Taking A Vegan Break In Turkey

Team Hoo
14th January 2021

Other than the delicious cuisine and the idea of soaking up the culture, taking a European break sounds like the dream. Especially after all the stresses of 2020. In 2019, Turkey opened up an all-vegan hotel in Antalya, so there has never been a better time to take a vegan break to Turkey.

How Vegan-Friendly Is Turkey?

Much to your surprise, Turkey has a lot of fun, and decadent vegan and vegetarian options as some Turkish dishes are not meat-centric. However, when it comes to veganism, this is still a new concept to much of the Turkish population. Be cautious when it comes to dining, as a lot of Turkish dishes are cooked with butter. 

In more recent times, with veganism on the increase, some cities, specifically Istanbul, have seen a rise in vegan restaurants or vegan-friendly restaurants opening their doors. So while there is still more to do, Turkey is heading in the right direction and becoming a new vegan-friendly destination. 

What To Look For

An important thing to look for when booking with a hotel is their take on materials used in the hotel, and whether the restaurant offers vegan-friendly meal options. Some hotels may even have a separate vegan menu, which is a good indication they understand the importance of your choice. 

More recently, hotels are beginning to make it known that they have vegan-friendly rooms on offer, as well as the restaurant and even the entire hotel. Be sure to check out hotel websites where you may find information on what care products are used in the room and any materials. If the website doesn’t offer much information, contacting the concierge will allow you to have your questions answered, as well as see the care and consideration the hotel ensures your beliefs and wishes are being met before your arrival.  

Top 6 Vegan-Friendly Places To Stay In Turkey

Vegan Hotel & Dining 

The Vegan Lodge, Antalya

As mentioned above, this new hotel is the first-ever utterly vegan hotel opened in Turkey. Standing on 30-acres of land, it has a gym, swimming pools and is also closeby to the beach. With the entire menu entirely plant-based, including homemade burgers, grain bowls and falafel, you can be sure your diet is taken care of when staying here.

When it comes to resting your head at night, all 34 rooms of this hotel are made with animal-free materials while all cleaning products are sustainable and cruelty-free. You may also notice when you stay, that the hotel is big on being environmentally friendly by using solar power to heat its water supply and solar to generate electricity. 

Nişanyan Houses Hotel, İzmir

Set in a rural village, and only a ten-minute drive from Ephesus, this hotel promises rest and tranquillity, making you feel as if you have the grounds to yourself. The restaurant is vegan-friendly and even offers vegan room facilities. That’s not all, this hotel also has a swimming pool to relax beside, and offers meditation as well as horse riding. 

If you get the chance, book a cooking workshop with Mujde the co-founded and host of the hotel. She will take you through three kinds of Turkish mezes all using seasonal vegetables grown at the hotel, and offers vegan-vegetarian workshops. 

Vegan-Friendly Dining Hotels 

Gäste-Und Seminarhaus Lykia, Antalya

This yoga-predominant staycation is calm and settled amongst the peaceful surroundings. You’ll enjoy a complete vegan diet while staying here, but be sure to let them know of your requirements before arrival. This establishment even offers seasonal fruits and self-made vegan spreads for that extra special touch.  

They offer more than just yoga, also having watersports, hiking and meditation, allowing you to connect with your surroundings as well as your inner self. 

Tui Blue Palm Garden, Manavgat

One of Tui’s all-inclusive hotels in Turkey and this one has a lot to offer. Located on the Turkish Riviera, this hotel is right on the beach with palm trees and endless activities for all ages. 

For your stay, culinary there is always plenty of vegan-friendly dishes available, as well as offering The Levante restaurant for an extra fee which cooks up Eastern-Mediterranean items. With a spa, pools, and even fitness and sports, as well as other excursions, the fun doesn’t need to stop at Blue Palm Garden, allowing you to focus on memories and Tui to focus on whipping up vegan-friendly food. 

Yuva Eco Centre, Fethiye

Hidden in the middle of nowhere, this quiet and relaxing retreat has eco-consciousness at its forefront as well as offering vegan-friendly food all prepared in traditional Turkish ways. You’ll stay in a comfortable and simple log cabin or Anatolian style house, with sea views. There are 40 acres of land to explore, relax and hike when you’re desperate to stretch your legs and prepare yourself for your next meal. 

Be on the lookout for vegan yoga holidays, as this centre often offers them as well as detox yoga holidays.   

BellaVista Hostel, Istanbul 

While different from the other hotels, this hostel is in a prime location in Istanbul offering affordable and vegan-friendly food during your stay. Not only that, but it being in proximity to the Beyoglu district, means you’ll have your choice of a wide range of vegan restaurants that have opened in recent years. 

Although many parts of Turkey is still lacking in providing vegan-friendly options, it is a growing movement, especially amongst the younger generation. It is always worth asking before booking at a hotel not on the list above, as this list isn’t extensive, and you may find yourself surprised as veganism grows in Turkey. 

If you’re desperate to visit and experience-rich Turkish vegan food, Istanbul, as one of Turkey’s larger cities, has a lot of vegan-friendly restaurants on offer, such as Kiva Han and Bi Bevi which are all highly loved. Whichever you choose, you’ll be guaranteed culture, delicious food and views you’ll remember forever. 

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