15 Easy Things To Do In London With Toddlers

Team Hoo
7th September 2021

It can seem as if London is sometimes a city that isn’t always very kind to families and it’s true, you probably don’t want your 4-year-old popping down to Soho for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a world of wonder to explore in one of the world’s most exciting and thrilling cities. Nonetheless believe us when we say London really is a toddler’s playground - supervision still required, though - and there are tons of fun things that your whole family can do together (insert teenaged scream here) that don’t have to cost a fortune or involve boring adult stuff. This is, after all, the home of Hamley’s and Paddington the Bear.

Let’s go fly a kite

Children flying a kite in the park

You can legally fly kites in many of London’s best public parks but do be sure and run a quick check to see which has what regulations and for all the whens and where’s. From the days of Mary Poppins, this is something of a must-do for families visiting London and if you really want to amp up the family points, you can build them together.

Family-friendly dining

Forget toffy restaurants and stuffy bars, London is packed full of family-friendly restaurants that are designed for your little hooligans (read: darlings) to run amok as much as they’d like. Try all-time faves like the Rainforest Cafe in Shaftesbury Avenue, full of animatronic animals with a kid-friendly menu.

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

London view from Primrose Hill

Something of a forgotten tradition now, but well worth a reboot. Pack a picnic basket, load up the kids and enjoy fabulous views of London’s skyline and some well decent family time.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: “The Making of Harry Potter”

Be warned, this is not one of the cheaper options for the capital, but it is hands-down one of the coolest and you’ll earn super-parent points for a long, long time. There is a store on-site (obviously) where you can stock up on must-haves...maybe try and blindfold the kids through that part.

The Science Museum

The Science Museum in London

There are so many wonderful things to experience with your 2 - 5-year-olds here and if your kids are older than that too, then you’re hitting an all-rounder. It’s free to get in but they’re always grateful for donations.

Diana Memorial Playground

Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens

Situated next to the home of the Princess of Wales, the park features teepees, a pirate ship and a “sensory trail”. Most toddlers can make their own sensory trail given ten minutes and anything sticky, but this one is safe and is wonderful for a day out, plus there are lots of seats for parents which is always going to be appreciated.

Coram Fields

Right in the heart of London, you can expect zip lines for the older kids, sandpits, tents, lawns and adventure playgrounds for everyone else. The entrance is free and there is a cafè on site. The parks are perfectly clean but pack a hand sanitiser anyways. You know, just in case.

The London Transport Museum

This museum has tons of activities for families of all ages, but your toddlers will love the plane they can fly, the bus they can drive or the Tube that they can play engineer on. So might your bigger kids too, come to think of it.

The Lido at Hampstead Heath

The Lido at Hampstead Heath in London

It is uncovered and it is unheated so that means a long hot summer’s day is a must; get there early to secure a place. Swimming outside is a pretty cool experience in the middle of the city, and there are paddling pools for the little ‘uns too.

The London Aquarium

The London Aquarium

Needs no introduction. This remains one of the most family-friendly activities that you can do in London. There are amazing activities that the whole family will love and it’s just about a whole day out which more than makes up for the ticket prices. There’s the aquarium zones, the rainforest adventure and the coral kingdom.

The London Eye

London Eye in London

If it’s a clear and sunny day in London, then this is another of the city’s top attractions that the whole family will adore, plus there are special family group prices online. So pack up your tiny humans and finally prove to them that you really can fly!

The Discover Children’s Story Centre

We love this. Session passes cost £7.50 and each session lasts for 2 hours. Here is where you bring the magic of books and storytelling to life for your kids - they’ll love you for it, and you’ll love it for prying them off their screens for a bit.

KidZania London

That more people don’t know about this attraction in London is a travesty. Kids get to “run” their own city and play at being pilots and bus drivers and more. There is a cafè on-site and toddlers will love the baby disco, too.

The Lion King

The Lion King live show in London

This is still one of the singular most heart-warming and feel-good shows ever to grace the fabled West End and there’s something particularly gratifying to see the expressions on younger theatregoers. Do resist the urge to lift your own baby Simba up above your head when the opening chords start filling up the theatre, though. Apparently, that’s not the done thing.

Thames River Cruises

Thames River Cruises

You don’t need to be “of an age” to enjoy a Thames cruise and this is something that everyone in your family will love, especially if it’s your first visit to London. Do go online and check individual requirements with different providers though. There are some cruises that won’t work for your toddlers, like the speed/jet boats and longer voyages, so take some time to do a bit of planning and (though it goes without saying for London) do check the weather forecast.

When you’re planning on visiting London with your whole family, you must think about buying one of the many “passes” that exist for London. These legitimately save you a lot of money and many will also give you “jump the queue” privileges on certain days or in certain venues. London can be pricey but if you’re going for a long weekend for example, then creating an itinerary that covers a bunch of the free attractions and then combining one or two of the costlier ones will mean that you get to do something of just about everything. What are your top spots in London with toddlers and tinier tots? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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