Underground Hotels To Experience Around The World

Team Hoo
17th September 2020

Underground hotels are a new craze you’re not going to want to miss out on if you are someone who loves being with nature. With these hotels, that’s precisely what you’ll be getting from spending a night in one of the fabulous rooms mentioned later in this post. 

If you, like many, want to hide away from the sunshine and heat, diving underground into one of these hotels is perfect for you. The benefits continue, though, as these hotels allow you to literally touch nature from the walls of your room to the surroundings of the hotel. 

Many, above where there’s usually a tall-to-the-sky hotel, you’ll find space you can even walk on. Having some of the hotels in the caves allows nature to continue to grow and to sing happily. With this, you may find a natural peace come over you when you stay here, something you may struggle to find elsewhere. 

However, if you’re someone who loves waking up to the sun glaring through the blinds, staying in one of these hotels may be a problem for you. There’s also—in some of the hotels mentioned—a lack of windows or even natural light and a loss of time itself. As a warning, while Wi-Fi may be offered, you may struggle for phone signal in some of these deeper cavern hotel rooms. 

Even with this being the case, staying in one of these ten hotels is undoubtedly going to be an experience you’ll never forget. The architectural brilliance alone is something to marvel at, and with a lot of care going into the decor for each room, it’s worthy of a night away, even for those who worship the sun. 

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, China 

It didn’t seem right not to start with this 2018 built hotel. Built into the side of a quarry in Shanghai, this eighteen-floor hotel has sixteen floors underground and two even underwater. 

Staying in this hotel, however, doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing style for a unique view—if anything, it’s the opposite. With the choice of rooms inspired by nature, you can make your stay that touch more personal—even possibly forgetting you’re staying on the side of a quarry wall. 

That isn’t all, with six restaurants to choose from and even one on the lowest floor of the hotel surrounded, you can dine surrounded by aquariums. If you’re someone who likes walks through nature, the glass walkway will pique your interest, allowing you to walk through trees and the waterfall.

Les Hautes Roches, France  

With views of the Loire river and staying in rooms embedded into the rocks, these fourteen rooms are at one with nature. Initially built for the monks to sleep in, this restored and renovated hotel has become a highlight for many, with each room carefully decorated in it’s own way. 

With the hotel boasting the perfect temperature all year round, you’ll find yourself at ease with the stylish decor and comfortable beds. The hotel also has a restaurant on sight, so you can sit back and dine while staying inside the heart of the rocks. 

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia 

Due to the soaring temperatures in the outback, this hotel is on the site of a former mining town. This hotel offers rooms both above and below, but even they admit sleeping underground is an experience. 

With the rooms both being airy and relaxing all while boasting high-ceilings, you’ll find yourself calming like the temperature when you sink underground. The use of the natural walls of the rocks add to each room, and the amenities this hotel offers. 

The Desert Cave Hotel also offers an underground mine tour, even giving a chance to ‘noodle’ for opal yourself, and the opportunity to try a grassless game of golf. They also have a pool, restaurant and a sunset in the desert you’ll never forget. 

Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast, USA

Located in Farmington, this man-made cave hotel built into the vertical cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo Sandstone is a one-bedroom home with a kitchen, balcony, and bathroom.

No comfort has been lost in the making of this place, with all of the walls and ceiling showing the natural sandstone, and the rooms all decorated with a rustic, natural feel. There’s a jacuzzi tub to sink into, and the chance to see southwest sunsets over the La Plata River valley.

Something unique about Kokopelli’s Cave is that it’s close to the four corners of four states, allowing you a close chance to be in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all at the same time.  

White Cliffs Underground, Australia 

This unique hotel has thirty rooms underground and two above-ground rooms to take your fancy. As soon as you dive underground, there’s no radio, telephone signal or TV, allowing you a chance to escape modern life. 

Each room is known as a ‘dugout’. A name coined by the locals who also live underground due to the high temperatures. Underground it remains a cool and comfortable 22 to 23 degrees all year round.

White Cliffs Underground has a restaurant which hosts a pizza night and also has a licensed bar. There’s an above ground pool for kicking back and relaxing, and the chance to BBQ your own food if you so wish. 

Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona, USA

On Route 66, these dry caverns are possibly the world’s largest, deepest motel rooms. With only one room out of the forty-eight rooms based in the caverns, it’s not something you want to miss. With the cave walls made of limestone, and the suite moisture free, it’s unsurprising that you’re 220ft below the surface. 

Not only is the Grand Canyon Caverns known for their impressive inn, but also their cavern tours and an underground stage. 

The Caves Hotel, Jamaica 

This adult-only hotel has twelve cliffside rooms, all individually designed with nature in mind. The Caves Hotel offers ocean or garden view rooms, all with privacy and you in mind. Poisoned on the limestone cliffs of Negril, this mini-paradise has a spa and a private cave dining experience. 

With a Jungle Nightclub, watersports, and bars close to the ocean, it will be hard to escape the peaceful sound of water hitting the beach.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

Gamirasu is in the ancient valley of Ayvali Village and boasts a rich and exciting history for you to explore. This hotel has up to thirty-five cave rooms on offer, each one appearing as though it has been carved out of a fairytale. It’s going to be a struggle to feel disappointed in this effortlessly cool hotel. 

Each suite boasts an attractive decor, with the natural walls accompanied by rich, warm colours, bringing you original fireplaces and modern jacuzzis for your peace and relaxation. 

Interestingly, the kitchen and original dining hall were once part of the monastery, with the church itself dating back to the 11th century. 

La Dimora di Metello, Italy

The La Dimora di Metello hotel was carved into the caves of Matera and offers four spacious and luxurious rooms. With neutral decor throughout each suite, it provides you with the chance to forget the world, and relax. 

You’ll find bathtubs tucked away into the natural rock walls, and the light oak wood helps accentuate the room, bringing warmth to each peaceful room. The terraces offer stunning views, while the spa allows you that extra chance to rid yourself of all of your stresses. 

Woodlyn Park, New Zealand 

It’s always interesting to end on a hotel which offers multiple unique experiences in one, and Woodlyn Park delivers that. With the opportunity to stay in one of the Hobbit Motels or sleep in a train, boat or plane, Woodlyn Park is like no other. 

With animals grazing above you, the Hobbit Motels are underground caverns built with a twist—the owner having been inspired by the popular Lord of the Rings. However, they do boast that it hasn’t been scaled down to Hobbit size inside. With plush furniture including queen-sized beds and warm decor around the living area and kitchen, the Hobbit Motels are perfect for all, including couples or families.

Woodlyn Park also offers various activities for all, including abseiling, boat rides and even glow-worm walks. 

Think you could enjoy staying under the ground for your next trip?

Team hoo.

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