Top Things To Do And See In Bodrum, Turkey

Team Hoo
25th February 2021

Bodrum, located on the Turkish coast, is a charming little port, with warm temperatures, blue oceans and relaxing beaches. It offers the chance to explore rich history with ancient attractions for sightseeing and artefacts to discover for historians. But that isn’t all, overtime, Bodrum has become a hotspot for tourists, offering something for all ages, blending culture with relaxation, and exploration with tourism. 

Fun And Unusual Activities

For Families

Bodrum Aquapark

For families and children, Bodrum Aquapark has so much to offer. With relaxing pools, heart-racing rides and wave pools. The Aquapark even has younger families in mind, with water bikes and baby bungee. 

Fun Town Yahsi Park

Entertainment for all the family is what is promised at Fun Town Yahsi Park. With go-karting, RC off-road cars, paintball and even table tennis, there is something for everyone in the family, big or small. There are also playgrounds available to tire out the little ones and tournaments held regularly. 

Aegean Gingers Rent A Segway 

With so much history to soak in when visiting Bodrum, you may be wondering how you can fit it all in. Well, Aegean Gingers offering the chance to explore via Segway, you won’t need to worry. Not only do they provide necessary training, but a guide who can show you around and make your tour enjoyable and educational. 

Karaincir Beach

Although 50km away from the port in Bodrum, this beach is perfect for families. This wide, sandy beach is sheltered from the wind and has shallow water safe for toddlers to swim in. With restaurants and shops on the beachfront, you’ll not need to go far to have what you need for a fun day at the beach. 

For Couples

Visit The Marina or Shipyard

Not only will you have the sun beating down and the ocean breeze greeting you, but you can take in the sights of the yachts and boats bobbing around the marina. Palmarina is Bodrum’s newly renovated marina, and one to cast your eye on. 

Ozzlife Boat Tours

With daily boat tours leaving the ports of Bodrum, visiting up to five bays throughout the day allows you to either swim, relax or even take a stroll. They even offer lunch while onboard, which includes pasta, salad and chicken, meaning one less thing to worry about.

Rent A Yacht

At Bodrum port, there are many yachts available to be rented, allowing half-day and full-day hire for you to explore, get out and sunbathe, and relax on the waves of the ocean. 

Bardakci Cove (Bardakçı koyu)

With palm trees, stunning views of the cove and welcoming beaches, a day at Bardakci Cove will be fun and relaxing. With shops, restaurants and human-made features in the area, there is plenty for all whether you wish to shop or sunbathe by the sea. 

Zeki Müren Arts Museum

Found on the west of the port, Zeki Müren Arts Museum hosts a collection of paintings and costumes all in the former celebrities home. Showcasing many of his personal effects, offering souvenirs of his illustrious career, and merchandise, you can learn how he became such a force in Turkish music. 

Things To Do In All Weather

In addition to the activities listed above, with Bodrum’s temperatures varying by 15 degrees from the summer months to winter, here are more recommendations for more activities in winter or summer months. 


With so much of Bodrum's rich history of architecture still standing, in those summer months, it’s best to take full advantage of the sights. 

Explore Ancient Halicarnassus and Myndos Gate

With many remnants of Halicarnassus around Bodrum, one not to miss is Myndos Gate which is one of the last remaining pieces of King Mausolus' once sturdy fortress walls. That isn’t all, closeby to Myndos Gates are other small tombs and mosaic fragments left in situ, as well as the sparse remnants of a 4th-century BC moat.

Explore St Peter’s Castle (Bodrum Castle) 

With the castle being outside, this is one for the warmer months. Bodrum Castle had begun construction in 1402 onwards; this castle stands at the port of Bodrum. Previously, it was also used as a military base by the Turkish Army during the Greek Revolt in 1824. Later in the 19th century, the chapel was converted into a mosque and had a minaret added.

It’s a beautiful place to visit to learn of Turkey’s past, as well as seeing the horizon from the castle’s tall tower or the other excellent views this place offers of the land and sea. 

Visit Bodrum Amphitheatre/Antique Theatre

This monument was built thousands of years ago and is still available to be visited, climbed and even sat in if you wish to visit. Open every day except Mondays with free entry, this is one not to be missed when visiting Bodrum. 

Be on the lookout when you are visiting as the theatre is still used to this day for concerts, festivals and cultural activities held in Bodrum.


While winter in Bodrum is still warmer than many places, there are still places to visit and see which don’t have you outside for hours. Here are just a few: 

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This museum is inside of St. Peter Castle is one of the largest museums in Turkey.  With Mycenaean copper ingots and vases, Ancient Egyptian seals, Royal Carian jewellery, and Medieval Islamic glassware, there is so much to see and do. Look out for cargo of a sunken Greek ship near the French Tower and other reconstructed shipwrecks. 

Shopping at The Bazaar

While this is open all year round, the line of shops over stalls may give less of a traditional market feel on appearance, but not in character. With Turkish and Central Asian textiles and food to taste and sample, visiting the Bazaar will be an experience you won’t forget easily. 

Explore the Old Town

Hidden behind narrow pedestrian alleyways, you will find stone-cut cottages and the small part of Bodrum that hasn’t been modernised. Covered with vine-draped, and whitewashed walls, you’ll get a good feel for the fishing village Bodrum was once known for. A perfect place for photographers, and offers many boutique cafes and shops for you to explore. 

Turkey is a diverse country, offering the chance to relax on stunning beaches, eat delicious food, enjoyable nightlife, and offer rich ancient history, and Bodrum is no different. It combines both busy tourism, with quaint old streets. And, with locals thinking of all, you’ll be rest assured that you can kick back and enjoy your holiday to Bodrum, one you’ll never forget. 

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