The Top 15 Hotels In Cyprus

Team Hoo
25th August 2021

Easy on the eye, rich in culture, and more than a little bit well-known for its nightlife, Cyprus is the place to visit these days. We've all heard of Ayia Napa, right? Well, once you've crawled back to your hotel after a wild night on the dancefloor with some of the world’s top DJs, you'll want to do nothing better than chill out on a sun lounger, hair of the dog cocktail in hand, and snooze in the sun. Let's take a look at hoo's pick of the top 15 hotels in Cyprus to wine, dine, dance and relax in.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa

If you are looking for the perfect Instagrammable hotel, this is probably it. Its brightly coloured buildings stand out magnificently against the backdrop of the crystal blue seas, with plenty of facilities to help you while away the days in pure comfort and luxury.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & Spa in Cyprus

Glaro Garden Hotel

Glaro Garden Hotel is an eco-friendly, tranquil spot, which is perfect if you want a quiet and relaxing break. Styled in classic Mediterranean finishes, even the most difficult to please guests will find it hard not to love this hotel. The hotel is made up of individual cottages.

Glaro Garden Hotel in Cyprus

Pia Bella Hotel

It has grown from being a tiny family-run establishment to becoming one of the most popular places to stay in North Cyprus, thriving as a result of its authentic charm, hospitality, comfortable design, and great location close to the heart of vibrant Kyrenia. Enjoy a dip in one of the pools before having a bite to eat in the restaurant.

Pia Bella Hotel in Cyprus

Courtyard Long Beach Holiday Resort

The Courtyard Long Beach Holiday Resort will be the only destination in Trikomo Long Beach for those wanting a bit of peace and quiet, thanks to a combination of its ideal geographic location, distinctive architecture, luxury, and comfort.

Courtyard Long Beach Holiday Resort in Cyprus

Güneş Rezidans (Hotel Sun)

The Güneş Rezidans Hotel Sun, located in North Nicosia, offers accommodation with an outdoor pool, free WiFi, a restaurant, and a fitness center, among other amenities. Relax on the sun terrace, in the gardens or the shared lounge area, and make new friends.

Hotel Sun in Cyprus

Elexus Hotel Resort & Spa

Elexus Hotel will win your heart with state-of-the-art facilities, the top quality of service, and the most meticulous attention to detail in every element of their stay. It meets and exceeds the greatest expectations of the most fastidious guests, who will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes along with one of the most magnificent coasts in Kyrenia.

Elexus Hotel Resort & Spa in Cyprus

Merit Royal Premium Hotel & Spa

With a luxurious five-star facility that includes a super-long swimming pool, coastal gardens, and a private beach, the Merit Royal Premium is a real gem. This is 5 star luxury in North Cyprus at its best -  large, bold, and confident, and providing extraordinary levels of service.

Merit Royal Premium Hotel & Spa in Cyprus

Novel Centre Point Hotel

With its central location in Famagusta's city center and its amenities, the Novel Centre Point Hotel brings together the best of both historical and modern living under one roof. Throughout its Legendary Sports Bar and Royal Café/restaurant, they serve delectable dishes from throughout the world, all while providing you with superior service and service quality.

Novel Centre Point Hotel in Cyprus

Lord's Palace Hotel Spa

The Lord's Palace Hotel is a contemporary fusion of elegance and splendour in the heart of Kyrenia Town.  This flashy hotel, located in the centre of Kyrenia Town and boasting an outstanding rooftop pool with panoramic views, warmly welcomes guests to unwind in its beautiful Mediterranean coastal property. In 2019, it was voted one of Cyprus’s most luxurious hotels.

Lord's Palace Hotel Spa in Cyprus

Acapulco Resort Convention Spa

In addition to its unique natural beauty and abundance of flora and fauna, Acapulco is considered to be one of the most beautiful resort villages in North Cyprus. The Acapulco Holiday Resort Hotel provides a well-balanced blend of traditional Cypriot hospitality and modern conveniences. Because the resort's wonderful pool has waterfalls and a sunken bar, and because it is located right next to the beach, visitors may easily partake in the many water activities - or just relax with a drink.

Acapulco Resort Convention Spa in Cyprus

Aphrodite Beach Front Condos

Aphrodite Beach Front Condos, which is located on the northwestern seashore of Northern Cyprus, offers fully equipped luxury condos with a variety of room capacities. There is a semi-Olympic private pool, pool and seaside restaurant and bars, a private beach, gym and spa facilities, children's playground, and water sports on offer at this 5 star luxury resort.

Aphrodite Beach Front Condos in Cyprus

The Arkin Colony Hotel

Situated in the centre of Kyrenia, the Arkin Colony Hotel is a beautiful 5-star establishment that has acquired international recognition. The hotel's unique architecture and majestic colonial-style make it a must-see destination. It provides beautiful settings, exquisite service, breathtaking rooftop views, and all of the finest amenities you could possibly need to relax and enjoy a first-class holiday experience.

Arkin Colony Hotel in Cyprus

The Ship Inn Hotel

This is the only hotel in North Cyprus with a faux Tudor frontage, complete with dark beams, so it is impossible to miss it. Hidden behind the façade is a tiny, quirky, and welcoming hotel that invites both new and returning guests to enjoy a wonderfully tranquil and pleasant holiday experience.

The Ship Inn Hotel in Cyprus

Anassa Hotel

For a dose of serious grown-up luxury, this is the one for you. Keep an eye out for the odd footballer or celebrity enjoying one of the infinity pools or relaxing at the bar. If the sun becomes too much, head indoors to the spa and enjoy facials and massages.

Anassa Hotel in Cyprus

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

Fancy a round of golf on your trip? You will love this one. It is home to North Cyprus’s first 18 hole course. If that’s not your thing, there are bars and restaurants to enjoy while overlooking the beautiful views and relaxing in the sunshine.

Korineum Gold & Beach Resort in Cyprus

While the nightlife of Cyprus is a draw for many people, there is so much more than that on this truly beautiful island. Whether you want to kick back and relax, hit the bars, pamper yourself in the spa or even play a round of golf or partake in some water sports, there is a hotel for you. Are you all about some high energy nightlife, or do you prefer to chill when you're on holiday? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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