The Top Nightclubs In Athens

Team Hoo
26th March 2021

If you’re someone who loves to dance until the sun rises, then some of the nightclubs below will be perfect for you. While Athens has a large and diverse night scene, there is little doubt that anyone can enjoy themselves while visiting. From dance music to current charts, Athens has you covered as it comes into its own once the sun goes down.

Tips To Make The Most Of The Club Scene In Athens

When it comes to entering the club scene in Athens, there are something’s you need to consider:


With most of the nightclubs not opening until after 11 pm, be sure not to go out too early; otherwise, you’ll be waiting around. It’s also best not to leave it too late, as many of the clubs in Athens are popular amongst many ages, and you don’t want to spend your night standing outside, missing your favourite songs.

Get A Table

If you can afford it, booking a table will not only save your feet when you’ve danced for an hour straight but can also come with perks such as bottle service.

Be Sure To Hit A Lounge… or Two

While you may want to wait till the main attraction, visiting some of the bars and lounges around Athens are well worth the trip. Not only do they offer unique and interesting cocktails, but views and relaxed music—the perfect beginning to an enjoyable night.

Top 15 Nightclubs and Lounges In Athens

Athens is notable for its nightlife scene, and with so many nightclubs and lounges, there is something for all. Here are our top 15 lounges and nightclubs in Athens.

Nightclubs In Athens

Six D.O.G.S

Opened in 2009 in a warehouse space, Six d.o.g.s is the place to be if you’re after underground techno music and a heaving dancefloor. With DJs on rotation, homemade cocktails, and open until 4.30 am on weekends.


With an industrial baroque aesthetic, house dancers, confetti cannons and music from all walks of life, Lohan is that loud and popular nightclub that will make your dreams come true. They have themed nights, host renowned DJs, and open till 6 am from Friday to Sunday.


Opened in 2009, Dybbuk has been the hottest place in Athens since. Hosting well-known DJs from around the world in this New York-style after club which plays house music to dance to until the early hours.

Kitty Cat

With Asian-inspired décor, Kitty Cat is a late-bar and restaurant that turns into a club, housing classic cocktails and also variations with Asian inspiration. Their resident DJs will have you dancing any troubles away, and they also have karaoke if singing is your forte. 

Death Disco

Having opened in 2013, it has since become the place to be if you’re into alternative or techno music with them, even hosting themed nights on Fridays and Saturdays. Death Disco has something for everyone, from new wave, ’80’s, EBM, post-punk, minimal, indie, gothic, electro songs and much more.


In the lively district of Gazi, you’ll find Pixi playing Nu-disco and Electric House surrounding you with 3D projections which blend seamlessly with the music. They have a rotating selection of local and international DJs, all wanting to bring energy like no other Athens nightclub.

Akrotiri DC Club

Decorated in black and white, this lounge hosts resident DJs who ensure entertainment until the early hours with R&B and ‘Mood Parties’ on other days of the week, such as mainstream nights and clubland. 

Lounge Bars In Athens

Three-sixty Cocktail Bar

The view from the terrace on the top floor gives you panoramic and breathtaking views of the Acropolis. With a relaxed vibe, the bar team often creates fifteen unique cocktails and even hosting jazz nights, it’s the views that attract a mixed age group.


A mash-up of both outside elegance and indoor club vibes, Cabezon is popular amongst the young locals and students. With a large dance floor and bar serving fun cocktails, the outdoor area is spacious and feels reminiscent of someone’s backyard at a house party.

A For Athens

While also accommodation, this rooftop bar mixologists can create breathtaking cocktails to match the rolling views around you. With a laid-back vibe, end your day here with the sun setting in this low-lit comfortable bar.

Island Club

Don’t let this infamous place fool you in the day because while it is a lounge and restaurant, it is also the host of weekly parties which are popular amongst celebrities and party-goers alike. Island Club & Restaurant has experienced mixologists creating frozen cocktails and DJs bringing the best of dance to the Athens Riviera night scene.


Bios is part rooftop bar and part gig space and is one of the trendiest places in Athens. With themed DJ sets every week, they also host live music events, with the backdrop of Acropolis all around you. In 2004, they opened TESLA, a friendly, relaxing environment on the first floor, where you can enjoy homemade cocktails and music.

Rock n Roll

If you’re someone who prefers timeless class and rock n roll music, this is the place for you. A popular nightclub amongst Athenians, Rock n Roll often has guest DJs, live events, including some rock groups, all the while playing mainstream music. It’s fun and laid back, the perfect place if you just want to rock out with your friends. 


A tucked-away oasis in the midst of a busy city, Fouar is inspired by the French and operates as a restaurant with mainly Asian specialities, curries, and tapas, while also being a relaxing and laid-back lounge and bar. The big skylight on the ceiling opens, creating an illusion of being in an indoor garden or patio.

5 Underground Clubs in Athens

If you’re after something unique, the underground clubs in Athens can promise you that. Hidden from most, you will need to dip beneath the streets and find your own evening amongst the low ceilings and hypnotic lights.


With fresh pizza on the ground floor, you may be surprised to learn about the micro-club underground, with live jazz acts, open mic stand-ups or some proper techno, house and disco being played by various resident DJs.


Named proudly the dance floor that never sleeps, Skullbar can be found under the streets of Exarchia, just look out for the skull-shaped sign above a black door. With a range of music being played, there is something for all, whether that’s in the early hours, with a morning coffee or an afternoon escape.

The Speakeasy

This cocktail bar and lounge have taken inspiration from the 20s and 30s, with live jazz and fun and fresh cocktails. Having opened in 2011, it has become a staple amongst Athens nightlife, but be sure to ring ahead for someone to let you into this basement bar and lounge.


Set inside a two-storey building, Ekei is regularly packed with young locals who flit between the floors. The place is especially busy on Saturday nights when ‘Issues’, a weekly event, takes place on both floors with trap, hip-hop and EDM anthems.


If you’re feeling nostalgic about the late-70s disco era, then Cinderella is the perfect place for you. Descend down past the gold curtains to an illuminated dance floor with the walls covered in palm trees, an illuminated dance floor, and large mirror balls, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Athens is the perfect city for the night owls, coming into its own once the day is gone. So, whether you’re in a group or in a couple, Athens’ nightlife is memorable and different, providing a wide selection of experiences for all. With our list of the best nightclubs above, there is little doubt, a night out in Athens will live with you for years.

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