Brum And The Green: The Best Parks In Birmingham

Christine Peasnell
22nd September 2022

Best known for being the UK’s “second city” with a huge metropolitan area, it may seem surprising to go seeking green spaces in the area - but there are plenty of parks in Birmingham to grab a break from the urban scenery, and hoo has picked out the best for you to visit the next time you’re there.

15 Great Parks In Birmingham

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is much more than a park. Known as “Birmingham’s Best Day Out”, it is home to several attractions, such as the golden putter mini-golf course, the fun park for kids, and the land train to get around the park. Not only this, but the park itself is 80 acres of formal parks and another 120 acres of conservation and woodland to enjoy a run, walk or just a nice day out with the family.

Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham

Handsworth Park

If you’re looking for a park with your traditional greenery, trees, lakes and small activity hotspots, then Handsworth Park is perfect for you. This 63-acre plot of land features all of the above and is an amazing place to visit with friends, family, or even just by yourself. With plenty of walks and amazing activities to do, we think a walk, run, or cycle around Handsworth Park is well worth the time.

Handsworth Park in Birmingham

Kings Heath Park

If you’re an avid watcher of Gardeners World on BBC, then Kings Heath Park might look a little familiar. Kings Heath Park is another garden and park you can visit to not only relax and rest your head with some food but also participate in some great activities. Although you might not be on TV (but you could be), this park is a great place to visit if you’ve got some time to kill, or you want to take a break from city life!

Kings Heath Park in Birmingham

Highbury Park

Highbury Park is another publicly available park you can visit if you want to take a break and want to experience some beautiful walks. Regardless of when you visit, Highbury park has some of the best trails and walks around it, and although there are no real activities to do here, we’re confident you’ll simply love walking around, and maybe taking a break on one of the many benches or grass spots where you can sit and relax.

Highbury Park in Birmingham

Summerfield Park

Although 3.11 acres in size, Summerfield Park has plenty to do and has amazing walks and trails for you to walk around. Not only this, but you may find plenty of puppies here, as popular jogging, cycling, and dog walking spots! With a vast portion of the park surrounded by trees, there’s also plenty of area for sitting and relaxing on the grassed areas. If you're in the area and want a quick walk, check Summerfield park out!

Summerfield Park in Birmingham

Queens Park

Although you’re unlikely to see the Queen in Birmingham, Queens Park is a 10-acre was laid out in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. This large, but vastly open space is full of beautiful trees and flowers as well as perfect walks around small mounds making the whole walk feel lush. We think if you’re in the area you should take a quick walk around and see how you feel - as we’re sure you’ll love it.

Queens Park in Birmingham

Manor Farm Park

Coming in at nearly 50 acres, Manor Farm Park is exactly what it says it is. This varied parkland features stunning walks, and plenty of room for activities, exercise or even just to take in the scenery. With two playgrounds for the kids (or adults - we know you’re tempted), Manor Farm Park is the perfect place to spend a bit of time and enjoy all of nature's glory. 

Manor Farm Park in Birmingham

Moseley Park

Moseley Park is much more than a park like some above, but is bursting with wildlife. Featuring several acres of lakes, grassland and walks around this greenery haven, we’re sure you’ll love just spending some time and smelling all nature has to offer. If you want to see the animals, just take a walk around near the lakes and trees - we’re sure you’ll see some beauties.

Moseley Park in Birmingham

Sunset Park & Moonlit Park

Sunset Park & Moonlit Park is a Council-Landscape-led park that was opened in 2005 and 2006 as part of a local regeneration project. Sunset Park has plenty of walks but is most known for its outdoor events space. Moonlit Park on the other hand is home to a play area for children and a wildflower meadow which has a beautiful smell and view.

Sunset & Moonlit Park in Birmingham

Woodgate Valley Country Park

The 450-acre area of countryside, called Woodgate Valley Country Park is one of the biggest and the most packed country parks in the UK. Featuring a wide range of plans, hedgerows, ponds and wildlife. Over 250 plant species have been discovered at Woodgate Valley and if you love birds, you’ll be sure to love one of the 90 species discovered at the park.

Woodgate Valley Park in Birmingham

Cotteridge Park

If you’ve got kids or fancy a quick walk, then head on down to Cotteridge Park. This vast but easy-to-navigate park is at the heart of the community. Inspiring creativity and imagination, there are plenty of activities such as playgrounds, swings, tennis and basketball courts on top of some of the most elegant trees and greenery. This is one park you won’t want to miss.

Cotteridge Park in Birmingham

Sutton Park

This 2400-acre National park is a highlight of Birmingham. With open heathland, woodlands and even several lakes - Sutton Park is one you need to visit. With it being one of the largest urban parks in Europe, it’s also got plenty of wildlife and in some cases, cattle and some ponies roaming free. This can be a great place to take the family if you plan on stopping by.

Sutton Park in Birmingham

Senneleys Park

Senneleys Park is another park that you should visit when in Birmingham. Not only is Senneleys a large space to explore, but it also has several major features such as a BMX track and football pitch, BBQ areas and picnic areas. Not to mention the whole park is lined with beautiful trees and greenery to make the park perfect for you and your family.

Senneleys Park in Birmingham

Perry Hall Park

Perry Hall Park is a country park based in Birmingham that is not only stunning but also bursting to the brim with wildlife. No matter if you love birds, ducks, squirrels or anything in between, Perry Hall Park will probably have it somewhere. With plenty of tall, established trees, Perry Hall is a park to visit on a sunny day for plenty of shade and lovely scenery.

Perry Hall Park in Birmingham

Bloomsbury Park

If you’re looking for a small open space with plenty of trees and flowers, then Bloomsbury Park is an idyllic place for you. Used mostly for recreational use and for history about Birmingham, such as the earliest car, and metal sculptures that were built right here in Birmingham. If you’re looking for a place to chill out and walk a little, then Bloomsbury park is a great choice.

Bloomsbury Park in Birmingham

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From family fun spots with playgrounds and sports activities to nature reserves and cultivated gardens, there’s a park in Birmingham for every taste! Refuel for the rest of the day’s outing with our pick of the top brunch spots in Birmingham, and whatever you like to do in the city (or anywhere else), when you need somewhere to stay… just hoo it!

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