less than 700 people living there, so it could be a good option for you if you prefer to stay somewhere quiet.


Stay in Gorleston-on-Sea

An even closer place to stay is Gorleston-on-Sea. It’s located to the south of Great Yarmouth and is just a 10-minute car ride away - or less than an hour’s walk if you prefer to use foot power on your adventures!

Gorleston-on-Sea features a few hotels and B&Bs, so you will have plenty of choice on where you can stay. The town is another location within Norfolk that’s also rich with history and gets a mention in the Domesday Book.


Stay in Caister-on-Sea

There’s no denying that Great Yarmouth offers plenty for visitors to see and do. If you want to stay in a location close enough to the seaside resort that also offers its own attractions, Caister-on-Sea could be the place for you.

The town of Caister-on-Sea dates back to Roman times, and the town’s name even derives from an Anglo-Saxon word, “ceaster,” which means “Roman fort.” You can even see evidence of the fort at the Caister Roman Site.

Caister-on-Sea features a caravan and holiday park, making it perfect for people travelling to the area in a motorhome or towing a caravan. The town is around four miles north of Great Yarmouth.

Burgh Castle

Stay in Burgh Castle

Another coastal location that was also used as a fortification during Roman times is Burgh Castle. As you can imagine, the village is of substantial historical and archaeological importance and is a popular place to stay in its own right.

Burgh Castle is a ten-minute drive west of Great Yarmouth, and while it’s not a seaside location as such, it’s situated near to the River Yare. Burgh Castle boasts several accommodation options for visitors wishing to be near to Great Yarmouth.

The Broads

Stay in The Broads

Covering parts of Norfolk and Suffolk, The Broads refers to a network of navigable rivers and lakes and encompasses the Broads National Park.

The Broads date back to the Middle Ages; they were once thought natural landscape features but are actually flooded medieval peat excavations. As you can imagine, with such a vast area, there are almost limitless accommodation options within The Broads.

The area is home to a diverse ecosystem and has a rich biodiversity, making it the perfect place to choose if you prefer accommodation near to less populated areas.

Ashby and Ashby Dell

Stay in Ashby and Ashby Dell

Across the county border in Suffolk are the villages of Ashby and Ashby Dell. They are around a 20-minute drive away from Great Yarmouth in the northeast of the area and offer visitors to the area a quiet and secluded location to stay for the duration of their trip.

There is also a nearby campsite if you prefer not to stay in bricks and mortar accommodation. Ashby and Ashby Dell are close to Lowestoft in the southeast and are approximately a 17-minute drive to the popular Suffolk seaside resort.


Stay in California, Norfolk

You might be thinking that California is a long way away from Great Yarmouth - roughly a 20-hour flight from America’s West Coast - but there’s actually a village north of Great Yarmouth named California!

Unlike the American California, the Norfolk namesake is just a mere 10-minute drive away to Great Yarmouth in the south. California is a seaside resort village, and it owes its name to gold coins found in the area during the 19th-century California gold rush in the United States.

It’s no secret that Great Yarmouth is a bustling and busy seaside resort, particularly during the summer months. In contrast, California is peaceful and, while it doesn’t have many attractions, provides a good place for quiet respite after having fun in Great Yarmouth.


Stay in Scratby

Last but not least, located less than a mile north of California is Scratby. It’s another quiet seaside village resort, and as with California, it offers a selection of accommodation options for solo travellers and groups alike.

Scratby is also within walking distance of the beach, where you can enjoy tranquil walks along the golden sand or spend some time in the sea. Scratby is also 19 miles east of Norwich if you plan to include a day in the city during your travels in East Anglia.

As if grabbing a traditional seaside hotel near the infamous Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth itself wasn't enough, these picturesque little towns and villages add a touch of countryside whimsy to your holiday and give you even more options to get a taste of this great British holiday area.

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