Taking A Vegan-Friendly Break In Greece

Team Hoo
26th January 2021

With the year we’ve all had, it’s hard to stop ourselves from dreaming of the perfect vacation away. But when you’re vegan, and animal-conscious, just picking a destination isn’t as easy as it should be. 

Recently, Greece has opened its first vegan hotel upon their sunny shores, and it’s hard to fight packing our bags. With sun, sea and relaxation and the knowledge of food to savour, Greece has it all, but as a vegan, what do you need to be aware of before jet-setting?

How Vegan-Friendly Is Greece As A Destination?

Greece isn’t known for being overtly vegan-friendly food-wise. With there isn’t a direct translation for being vegan in Greek, caution is advised. Many assume because Christian Orthodoxy is the most common religion in Greece and during ‘fasting’ periods within its calendar, you cannot consume animal products. Although this is the case, seafood and honey are still consumed and aren’t considered in these ‘fasting periods’ to be animal products like dairy and eggs are.

However, there are a surprising number of meal options across the country which can be made suitable for vegans.

In more recent years, more and more hotels are becoming sustainable, which occasionally means vegan-friendly too. Greece has a long way to go, still, but it is moving in the right direction. 

What To Look For In A Local Vegan-Friendly Hotel

An important thing to look for when booking with a hotel is that the hotel’s restaurant offers vegan meal options or if it offers a vegan menu separately. This will allow you to see the care and consideration the hotel has gone to. As staying where your beliefs and wishes are being met, will allow you to relax during your vacation.

While it can be hard when booking to check the authenticity of a vegan hotel room, take notice if they describe what materials in the room, or even ask the concierge before booking this question. Most often, hotels will list what makes their room vegan-friendly, usually stating what care products are used in the room and any materials. If these aren’t readily available, consider emailing or calling the hotel before booking to be sure. 

Top 8 Vegan-Friendly Hotels In Greece

Vegan Hotel & Dining 

Mani Sonnenlink: Bio Resort, Mani

Since 2012, the Mani Sonnenlink has been an organic and meditative hotel which offers 100% organic food, vegan options, all the while being a resort that is organic and vegan-friendly. With COCO-MAT beds, morning yoga and warm shades to relax you, a dip in the blue ocean is what you’ll be dreaming of when you book this hotel. 

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa, Amoudara

Over at Apollonia, you’ll be greeted with bright colours and a relaxing time. For food, there are options for you to sink your teeth into, with an exclusively vegan restaurant where you can enjoy vegan à la carte Greek-inspired food. They also use vegan-friendly care products around the resort as well as offer allergy and vegan room facilities. 

Koukoumi Hotel, Mykonos 

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this is Greece’s first vegan boutique hotel. Promising sanctuary and zero animal products used in the entire hotel, Koukoumi assures a relaxing and peaceful time when you choose to stay with them. They offer a full vegan menu, wellness and fitness, as well as the knowledge that your room is vegan-friendly with mattresses made from coconut fibre and seaweed and amenities from plant-based ingredients with recyclable packaging.

Not only that, but sustainability is at the forefront of his hotels’ mind, with solar water heaters and a system called ‘Biological Wastewater Purification’ being used. 

Vegan-Friendly Dining Hotels 

Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa, Crete

Over at Ikaros, they boast that each of their meals and drinks can be tailor-made to those ordering, allowing you the comfort to know all dietary needs and wishes are being met. 

Daphne's Club Hotel Apartments, Xylokastro

This hotel in Xylokastro has bright colours, and vintage musical instruments will invite you in for a holiday you won’t ever forget. With a vegan-friendly menu on offer, and organic care products available, this hotel is perfect for a stay when away. 

Lato Boutique Hotel, Crete

This hotel offers many vegan options on their menus, priding themselves on being able to bring pure Cretan olive oil and the freshest fruits and vegetables into their meals. They have also been known to tailor their meal options for dietary needs as well as to make it vegan friendly. 

Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos

Over at this quiet hotel, with those famous Mykonos views on offer, you’ll be pleased to know that upon request, most meals can be tailor for dietary requirements, including veganism. Not only that, they have a separate vegan menu in their restaurant, as well as vegan butter available. 

Ava Hotel and Suites, Athens

This city-centric hotel has much to offer for the explorer within, with it being a short distance from the metro station and Syntagma Square being only 650 yards away. To start you for the day there's a buffet breakfast, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. There are many vegan-friendly restaurants nearby. 

While being vegan in Greece isn’t unheard of, there are things to consider when travelling, especially when it comes to food. At least, with the knowledge above of some unique vegan-friendly hotels to unwind in, you can focus on the sun, sea and sand. Still, some caution is advised when travelling to Greece, especially when ordering food, if you have dietary restrictions. Are you ready to get on the plane yet?

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