Hoo's Pick Of The Best Theme Park Hotels In The UK

Team Hoo
13th October 2020

Theme parks have provided fun from the young to the older for years to come. But recently many have begun expanding the fun, from the spins and turns in the air to somewhere you can rest your head. A lot of parks now allow you the chance to stay in a hotel room dedicated all around a theme, meaning the fun never has to stop for the whole of your getaway. For instance, if you’ve spent all day at Thomasland, you can now stay overnight in a Thomas the Tank Engine room, meaning your little ones will be rushing to bed (unlike usual)!

Depending on the themed room you stay in, these rooms are usually bright, quirky and have heaps of surprises within them. Often, theme park hotel rooms allow you, and those you’re staying with, to step into a world you usually imagine in books or see on TV. 

Now, while we are fortunate in the UK to have some amazing theme parks, but you may not be aware of all of them and what they have on offer for you and your family. 

The UK’s Most Famous Theme Parks

Thorpe Park, Surrey 

With a hotel on-site, Thorpe Park is famous for it’s thrilling rides including SAW - The Ride, one of the world’s first horror movie-themed roller coasters, and King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems, where you battle with the Bad Piggies from Angry Birds. 

Gulliver’s World, Warrington

While Gulliver’s has different resorts, the world resort is based in Warrington where you can stay over at. With the fantastic Adventure Canyon water ride and Flight of the Pteranodon at The Lost World, this is a perfect theme park for the family. 

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

With a famous resort hotel, Chessington World of Adventures doesn’t stop there, bringing you a zoo combined with a theme park. 

Drayton Manor, Staffordshire

With Thomas Land having lived at Drayton Manor for years, bringing fun for the young and the young at hearts, while also offering big thrill rides such as Apocalypse and Shockwave. It’s also famous Stormforce 10: Ride It Out ride has been around for over twenty years, and still brings as much fun as it did when it first opened. 

M&Ds, Lanarkshire

Scotland’s theme park M&Ds is famous for bringing fun for the entire family. With Disk’O, the 10 metres high unique seating ready to have you screaming, and Disco Boats allowing you to get friendly with water, there is something for everyone. 

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

With 40+ rides on offer at Alton Towers, ranging from the little ones to the ones that’ll have you screaming your lungs out, Alton Towers has much to offer for the entire family. With the newest ride, the Wicker Man, and Gangsta Granny: The Ride, there is plenty to keep the entire family busy all day long. 

Legoland, Berkshire

This fun theme park says it all in the name. The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has those infamous LEGO bricks all around. With LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride and LEGO City Driving School, there are rides from the young to the old at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. 

Top 5 Theme Park Hotels In The Uk

While the list above allows you to work out the perfect day experience with your family, this next list helps with showing some of the best overnight stay hotels, allowing you to extend the fun overnight. As some of the theme parks above may not have themed hotel rooms on offer, the ones that do are next. 

CBeebies Land Hotel, Alton Towers

Perfect for the little ones in your life, the CBeebies Land Hotel means the fun never has to stop when you return after a day in the park. With exciting CBeebies games, and lots of meets and greets available, it only gets better when you step into one of the rooms designed around some CBeebies legends such as In The Night Garden or even Postman Pat. 

Azteca & Safari Hotel, Chessington World of Adventures Resort

The Azteca and Safari Hotel takes lots of inspiration from their onsite zoo with a tiger room and a monkey temple room, perfect for all of the family. Even better, if you’re little ones are huge fans of the Gruffalo, or even if you yourself are, Chessington offers a chance to go into the deep dark wood and spend the night with the Gruffalo. Staying here also means you get early ride access half an hour before the park opens.

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, Legoland

This swash-buckling, kingdom owning, and adventure-themed hotel has so much to offer for the little ones, including the chance to have the ultimate sleepover in the LEGO Friends room. With several choices of themed rooms, some mentioned earlier, and a free LEGOLAND gift in your room. There is also access to the pirate-themed indoor water play area and swimming pool if your little ones need tiring out a little more. 

Splash Landings Hotel, Alton Towers

While this is the second time Alton Towers has been on this particular list, there’s a reason for this. Alton Towers not only boasts one exclusive themed hotel but two. Splash Landings Hotel is all the joys of the Caribbean but right on your doorsteps. With a Beachcomber room, Ice Age room and even a Pirate room, there is something for all of the family in this water-inspired hotel. While it's seconds away from Alton Towers Theme Park, it’s also close to Alton Towers Waterpark, meaning you can have a day at each, or even longer. 

Thorpe Shark Cabins, Thorpe Park

A nautical-themed night at Thorpe Shark Cabins. This hotel is perfect for all of the family, with it being only seconds away from Thorpe Park’s roller coasters, offering the chance to stay in your own cabin decorated with shark-based decor. Booking a night stay here also gives you two free all-day tickets for the theme park, as well as free Wi-Fi. 

With exciting days just around the corner, and with theme parks pulling out all the stops all-year-round with special events at Halloween, Christmas and Spring, it makes sense to extend the screams and laughter with an overnight stay. With most of the resort hotels above, you receive a delicious breakfast ready to start the day and free car parking, so there’s very little reason why you shouldn’t be clicking the ‘book now’ button, especially with the year we’ve all had!

Team hoo.

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