Going Cottage-Core On Holiday: UK Cottage Hotels

Team Hoo
15th October 2020

For those of you who couldn’t think of anything worse than airports, planes and baggage claim, this article is the answer for you. Right on our doorsteps are some of the most beautiful, gorgeous cottages, and most of the time we ignore them. 

In the UK we get the best of both worlds, although no one will admit it. We get the warm weather during the summer, and we have those picturesque winters, which are made even better by curling up in front of a log fire. 

What’s A Cottage Hotel?

Cottages are homes with low-ceilings and sometimes made of mixed materials such as stone or wood with thatched roofs. Sometimes, they take on a more modern spin, but the cottages of yesteryear were usually made of these materials. 

They’re usually found in rural semi-rural locations, are smaller homes which are sometimes found with thatched roofs and close by to a village. However, as we mentioned previously, cottages aren’t all houses from the movie ‘The Holiday’, some can be listed buildings and even converted railway buildings or built out cabins. 

If you are a dog owner, UK cottage hotels are great for a staycation for the whole family, many cottages offering and allowing accommodation for dogs. But, that isn’t all, you can even choose cottages that have connections to literary or even TV and film homes, so there is something for everyone. There are also accessible cottages for those who are less mobile, as well as larger cottages for larger groups. 

COVID, Meet Our Cottages

In this COVID-19 world, larger cottages are currently closed or used to help keep to social distancing by renting them out for larger parties so they can split into a more liveable size. 

Many cottages are still open though, offering you a chance to escape and unwind. However, it’s important to note they are following all government guidance which currently is that you must not stay overnight away from your home with members of more than two households, which includes your support bubble. 

Recently, cottages have been rented out for staycations. Because of this, those renting out will be in charge of ensuring everything is wiped down and deep cleaned. Although, it’s essential you check before booking on the cottages’ particular advice, as some do mention they can’t ensure everything is satisfied, such as kitchen utensils for example.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious yourself. If you can, take your own bedding, and hand soap or sanitiser (especially if you’re someone with sensitive hands). Another tip is to bring your own towels, while many places may offer them, it doesn’t hurt to have your own if you can manage to take it. 

So, now we’ve prepared you for the time away you very much deserve, here is a list of just some of the cottages up and down the country you can recuperate and unwind in. 

12 Of The Most Cottage-core Holiday Spots In The UK

South of England

Moorland View, North Bovey, Devon

This cottage is in the heart of North Bovey, with thatched roofs upon stone cottages, surrounded by green fields. There’s running streams and friendly villagers. you’ll find yourself slipping into Devonshire life, and that’s all before you get a drink at the village pub, The Ring of Bells.

Moorland View UK Cottage

Tainui In Polruan, Cornwall

Close by the harbour and beach, this lovely cottage is in the middle of Polruan village. Not only does this cottage allow you to escape, but it also comes with a hot tub to sink into, and a log burner to enjoy on those colder nights. 

Tainui UK Cottage

Orbis, Millborne Wick, Dorset

A stunningly beautiful cottage with soft-shaded wood decor, and surrounded by rich greenery. It has large garden-facing bedrooms, and when things are more settled in the world, this cottage will fit the entire family. This cottage also has a hidden gazebo to hide away from everyone and read a book.

Orbis UK Cottage

Midlands, England

Apifera, near Hereford, Herefordshire

With the River Wye rushing past and running greenery everywhere, this cottage will steal your heart. While you are hidden away, it allows you the chance to hike away your days and watch the sunrise over the fields when you return. With distressed furniture and a homely feel, you’ll feel as though you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

Apifera UK Cottage

Swiss Cottage, Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire

Surrounded by waterfalls, an ancient aqueduct and stone steps, you will find this picturesque cottage perfectly matching its surroundings. With dogs welcome, and a lake to overlook as you sip your morning tea, the magic of the Bakewell, home of the Bakewell tart. 

UK Swiss Cottage

North of England

Rose Castle Cottage, Cumbria

This stunning two-bedroom cottage sits alone with no neighbours in sight. It’s the perfect hideaway for couples or those who want to escape from everything. Waking up to green fields, and spending the day hiking, you’ll be forever grateful for the roaring fire you can build in this very British cottage. 

Rose Castle Cottage UK

Coachman's House, Coniston, The Lake District

Lost in the Lake District, this two-bedroom cottage is a stunningly decorated place to stay as you relax in a beautiful part of the country. With twenty lakes to explore, and a trek starting at the foot of the driveway, you have no excuse not to get out and explore for the time you’re there. 

Coachman's House UK Cottage


Bryn Eglur, Carmarthen, Wales

Having been featured on Channel 4s The Perfect Home, this cottage will take your breath away the moment you enter it. With underfloor heating inside, you’ll feel cosy and warm at the end of all the exploring you can manage with beaches closeby, and Carmarthenshire desperate to be discovered. 

Bryn Eglur UK cottage

Old Crofftau Cottage, Brecon Beacons, Wales

In the middle of nowhere, this breathtaking valley will have you never wanting to leave. It’s pet friendly, and the owners also describe it as mud-friendly, so you know you have no excuse not to explore the beautiful land. Described as rugged and homely, you’ll love every second in this cottage. 

Old Crofttau UK Cottage

Cappele Cottage, Snowdonia, Wales

Hidden behind a hill filled with fluffy sheep, this rustic cottage boasts of an eight-mile walk and picturesque views you’ll never tire of. While you may see no faces, except a sheepdog, there’s a roll-top tub ready and waiting for you to sink into after all the walking. 

Cappele Cottage in the UK


Shepherd's Cottage, Private Island Of Eilean Shona, Scotland

This cottage has opened only recently, putting this one-bedroom cottage out into the world for all to enjoy. With privacy and unexplored land around you, it’s all yours to explore for your stay—especially with it being on the remote and private island of Eilean Shona. With a coal fire, and no neighbours in sight, you’ll feel off the grid and able to truly unwind in this gorgeous modern cottage. 

Shepherd's Cottage in the UK

New Channelkirk Cottages, Oxton, Scottish Borders

Along the stream are two gorgeous cottages that can take your fancy. Both surrounded by green fields and a farm, and Abbey’s to explore, you’ll find yourself sinking into the Scottish hillside in no time. With bike trails, roaring fires, and restaurants all close by, you’ll be foolish not to try one of these cottages. 

New Channelkirk Cottages in the UK

As the world continues to heal from the pandemic, there’s never been a more perfect time to pack a small suitcase or overnight bag and treat yourself to a stay away from the stresses of everyday life. Cottages have so much to offer, not only are they close by to nature, offer privacy, but they are also homely, offering history in their walls. 

While this was only a small percentage of the gorgeous cottages available up and down England, Wales and Scotland, we hope it’s been enough to make you crave log fires and rolling hillsides to explore. Or at least plan a getaway for next summer, when nature wakes up once more, and the trees turn green. Would you go cottage-core for a getaway? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit, and don’t forget to check out how to make an offer on a hotel room with hoo to get the best possible deal for your next trip.

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