The Latest COVID Safe Holiday Guidance For The UK

Team Hoo
15th June 2021

Summer is finally here and there’s one thing that’s been on everyone’s minds… A holiday. It’s been a difficult year to say the least, and with restrictions starting to ease, it’s a great time to plan a getaway.

The pandemic is far from over, so when planning your travel, you’ll want to think carefully about where you’re going and what you do when you get there. Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or you’re holidaying abroad, it’s important you follow the latest COVID safe holiday guidance. 

So how can you stay safe on your summer holidays this year?

If you’re holidaying abroad

Firstly, a holiday abroad is not really the best idea right now. Government ministers are urging people to ‘holiday at home’ this summer, in light of high infection rates across many top holiday destinations. 

However, if you are planning on travelling, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the Government’s red, amber and green list rules, which provide guidance for what you need to do on returning to the UK. Currently, only green list destinations come without a quarantine requirement on your return home, but as these destinations are limited (with many not accepting foreign visitors), you may wish to think twice about travelling abroad.

You will need to follow the COVID guidance as set out by your destination country, so you’ll need to check foreign travel advice before your trip. You’ll also need to keep an eye on things back home, as the classification of different countries can change rapidly, as demonstrated with the change in classification of Portugal from green to amber recently. 

If you’re holidaying in the UK

Holidaying in the UK is the safest and recommended option for your summer holiday this year. The UK tourism industry is itching to welcome back visitors, and it could be a great way to discover some of the best the UK has to offer. 

This is the perfect time for you to go camping, stay in a self-catering house by the beach/countryside, or even explore some of the UK’s best-loved cities. Remember that each part of the UK has different rules, so double-check the rules for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before you set off.

Staying COVID-safe on your summer holidays

While a summer holiday is the perfect time to get away from normal life, the pandemic is still here, which means you’ll need to follow different rules and guidance wherever you go. Some top tips for a COVID-safe holiday include:

Research accommodation options carefully

The UK has a huge choice of accommodation from hotels to self-catering properties and caravans and glamping. Availability is already proving challenging so try to book as far in advance as possible. You might be lucky to get a last-minute deal, but you’ll need to be flexible with your options. 

When booking any travel this year, you should:

  • Check the terms and conditions carefully, and double-check anything you’re not sure about with providers. 
  • Make sure there’s a flexible cancellation policy, or you could be left out of pocket due to a change in plans.
  • Make note of any precautions you need to take, who you’re allowed to travel with, etc.
  • Allow a little extra time for check-in. Social distancing makes things a little slower, so be prepared to wait a little longer.

Stay safe when travelling

However you’re travelling, be it by plane, train or automobile, make sure you observe coronavirus guidelines. On public transport, you’ll need to wear a mask (unless exempt!), and you’ll need to social distance from others who aren’t in your group.

Be a little more organised

Some people like to go with the flow when they’re on holiday, which is completely understandable. But with many places needing advance bookings, you should research and plan your days and evenings to make sure you’re not left disappointed. Research local restaurants and things to do and have a plan in place.

Pay attention to your family’s health

Even with a large proportion of the country vaccinated, there is still a risk of contracting COVID. If you notice any symptoms, such as a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, then take precautions by staying indoors and self-isolating at your accommodation. You’ll need to arrange a test using your holiday address, and notify the accommodation provider. If you test positive, you should make arrangements to go home, avoiding others outside of those in your party.

Turn on news notifications

Coronavirus updates happen daily, make sure you know the latest by downloading trustworthy news sites and turning on your notifications

A holiday could be just what you need after a long and difficult year, but if you do go away, use your common sense and always follow the guidance available. 

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