Top UK COVID-Safe Staycation Destinations

Team Hoo
6th July 2021

Summer has arrived but unfortunately, we’re still under some travel restrictions due to the lockdowns that are still in place. Whether or not the restrictions will be lifted in the coming months is something that’s still up for debate, but for now, we can at least still enjoy some of the UK’s top COVID-safe staycation destinations. So grab your luggage, pack some clothes and get ready to explore these beautiful summer holiday locations.


Brighton has all the elements of a great British summer holiday. There are beaches, clubs, restaurants, shopping destinations, and even the legendary Brighton pier amusements. If you’re looking for a truly British staycation destination, then Brighton is an absolute must!

Brighton Staycation


Bristol has gained a reputation for being a hip new city over the past few years. Thousands are moving from the capital and surrounding cities to Bristol, and it’s easy to see why when you step inside. With loads of museums and cultural destinations to explore, you’ll find yourself with something exciting to do every day.

Bristol Staycation

Great Yarmouth

As one of the great seaside towns of the UK, Great Yarmouth is an absolute must for a quirky and laid-back staycation destination this year. With wildlife gardens to explore, theatres to visit and lots of unique architecture to marvel at, Great Yarmouth has plenty of excitement to uncover.

Great Yarmouth Staycation


Bath is one of those UK destinations that transports you to an entirely different world. Thanks to the legendary Roman baths, you’ll find that the architecture in Bath is absolutely stunning and unlike anything you can see in the rest of the UK. As a staycation destination, Bath ticks all the right boxes and gets the thumbs up from us.

Bath Staycation


Known for its prestigious university, Cambridge is filled with incredible British sights through and through. It’s a picturesque town that transports you back a century, and there are countless destinations for you to visit and explore. Whether you want a laid-back day with a cup of tea or a tour around the many colleges, there’s something for everyone in Cambridge.

Cambridge Staycation

Lake District

We can’t create a list of top COVID-safe staycation destinations without mentioning the Lake District. As one of the most well-known UK holiday destinations, Lake District is sure to see a lot of activity in the coming months. Between the beautiful still lake and the idyllic scenery, this is a staycation experience that you won’t be forgetting!

Lake District Staycation


Oxford is one of the most picturesque locations that you can have a staycation in. Whether you’re a big Harry Potter fan and want to explore some of the set locations or if you’re interested in the rich history in the area, there’s a lot to love in Oxford and the surrounding areas.

Oxford Staycation


An absolutely stunning city with architecture that takes you back to the medieval days. Despite its appearance, you’ll find plenty of modern shops and restaurants to indulge in. However, you can always take a journey through history with York’s museums and historic hotspots.

York Staycation


Newcastle has seen plenty of developments over the past couple of years, turning it into a centre for nightlife, excitement, and activities. It’s quickly become one of the hippest cities in the UK, making it a must for an active staycation where you want to get up and go explore everything the city has to offer.

Newcastle Staycation


Many of the destinations we’ve mentioned here are cities known for their nightlife, shopping districts and museums. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more laid-back, why not consider Pembrokeshire? With plenty of hiking trails, beaches, and beautiful scenery to admire, this is one COVID-safe staycation destination that you don’t want to miss.

Pembrokeshire Staycation


Glasgow might be a little out of the way for some folks, but as the biggest city in Scotland, it’s got plenty of things on offer. Whether it’s the pub culture, the accent, or even the museums, there’s plenty to discover in this vast friendly city. We definitely recommend giving Glasgow a visit, especially if you have other destinations in Scotland that you want to visit.

Glasgow Staycation


Liverpool’s unique live music events are starting to open up again, making it one of the most popular go-to destinations for a COVID-safe staycation this summer. With plenty of museums to explore and outstanding architectural beauty, Liverpool has everything you could ask for.

Liverpool Staycation

Which great British location will you be exploring for your summer staycation this year?

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