Finding Transgender Friendly Hotels

Team Hoo
19th November 2020

No matter where you’re travelling, there’s nothing more satisfying than being welcomed and made to feel safe.

While many groups may not even stop to consider whether their mere presence may pose a risk to them in most countries, it is very much a top concern for LGBT+ travellers. Indeed because of this concern, certain countries may be off the cards completely.

In order to better ensure than transgendered travellers feel truly at ease and relaxed when vacationing, we’ve provided a small guide to help inform them of the best places to travel and how to recognise LGBT+ welcoming hotels.

The Top Countries to Visit and Avoid

The good news is that there are many places across the globe that are welcoming and tolerant of LGBT+ travellers and transgendered travellers in particular. No matter what sort of vacation you plan to embark on, you are guaranteed to find somewhere that will be happy to provide.

The following countries are those that are recognised as being especially friendly to transgendered travellers, and so are heartily recommended by us as places to visit.

  1. Sweden
  2. Malta
  3. Canada
  4. The UK
  5. Argentina
  6. Israel
  7. New Zealand
  8. Australia
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. Austria

Meanwhile, travellers may wish to avoid the following nations.

  1. Brazil
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. Hungary
  4. Thailand
  5. United States

In the case of the United States, it really does depend on which state and city in particular you’re visiting. Transgendered visitors will likely feel perfectly at home in cities such as New York, Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Austin, but will likely not receive as warm a welcome in more rural, conservative regions or states.

Always research the area you’re about to visit and check for any discriminatory laws or cultural attitudes that may cause you to feel unsafe. 

Finding Transgender Friendly Hotels

The majority of international hotel chains pride themselves on being welcoming to all their guests, regardless of their gender identities. As such all will officially prohibit any discrimination against their guests on such grounds and will typically take cases of it among their staff seriously.

Of course, never take anything for granted. While official company policy may prohibit such behaviour, not all hotel chains are equal in their enforcement of it.

When booking, always check word of mouth. The LGBT+ community is extremely proactive in ensuring their mutual safety and protection, so if a hotel gains a reputation as one that is not friendly towards transgendered guests it will quickly gain a reputation. There exist many LGBT+ travelling online communities, blogs and websites that can provide advice, so check them out before booking.

To make things easier on check in, always make sure all documentation and IDs are up to date and reflect your current appearance. Likewise, always make bookings and reservations under your legal name. This will help prevent any potential accidents, mistakes and unnecessary distress.

A good idea is to check with hotel management in advance before booking. During the conversation, note how you are treated by the management. Do they:

  • Use gender-neutral language, avoiding terms like “Sir” or “Ma’am”?
  • Use correct pronouns or ask how you’d like to be identified?
  • Avoid asking you personal information about your gender identity that is not relevant to the booking? Hint: very little would be relevant to it.
  • Are they willing to make provisions for you regarding your gender identity?
  • Do they offer gender-neutral facilities, or are the facilities segregated by sex?
  • Do they treat you with the same dignity and respect they’d treat any other guest?

Use these notes to gauge how friendly and respectful the hotel is likely to be. Always remember that LGBT laws in a country may not necessarily reflect laws within a given tourist area, but they are always something to keep in mind if you intend to travel outside of the resort or the city you’re staying in.

Top Ten Transgender Friendly Hotels

We’ve found that the following hotels are found to be the most welcoming of transgendered guests and most proactive in ensuring they feel not just welcome, but safe and respected as well.

  1. The Scarlet Hotel, UK
  2. Caesars Entertainment
  3. Marriot International
  4. Axel Hotels, EU
  5. The Beacon Hotel, New York, US
  6. Turtle Cove Resort, Australia
  7. Hilton International
  8. Amistad, the Netherlands
  9. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
  10. Hotel Lucia, Portland, US

If you happen to be travelling to any areas where these hotels or chains operate, rest assured that you can check in and receive the same warm welcome any other guest would expect.

Team hoo.

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