UK Mini Break Ideas For Escaping Lockdown

Team Hoo
27th August 2020

The lockdown and travel restrictions have at last been eased and cautious families have been taking the opportunity to at last venture out their doors to take the travel experiences they have been deprived of for so long.

While this is not something that should be done lightly, as the pandemic is still an active concern and protective measures should still be taken, a trip out with the family can be beneficial for all concerned. With schools resuming in September it may be the last chance to squeeze some quality time together, while others may appreciate the chance to finally see some of the outside world before normality resumes.

In order to minimise risks to themselves and their families, many have opted for staycations – trips away that do not involve leaving the country or that can be completed within a day.

Here are some small, helpful suggestions to help you ensure that your minibreaks from lockdown are not only invigorating for mind and sanity, but also protective of your physical health and those around you.

Holiday at Home

A lot of the time people tend not to notice things that are familiar with them. They fade into the background and become lost in the general white noise of day-to-day life, passing as unseen and ethereal as ghosts. Sometimes, it gets to the point where you lose all appreciation for the world around you.

Take the opportunity to correct that and help your family rediscover their local neighbourhood.

A quick and easy break can be found by hopping onto the bus – or walking if you are close enough – and having the time to walk around your hometown as a tourist. What museums or attractions have your family ignored before, or simply not had much chance to experience? Are there any cafes or restaurants that you have always wanted to visit?

This sort of staycation is perhaps the most flexible as it can include any reasonably large British town or city that you happen to live closest to. If you live near London, you could feasibly have a new day out every week simply by visiting a new borough.

Otherwise, consider days out to towns your family has never been to before. Make it an opportunity for them to discover a new and underappreciated part of the country.

Go Camping

Take a break from people and human civilisation completely by going camping! After so long being locked down inside their homes for weeks on end, many people are rediscovering an appreciation for being outside and not having to look at the same four walls all day. As such camping and related activities are seeing a surge of interest.

Remember to always leave your campsite as you and your family found for others to enjoy.

Celtic Camping and Bunkhouses, Wales

Located within Pembrokeshire, the Celtic Camping and Bunkhouses site is situated along some of the most stunning coastal scenery in Wales. As well as offering premium camping grounds, the site also provides sturdy cabins, numerous facilities, and exciting outdoor activities. Even better, they're happy to welcome dogs!

Chalky Downs, Sussex

Not too far to walk from Brighton and Hove, the Chalky Downs is situated on Bevendean Farm andis surrounded by rolling hills and stunning countryside. Welcome to campers, camper vans and dogs, it is a great place to pitch up the tent for a night. Showering facilities, toilets and a breakfast service are provided.

Drymen Camping, Scotland

Offering easy access to the idyllic Scottish countryside, the Drymen Camping site is once again open to campers across the UK. As well as toilet and showering facilities, Drymen also provides visitors highly modern tent alternatives in the form of their comfortable cabins. Sites can be booked in advance or you can pay as you arrive. 

Take a Driving Holiday

Many of the best tourist spots in the UK are easily within driving distance and can be reached with just a day or two of hard driving. As such, those with a car and a license are able to hop onto the main motor ways and find themselves in a new location within a few hours of travel.

Using a car is typically safer than using public transport as you will not be crammed into a small space with lots of strangers and it is easier to isolate yourself from others. That having been said, do take care to observe proper social distancing etiquette whenever you leave your home, especially if travelling long distance.

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain

This ancient megalithic structure predates all current British civilisation and is a testament to the engineering and astronomical genius of our early ancestors. Today Stonehenge is a popular historical and spiritual site, drawing thousands from across the world to experience the Summer and Winter solstice each year.

Theme Parks

The United Kingdom is host to numerous theme parks, all of which would provide an exciting day out for all of the family. Thorpe Park and Alton Towers tend to cater to an older, thrill-seeking audience, while Chessington’s World of Adventures and Drayton Manor tend to focus more on younger families and gentler experiences.

Seaside Break

2020 has seen a rebirth in old British seaside resort towns as holiday-starved Britons stream to the beach in search of surf, sand and sunshine that they now cannot get in Turkey or Spain. British beaches can be some of the most picturesque in the world and a whole generation is rediscovering a love for former resort towns such as

  • Skegness, Lincolnshire
  • Broadstairs, Kent
  • Brighton, Sussex
  • Blackpool, Lancashire,
  • Poole, Dorset

All such towns will have their own attractions, niches and local culture. Skegness and Blackpool are known principally for their seaside attractions and funfairs, such as Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach, which offer various rides and amusements both traditional and modern. Broadstairs and Poole, meanwhile, focus more on providing a more relaxing seaside experience, with boating, fishing and thriving local shops and cafes.

Decide what sort of beach experience your family would find most appealing and cater the final destination around that. Some seaside towns will cater better to certain wants and expectations than others.

As with camping, be respectful of the environment around you. What may be a quick getaway for you is someone else’s home, after all. So, take any litter home with you, be considerate with parking, and ensure you avoid beaches that are known to get crowded on the weekends and holidays.

Where will you be taking your first out of lockdown mini break or local holiday to shake off those quarantine cobwebs?

Team hoo.

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