Lack of pet-friendly accommodation is the biggest staycation deterrent

Team Hoo
21st April 2021

According to our latest research, a lack of pet-friendly accommodation is the main obstacle preventing pet owners from having the pawfect staycation!

Pet friendly staycations infographic

It’s looking like another summer of uncertainty where travelling abroad is concerned but the silver lining is that staycations should be very much on the cards. 

There’s thought to be 12 million households across the UK that own a pet and so other than the obvious staycation choices to be made on things like the destination and the length of trip, another choice many of us will also have to make is whether we take our pet with us.

Of course, not all pets are suitable partners for a trip away but Hoo’s research shows that 50% of us own a pet that we could realistically bring along. 

However, of those that could, 66% of owners decide not to.

The reasons why? 22% stated that finding pet-friendly accommodation for their staycation was the biggest thing preventing their pet from joining. 

Pet-friendly places to visit including restaurants and other social outlets was also a big factor, with 22% also stating it was the reason they didn’t bring their pet away with them. 

20% also said that the logistics of travelling with their pet was a deterrent, while 18% said their pet isn’t a keen traveller and preferred its home comforts instead. 

The good news? Just 12% said the additional cost of pet-friendly accommodation was the biggest deterrent, suggesting that for those who can secure it, a holiday with our pets is well worth the premium charged by hotels and B&Bs. 

Even better, additional research suggests that this pet-friendly premium is unlikely to break the bank. We analysed the price premium charged by hotels across 12 top staycation destinations and found that on average, a pet-friendly stay will only cost £1.07 more per night. 

The biggest premium was in Cornwall, where a pet-friendly hotel will cost you £18 more per night, although some areas do offer pet-friendly accommodation for a lower average cost, with the Lake District coming in £14.57 lower on average per night for a pet-friendly hotel. 

Hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented:

“Our pets are a big part of our family and so it’s only natural that we would want to take them away with us when holidaying on home turf. However, much like a holiday with young children, a pet staycation can require military-grade planning to ensure their needs are taken care of. 

Unfortunately for many, a lack of pet-friendly accommodation means that this planning can often fall at the first hurdle. The good news, at least, is that securing somewhere to stay for you and your pet generally won’t break the bank and your best bet is to plan well in advance, to avoid disappointment.” 

Survey of 1,121 UK pet owners carried out by Hoo via Find Out Now (1st April 2021):

Pet Staycation Survey

Table shows the room rate for general and pet-friendly accommodation per night in the top staycation destinations:

Pet Staycation Data

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