The Different Types Of Travellers

Team Hoo
11th November 2021

Whether you travel the world to see the sights, experience different food or get out of your comfort zone, there's a traveller personality type which matches you. And with all travellers coming in many different shapes and sizes, you may have been wondering what kind of traveller you are? What travel quirks do you have? 

Today, not only will you discover a bit more about yourself, but also aid you in discovering who your ideal travel partner would be for your next vacation. Read our guide below on the 18 different types of travellers, and discover which one suits you best. 

18 Different Types of Travellers

The Photographer

Up first on our list, The Photographer, someone who takes a lot of photos when they travel. Their aim is to capture everything from the beauty of where they are to the architecture, from local food to themselves beside monuments. This traveller will leave no part of the trip unphotographed, fearful of not documenting it all.

The Soul-Searcher

For these kinds of travellers, they want to get a deep dive into who they are. The Soul-Searcher aims to find purpose and schedule time to disconnect from the world to connect better with themselves. All the while travelling and experiencing new things. They usually travel alone, opting for more relaxing trips, including long walks, health retreats or secluded stays.

The Tech Traveller

The Tech Traveller is desperate to use their latest technology and even buy technology intentionally for trips. Whether that's a camera, top-of-the-line suitcase, new phone or a new gadget. They are always prepared with the newest equipment to make travelling fun and easy, while informing you of their latest purchase too. 

The Backpacker

The Backpacker is a simple traveller, and the opposite of the above. They opt for low budgets stays and trips, usually opting to stay in hostels and pack light. Using a backpack, or duffel, they pack only what is absolutely necessary as they take in the sights. Sometimes they travel aimlessly, going from place to place, just determined to see all they can.

The Party Traveller

The perfect companion for the evening, but not so ideal first thing in the morning. This traveller is the Party Traveller. These travellers seek out parties, clubs, bars and nightclubs, seeking an unforgettable night they'll hopefully remember in the morning. They tend to seek out places with rich nightlife, think Ibiza, Las Vegas, to name a few. 

The Cultured Artiste 

The Cultured Artiste is a type of traveller found in museums, art galleries and even creative classes. They're the traveller who wishes to soak up as much of the art, monuments, and historical sites as humanly possible, not as interested in beaches or relaxing. Often The Cultured Artiste will have planned where the best spots are and what times are perfect for exploring them. 

The Collector

For this traveller, they can't leave a place without buying or taking something to commemorate it. These souvenirs can be purchased from a favourite sightsee or free, such as sand or a seashell. Usually, these travellers will proudly display keepsakes or save them in a memory box.  

The Luxurious Traveller

When it comes to picking a place to stay, the Luxurious Traveller will settle for nothing less than five stars. They don't want to skimp on amenities or risk a good night's sleep, with luxury at the forefront of their holiday. Being stylish themselves, they don't want to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to enjoying their break. 

The Planner

The Planner has everything organised, multiple copies of documents and has planned their time to the dot. They usually want to see as much as they can in a short amount of time and do plenty of research on the place and language before arriving. They love travelling as much as the rest on this list, but they want to do so with a clear direction.

The Spontaneous One

Completely the opposite of The Planner, the Spontaneous One is someone who has no plan, no destination in mind or can even be sudden. Once they get an idea, they act on it, leading to unexpected and unforgettable trips, albeit vague and random. 

The Groupies

This kind of traveller tends to be found in groups. The Groupies travel in groups, go sightseeing in groups and party together. These travellers tend never to be alone and are always up for experiencing something new with other people, whether that be groups of friends, families or even other travellers. 

The Fashionista 

For these travellers, fashion is at the forefront of what they are seeking. The Fashionista is usually stylish, up-to-date with all the latest trends and wants to visit destinations known as hot spots for fashion. These places may include Paris, Milan and New York, as well as many more. They want to soak up as much fashion culture as they can while visiting.

The Recharge and Chill

All that is on their mind for this kind of traveller is staying away from the hustle and bustle. They want to unwind, exploring all the ways they rejuvenate and relax. The Recharge and Chill travellers tend to love visiting spas and yoga classes, preferring to stay in health retreats so they can feel pampered to recharge. 

The Weekender

Often, The Weekender will be someone you can rarely pin down at the weekend because they're always travelling as soon as Friday evening hits. They'll visit places close to home or within short flights, always wanting to experience something new and different. They're usually financially secure and opt to go either alone or within a small, close-knit group. 

The Budget-Conscious

While they love to travel and see new things, The Budget-Conscious love saving money at the same time. For them, when they travel, they'll stick to tight budgets and aim to visit places where things cost less. They love a good bargain, and will purposefully seek out ways to get deals and cut costs. 

The Chatty Ones

This kind of traveller is usually jolly, approachable and always willing to help. Whether sightseeing, by the pool or even in the restaurant, The Chatty One can't help but talk to anyone they come across. You may find them staying in large hotels or resorts and always have the best stories and advice. 

The Tourist

While many people you come across on holiday are tourists, The Tourist prefers to only stick to well-known destinations and tourist areas and stick to sightseeing with tour guides and city maps. They like to stick to organised events, and always see all the must-sees while on holiday. They rarely move away from these areas, fearful of missing something or getting lost. 

The Foodie

Last, but by no means least, while many on this list are led travelling by the sights, beaches and relaxing spots, The Foodie traveller is led by their stomach. They want to experience cultures and destinations through their food. They want to try local delicacies and learn more about how things are made. They tend to be clued up on all the best places to eat and what food is a must-try. 

There you have it, eighteen different types of travellers. And, while this isn't an extensive list of every type, we hope we've provided enough for you to discover and work out what kind of traveller you are. Do you happen to be just one kind of traveller on our list, or do you fit into several of them? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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