Underwater Live Cams To Dive Into For Your Next Scuba Holiday

Team Hoo
2nd June 2020

Looking to get your ears wet, but can’t get to your favourite diving spots? Divers and snorklers across the globe are mourning how dry their gear is thanks to the lack of international flights lately. But rest assured, these days will pass and when they do the seas are yours once more to explore at your pleasure.

But why wait? If you can’t go to the deeps, bring the deeps to you.

No, not by summoning Great Cthulhu from his dreamless sleep in R’lyeh (please don’t) but by checking out these live scuba diving cams straight from the hottest diving spots across the globe. Use them as inspiration to plan your first post-lockdown diving holiday!

Long Beach, California

Long Beach is one of the most famous stretches of shoreline on the planet, being one of the most popular places to visit in Los Angeles. In its glamorous history Long Beach has been associated with the hottest celebrities, the most talked about socialites and the most influential trend setters. While most people will gravitate toward the golden sands and bustling promenade on first glance, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered beneath the sun-dappled waves as well.

Lost shipwrecks, barnacle-covered canyons and shores of fish await just off the Golden Coast, and Long Beach features many companies willing to take people on a tour to explore them. Get your first glimpse on this live cam.

Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

When people think of the Netherlands, tropical beaches and balmy seas don’t immediately come to mind. But, in fact, the Kingdom of the Netherlands does include within its territories parts of the Caribbean that have been fully incorporated into the country. Much like Long Beach the Dutch Antilles are usually visited for its tropical beaches and festive night life, but it also boasts some of the best diving spots in the area.

Offering a unique blend of Dutch, African and Caribbean culture, the islands themselves are worth visiting on their own. But as this live webcam shows, even more is on offer for divers looking to take a plunge off their shores. Tropical fish, reefs and the rotting hulks of Spanish ships await at Bonaire.

Off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

British Columbia is famed for its vast stretches of wilderness – its immeasurable forests, its snow-capped mountains, its crystal-clear lakes and its rocky shoreline. However, its diving is also nothing to be missed. While the sights on land on stunning, the sights to be seen under the coast is nothing to be sniffed at either.

Just off the coast of Vancouver Island the deep-sea cam tracks the passing shoals of colourful Pacific fish as they meander serenely through the briny deep. British Columbia offers immense natural beauty, whether on land or under the sea.

Lake Superior, Michigan

Lake Superior is named for its size – it is the largest of the Great Lakes and largest fresh lake on the planet – however it is superior in numerous other aspects as well. The Great Lakes draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to its sparkling waters. As well as offering great boating and swimming opportunities, Lake Superior also provides fantastic diving experiences as well.

There is definitely a different atmosphere to freshwater diving compared to ocean diving, and the live cam set up may help give a glimpse into it. 

Innahura, Maldives

The Maldives have long become famous for its tropical Indian Ocean climate, its pristine beaches, and its splendid isolation from the worries of the rest of the world. Its unique mix of Indian, Arabic and European culture makes it a unique experience unlike anything else on the planet, studded with world famous luxury resorts. Consisting of scores of small islands and archipelagos scattered across the sea it offers some fantastic diving spots as well.

Innahura Resort especially offers a host of services to its guests, diving being not even the least of them. To help showcase the numerous submarine attractions that await at their resort they’ve set up a live web cam to broadcast just off the coast of their island.

St Julian’s Bay, Malta

The island republic of Malta is awash with historical buildings, gregarious locals, and some fantastic Mediterranean beaches. Its ancient walls have withstood sieges from Roman legions, Muslim caliphs, Turkish janissaries and Nazi bomb raids, while its cathedrals have housed some of the oldest Christian communities in the region. As is to be expected for a Mediterranean island Malta is popular with divers who travel the world over to dive and explore the ancient seabed.

St Julian’s Bay is especially popular, as it provides a wealth of locations to be explored by intrepid divers. Sunken caves, rusting wrecks and vibrant reefs await as this live web cam will soon reveal.

Lockdown is easing and international travel could be opening up soon - where are you going to dive into for your first post-quarantine trip?

Team hoo.

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