Things To Do Around Great Yarmouth

Team Hoo
22nd June 2021

Great Yarmouth is a popular town located on the East Coast of England. Known for its long sandy beaches and local history, Great Yarmouth has plenty of things to do for all families. 

While it seems like going on holiday is restricted with the whirlwind of 2020, you can still have a great time on a staycation in the UK. Great Yarmouth has many brilliant attractions and opportunities for fun. Below is a list of 13 different attractions to explore on your next visit (and that's not including the well known Pleasure Beach)!

Redwings Horse Sanctuary 

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, near Great Yarmouth

Redwings Horse Sanctuary allows families to meet over 120 rescued horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys. Wander and get to know the animals, join a walking tour or a horse care demonstration followed by delicious snacks in their Nosebag Cafe. With free entry to the Sanctuary, it is a great day out and an opportunity to learn more about the facility and its residents. 

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens near Great Yarmouth

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens enables fantastic viewings to some of the world’s rarest animals. Meet and learn more about a variety of red panda, leopards, meerkats, gibbons, otters, alligators, crocodiles, reptiles, birds, and more. Thrigby Hall was built in the 1700s, providing a progressive and magnificent park to visit for adults and children alike. 

Caister-on-Sea Beach

Caister-on-Sea Beach near Great Yarmouth

Move away from the usual hustle and bustle and set up on Caister-on-Sea beach for the day. Known for its beautiful, soft golden sand it is a great place to escape with the family for the day and enjoy long walks, sandcastles, and even a dip in the sea!

Lydia Eva Steam Drifter 

Lydia Eva Steam Drifter, Great Yarmouth

Built in the 1930’s, the Lydia Eva is the world’s last steam-powered herring drifter and has an amazing story to tell. Recently restored, the drifter is the only coal-fired steam boat in the world and you have lots to see when you visit for a unique tour with the Captain.  

Caister Castle Motor Museum

Caister Castle Motor Museum, near Great Yarmouth

Enjoy the UK’s largest privately owned motor collection at Caister Castle Motor Home, home to an extensive range of rare, vintage, and classic motors including the first car in the world, an 1893 Panhard et Levassor. Any motor enthusiast would be amazed by the number of beautiful motor vehicles on display.

Caister Lifeboat Station

Caister Lifeboat Station, Great Yarmouth

An excellent lifeboat station fully run by donations and volunteers in the local village. Enjoy a tour of the lifeboats, watch them perform their duties, get involved in the interactive museum, and enjoy a hot drink in the cafe. The Station volunteers regularly host events for all family members to enjoy a unique experience.

The Waterways

The Waterways in Great Yarmouth

A stunning, seven-acre park located just north of the Golden Mile. The Waterways comprises the Venetian Waterways, the Boating Lake, and the Ornamental Gardens. Recently restored, you can enjoy this unique piece of history with sea and garden views, visit the local cafes, walk across the park and admire the wildlife.

Burgh Castle

Burgh Castle near Great Yarmouth

A prime tourist attraction and a must-see when visiting Great Yarmouth. Built in the late 3rd century, the Roman fort that surrounds Burgh Castle offers a haven for wildlife and picturesque views over the Breydon Water. The attraction offers pathways to enjoy long, scenic walks that run straight through the site of the fort. 

Wellington Bowl

Wellington Bowl Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth’s Wellington Bowl comprises the town’s oldest landmark with the newest seafront attraction. A unique blend of an art deco-styled pier, originally built in 1853 with a modern entertainment center. Enjoy tenpin bowling, American pool, games, and more, with the bonus of sea views! 

Merrivale Model Village

Merrivale Model Village is jam-packed with fun. Located by the seaside, you can test your senses in the special sensory garden, challenge your family to crazy golf, enjoy Merrivale Castle and theatre, watch animated scenes and so much more. Merrivale Model Village is full of fun surprises the whole family can enjoy.  

Great Yarmouth Treasure Hunt Trail 

Great Yarmouth Treasure Hunt Trail

The well-known Treasure Hunt Trail provides families on staycation a fun way to explore the Golden Mile. Get the family working together to solve the clues with the self-guided Treasure Hunt to uncover the buried gold. 

The Broads

The Broads, near Great Yarmouth

Hire a paddleboard or boat, walk through the banks or enjoy the view of windmills and nature in one of England’s most charming national parks. The beautiful view spans for 11 square miles covering 7 rivers and 63 Broads. 

Elizabethan House Museum

Elizabethan House Museum, Great Yarmouth

Take a peek into the homes of Tudors at the Elizabethan House Museum. Explore the furnishings and way of living in the 1500s. If you’re feeling adventurous, you have the opportunity to take your experience a step further and dress up in period costumes and play with the toys, for a full experience. 

So whether you are visiting Great Yarmouth for a weekend or a week, there are plenty of attractions the whole family can enjoy! Find out where to stay in the wider area or find out more about 2021's hottest staycation destination today.

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