Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane?

Can you use Bluetooth headphones, tablets, keyboards and other devices on planes? Is it safe to use Bluetooth while you’re on a plane? In short: yes. You can use Bluetooth devices while on a plane, although you’ll probably be subjected to some restrictions, de...Read more

Team Hoo
30th June 2022
21st April 2022

NI Tourism Prospects: Do Mainland Brits Visit Northern Ireland?

Due to the recent pandemic, there has been a major halt in all travel, whether leisure or work related. Covid19 over the last couple of year...Read more
23rd March 2022

Former SpaceX Lead of Software Engineering joins hoo

If you haven’t done it yet, go on YouTube and watch Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, land multiple rockets back on their feet after a quick tri...Read more
22nd February 2022

hoo Completes Partnership with STAAH

Article reposted with permission from STAAH announcing a partnership with hoo: hoo has joined the STAAH family of 250+ integrated channels g...Read more
9th February 2022

Boutique vs Chain Hotels: Who Is Better Equipped For The Industry's Evolution?

A battle has been raging between boutique and chain hotels since the beginning of time. While chain hotels are able to offer lower prices an...Read more
12th January 2022

Sustainability In Hospitality: What Hotels Need To Know

All businesses around the world today have a responsibility to be more sustainable. Hotels are no exception! You can’t simply stick a few re...Read more
8th December 2021

The Rise of Twixmas Travel

Twixmas travel has risen in popularity over the last few years; let’s explore what it is, why it matters to hotel owners, and how to approac...Read more
22nd November 2021

Is Black Friday Harmful To Hotels?

Black Friday is fast approaching, meaning everyone is looking for the biggest and best deals around. It's a period where prices are slashed ...Read more
13th October 2021

Why Isn't Halloween Such a Big Deal as a Holiday in the UK?

Halloween is a popular holiday in a number of places around the world. The US might come to mind when thinking about enthusiasm for Hallowee...Read more
15th September 2021

Why Don't Brits Holiday in London?

With travel restrictions in place and the pandemic still dominating the headlines, 2021 has undoubtedly been the year of the staycation. Whi...Read more
18th August 2021

Latest COVID Holiday Guidelines

The world is slowly opening up, but there are restrictions in place, which may limit the choice of countries you can visit and affect your t...Read more
11th August 2021

The Recovery of the UK's Seaside Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has changed virtually everything about modern life, at least temporarily. It’s affected how we work, how we sociali...Read more
11th June 2021

The Latest UK COVID Travel Guidelines

The coronavirus pandemic continues to be with us, and despite almost 70 million doses of the vaccine being given in the UK, we’re still bein...Read more
3rd November 2020

Handling Hotel Stress: Hoo's Guide For Staff And Management

The hospitality industry makes up a third of employment, and back in 2015, in the UK alone, was responsible for hiring around 2.9million peo...Read more
9th June 2020

The Empty Room Challenge

It’s a hotel industry standard but the old saying that “the most expensive room is an empty room” has never felt more relevant than right no...Read more
22nd May 2020

Customer Service & The D2C Experience: Why Hotel CRM Still Matters

Discovery of a problem! As co-founders continuing to build hoo, Adrian and I are slowly picking our way in detail through the hotel booking ...Read more
17th March 2020

If You Want Real Change... Look Elsewhere

It's pretty much impossible to predict the future with any real certainty. At least, that's what I thought - only, as it turns out, it isn’t...Read more
6th March 2020

How getting #StrandedInBerlin showed the travel industry how to survive in a world gone mad

Previously when an industry event that I am excited about is cancelled, all of the opportunities, potential contacts and personal developmen...Read more