The Best Beaches In Cornwall For All Types Of Visitors

Christine Peasnell
6th September 2022

With over 250 miles of coastline boasting hundreds of seaside spots, it’s no wonder that choosing the best beaches in Cornwall is a pretty tall order! From pristine white sands to craggy cliff tops, picturesque little harbours, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful shore-rich county. Here are some of our favourite beaches in Cornwall to get you started.

15 Amazing Cornwall Beaches

Porthcurno Beach

Cornwall’s known for having some of the most beautiful locations, but Porthcurno beach excels in this category. This exceptional Cornwall beach features turquoise seas surrounded by aged granite cliffs. This soft, white shell beach is popular with tourists, but keep your eyes on the sea, where you may find yourself rare birds, dolphins, and even sharks. Don’t worry, they prefer the sea. 

Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall

Crantock Beach

Golden Sands, perfect seas, tourist-loving sharks - ok, maybe not the sharks, but Crantock Beach is another beach on the coast of Cornwall that will make you want to stay forever. With beautiful golden sands and deep blue seas, this beach will be the perfect place to relax after a long day of travelling. Not to mention the great facilities and safety aspects of the beach, so you can relax in peace.

Crantock Beach in Cornwall

Porthmeor Beach

Prefer a small, closer-to-town beach? Then Porthmeor Beach might be for you. This small seaside town (Porthmeor, St.Ives) has all the shops and amenities you might need when by the beach, not to mention the stunning golden sands and lush waters you’ll get when chilling out on the beach. We suggest if you’re stopping by, you spend some time here to get the most out of your travels. 

Porthmeor Beach in Cornwall

Gyllyngvas Beach

Beauty is all around Cornwall, but Gyllyngvas Beach is one of the best. Less than a 10-minute walk from Falmouth’s city centre, this beach is perfect for families, or couples wanting to relax on silky golden sands and vast seas. Gyllyngvas Beach is also one of eight Blue Flag awards, meaning the beach is top class for safety and stunning looks! 

Gyllyngvas Beach in Cornwall

Polzeath Beach

The sound of the sea and the feel of the sands can make all the difference when picking the perfect beach, and Polzeath Beach offers nothing but the best. Another Blue Flag awardee, Polzeath Beach is serene and perfect for relaxing. Surrounded by the countryside and the small town of Polzeath, this beach is ideal for chilling out.

Polzeath Beach in Cornwall

Porthcurnick Beach

Surrounded by lush greenery, small cliffs and smooth sands, Porthcurnick Beach is another ideal beach that you can visit when in Cornwall. The lush waters and picturesque location makes Porthcurnick Beach the best place you can relax when in the area. Although a tourist hotspot, we’re sure you’ll find a spot on the beach that will make you want to stay forever. 

Porthcurnick Beach in Cornwall

Lantic Bay

Sounding like a planet from Star Trek, Lantic Bay is a serene and quite well-hidden location to enjoy the beach. This golden sand and lush turquoise seas not only make it perfect for you to relax. Not to mention that the bay is surrounded by green cliffs that just make the beach look like a desktop background. We think if you’re stopping by the area, you should take a break there. 

Lantic Bay Beach in Cornwall

Talland Bay Beach

No, Talland beach isn’t tall, and isn’t very long either - but Talland Bay Beach is another serene, and peaceful location for you to relax. Although it’s not very big, it’s one of the least-known beaches in Cornwall, meaning you might even have the beach to yourself on some days. It’s also great if you’ve got kids because the highly-rocky terrain means plenty of marine life to look at! If you’re in the area of Porthallow or Talland, hop down and take a look.

Talland Bay Beach

Tolcarne Beach

Not everyone likes high waves, and Tolcarne Beach is one of the best places to visit should you like calm seas. With plenty of golden sands surrounded by lush green cliffs, there’s a clear reason why you should visit Tolcarne Beach. Surrounding the area are also plenty of amenities, shops, and facilities that you can visit - so why not take a day out here if you’re passing by the area of Newquay?

Tolcarne Beach in Cornwall

Sandymouth Beach

No one likes a sandy mouth. It's probably the worst place to get sand. Oh, we’re talking about the beach… well, Sandymouth Beach is a beautiful place, and one we love! This vast expanse with wet sands, partially pebbled beaches and beautiful seas as far as the eye can see, if you’re passing by Bude then we think you should take a look and enjoy yourself here. Just… don’t put sand near your mouth, it’s not nice. 

Sandymouth Beach in Cornwall

Gwynver Beach

Beaches are made up of Sand, some rocks, and seas, and Gwynver Beach is the same - but on a massive scale. Gwynver beach has some silky smooth sands, and a vast display of the peaceful sea, but regardless of if you like walking on the sands, pebbles, or traversing big rocks - Gwynver Beach has it all for you. If you’re passing by Sennen, take a walk or relax on this beach, and bask in all the sun, sand, and sea you need. 

Gwynver Beach in Cornwall

Lamorna Cove Beach

Are we in Cornwall or Greece? Lamorna Cove Beach was made by nature to make you feel like you’re in another country. This cove beach is surrounded by rocky mountains but has exotic plants and trees to make you feel like you’re in another country. With expansive, but beautiful seas and a rocky beach surface - we don’t think you’ll be able to sunbathe, but you can have a serene walk. What are you waiting for, check it out!

Lamorna Cove Beach in Cornwall

Mother Ivey’s Bay

We don’t know who Mother Ivey is, or how she made the beach - but we thank her for it! This beautiful beach has some of the best sands around Cornwall, with perfectly flat beaches, idyllic surroundings and a view of the sea like no other, Mother Ivey’s Bay is one of the best beaches you can visit when around Padstow, in Cornwall. Thanks, Mother Ivey!

Mother Ivey's Bay in Cornwall

Gorran Haven Beach

Gorran Haven Beach really is nothing short of a haven. This previously-used port for small fishing boats, Gorran Haven beach makes for a perfect place for families and sunbathing. With low tides and an expansive beachfront with a great view of the sea - we’re surprised it’s not as busy as it should be! Keep an eye out for the deep waters, as you might see some beautiful surprises.

Gorran Haven Beach in Cornwall

Rock Beach

Don’t expect AC/DC here, but Rock Beach is not what you think it is. This beach has nothing but perfect golden sands and split-seas where you can dip your toes or go for a quick swim. With beautiful dunes, seas and amenities around the area - we’re sure that if you visited Rock Beach that you wouldn’t regret it.

Rock Beach in Cornwall

make an offer and stay nearby

Whether you like your seasides remote and wild, quiet and picturesque, or busy and bustling with families and activities, these beaches in Cornwall have something for everyone. Looking specifically for somewhere quiet and secluded? Take a look at our selection of the most quiet beaches in Cornwall instead - and whatever your taste in shorelines, remember when you’re looking for somewhere to stay… just hoo it!

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