The Most Mint Restaurants In Manchester's Northern Quarter

Christine Peasnell
18th August 2022

North of the Market Street and Arndale shopping areas, right between Piccadilly Station and the Arena, there’s no better place to grab a bite to eat than at one of the restaurants in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. From indie cafes to friendly local and family owned eateries, you’re bound to find somewhere for a taste of that boho foodie life; here are our top picks.

15 Restaurants In Manchester's Northern Quarter

TNQ Restaurant and Bar

TNQ Restaurant and Bar is the first on our list, and has some of the best food in all of Manchester. This restaurant has very fancy starters, steaks, mains and sides as well as all of your favourite drinks from the exquisite bar. Even the Sunday Times said it was pretty good, so you know we’re not lying.

TNQ Northern Quarter Restaurant

Pie & Ale Manchester

Some people love the traditional foods of the UK, and as you can probably guess - Pie & Ale Manchester is no different. Serving some of the best home-made pies, real ale and even some juicy cocktails - this is definitely a mint place to check out when looking for some grub. Just like the traditional food, this bar also has football showing every time there’s a match. We recommend you check it out and grab yourself a pie.

Pie & Ale Manchester Northern Quarter restaurant

The Pen and Pencil 

Going back to the basics, the Pen and Pencil is a luxurious bar and restaurant in the middle of Manchester’s Northern quarter. Serving brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails all day long, this is not only a place for great food and entertainment, but is one of the best places for socialising with people. If you’re walking past, just be aware if you stop inside you may be there enjoying yourself for a number of hours.

The Pen & Pencil Manchester Northern Quarter restaurant


Fress is not your average bar or restaurant, but a place you really should visit if you have a sweet tooth. Fress serves food all day including crazy burgers, delicious meats and some of the most eye candy cakes around - but also serves some of the most amazing custom cocktails that will knock your socks off. If you’re stopping by Oldham St, then you should pop in and be blown away.

Fress Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Turtle Bay

One of the rare types of cuisine in the UK is traditional reggae, but rest assured Turtle Bay is here to save the day. Serving only the best from the Caribbean, their food, drinks, and the atmosphere of Turtle Bay in Mancehster’s Northern Quarter is not something to miss. Get some friends, give it a go - we promise you won’t regret it.

Turtle Bay Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Northern Soul Manchester

If you’re lactose intolerant, we’d suggest you skip this one! Northern Soul in Manchester is pretty much for the cheese lovers. Serving wings, pasta, and sandwiches all filled to the brim with grilled cheese, this place is not one to pass up. We strongly suggest you place an order at Northern Soul, but remember - cheese contains a few extra calories, but trust us - it’s worth it. 

Northern Soul Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Bem Brasil Bar & Restaurant

Ever wanted to try food from Brazil? Despite being over 5,000 miles away, Bem Brasil in Manchester is the closest thing to authentic Brazilian food. Their authentic and extravagant smelling food is award winning and is some of the best around. Serving both lunch and evening meals, we strongly suggest swinging by. If you catch a whiff from inside Bem Brasil, we’re sure your food plans will change!

Bem Brasil Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Luck Lust Liquor Burn

In the mood for some Mexican food? Luck Lust Liquor Burn is both literally and physically a mouthful, but definitely a nice one. If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican food such as fajitas, tacos, and nachos, then Luck Lust Liquor Burn is the best place in Manchester NQ to go! Not only that, but they serve some of the nicest drinks around, but beware - you might not walk out the same state you walked in with some of their drinks. 

Luck Lust Liquor Burn Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Salvi’s Manchester

Manchester NQ has some of the most culturally-diverse restaurants, and this list wouldn’t be complete without authentic family Italian cuisine. Salvi’s in Manchester NQ is one of the nicests Italians you can visit in Manchester, serving traditional, authentic Italian cuisine straight out of Naples. If you're stopping by the High St, we strongly recommend this Italian masterpiece of a restaurant.

Salvi's Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

63 Degrees

Although it’s never been 63 degrees in Manchester, this restaurant is one you need to visit. With a menu straight from Paris, this restaurant has some very fancy meals and we’re sure one will take your fancy. Not only this, but why not pair a beautiful stake with an equally exquisite wine? Why not splash out and treat yourself with this Paris-extravaganza.

63 Degrees Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Evuna Manchester

Traditional Spanish cuisine is not super hard to come across, but Evuna NQ is one of the best out there. This unique Spanish restaurant and wine merchant can help you leave feeling full and thrilled to have had some of the best food straight out of a Spanish cookbook. This hidden gem is definitely one to check out if you want to experience Spanish cuisine at its best. Buen Provecho!

Evuna Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Bab NQ

Kebabs are made to eat on the go, but at Bab NQ, you’ll need to take a seat to enjoy the most out of it. Making some of the nicest babs, mezes, and special drinks in Manchester, there is a clear reason why it’s made it to this list. If you want authentic and extravagant tasting kebabs or mezes with a side of any drink imaginable, then Bab in NQ is one to visit.

Bab NQ Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Tokyo Ramen

Japanese cuisine is literally world-class, and Tokyo Ramen in Manchester is no different. This extremely authentic yet modern ramen shop is the best place to get some of Japan’s most craved food, Ramen. Even if you're pushed for time, the typical Japanese ramen bar can have you in and served within minutes. Jump on in and experience the best of Japanese cuisine.

Tokyo Ramen Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Tariff & Dale

Tariff & Dale doesn’t only sound amazing, but is one of the nicests bars and restaurants in Manchester NQ. Specialising in homely pizzas, pasta, and even roasts - Tariff and Dale is slowly becoming one of the most sought after restaurants to dine at. Not only this, but with world class cocktails, beers and wines to wash down the array of flavours, you’ll leave here wanting to come back immediately.

Tariff & Dale Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

Herd NQ

Herd NQ in Manchester is a simple, yet lavish dining experience that you should visit when in the area. Serving some of the highest quality produce from around the world, Herd are head and shoulders above some of their competitors. Not only do they serve some of the best steaks, burgers, and sides - but have an array of beautiful drinks to help wash down the rich textures of your main course. We’re sure you’ll love them once you try them.

Nerd HQ Manchester restaurant in Northern Quarter

make an offer and stay nearby

Whether you want to titillate your taste buds with something experimental and new, or dive into something tasty and traditional, there are restaurants in Manchester’s Northern Quarter to satisfy everyone. Feel like grabbing a bite more al fresco while doing some shopping? Have a rummage through our guide to the top markets in Manchester, and once you know where you want to go... just hoo it!

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