The Nicest Nude Beaches In France

Christine Peasnell
1st September 2022

If you’re a naturist then it’s hard to find a better spot to get your kit off than the south of France, given the hundreds of miles of sunny beaches and - of course - the pleasantly warm climate, but there are also plenty of spots all around the French coast if you aren’t a fan of the heat. Here’s the hoo pick of the best nude beaches in France for a picture-perfect spot to go au natural on your next getaway.

15 Nude Beaches In France

Plage de La Redoute

France has some of the nicest beaches in the world, and Plage de La Redoute is one of these amazing beaches. Not only can you bask in all your natural glory, but you can also soak up some lovely sun looking out to the English Channel. Dressed or undressed, we’re sure that this beach will be a great place to visit if you’re in Merville-Franceville-Plage. 

Plage de la Redoute nude beach in France

Naturist Beach Chevrets

We’re all part of nature, so why not show it off? The Naturist Beach Chevrets is a beautiful beach in Coulomb, France, which stretches 2.6m long. The beautiful golden sands of Chevrets are not only relaxing but are perfect for a late-night walk with your family or friends. This beach is also home to several nudist clubs, so there will be plenty of people just like you - if you decide clothes are better on the floor.

Naturist Beach Chevrets nude beach in France

Plage Naturiste de Pen Bron

One of the biggest beaches on this list just so happens to be a nude-friendly beach too! The Plage Naturist de Pen Bron spans miles and is made from perfect golden sands, arching down to the beautifully cool water from the English Channel is perfect for sunbathing regardless of what you’re wearing. As this beach is nudist-friendly, why not take it all off? If you’re in the La Turballe area, we strongly recommend spending some time here. 

Plage Naturiste de Pen Bron nudist beach in France

Nudist Beach of Spanish Point

The Nudist Beach of Spanish Point is one of the nicest nude beaches in France, spanning miles of mini treks, endless sunbathing beds and some of the nicest dunes around. Not only can you relax and take your time to enjoy the coast of France, but this beach again is nude-friendly, so show it all off. Also - if you do visit, see if you can spot Bilbao, Spain because on a clear day you can.

Spanish Point nudist beach in France

Nudist Beach Kerler (Plage de Kerler)

Nudist Beach Kerler is another club-based nude beach that is heavily used by people who love to show themselves off. Not only is the beach beautiful and clean, but also lets you express yourself without the need for clothes. If you’re passing through Fouessnant, we think you should stop by and have a break from whatever you're wearing that day.

Plage de Kerler nudist beach in France

Nudist Beach in Hossegor

The Nudist beach in Hossegor is one of the closest beaches to Spain from France, and what's better is that it’s full of nudists. Although this beach can often be busy in hot weather, it’s one of the nicest beaches to stay on for a few hours. The silky smooth sand and lovely sun can often beat down and give you a great tan within just a few hours. Why not strip off and get yourself a full tan for just a few hours of sunbathing?

Hossegor nudist beach in France

Naturist Beach Montalivet

Nature’s a beautiful thing, and you’re part of that. At Naturist Beach Montalivet, you will be joined by hundreds of beautiful people appreciating other people and their own nature’s blessings. Not to mention that if you plan on going on an all-nude holiday, then the CHM Montalivet is a nudist campsite resort just a 5-minute walk to the beach. Why not go all in?

Montalivet nudist beach in France

La Plage Des Templiers

At La Plage Des Templiers, there is nothing more authentic than this nudist resort. This park spans acres and acres and has trails, activities, hotels, and of course beaches that are open to nudists. This very laid-back setting is surrounded by lakes, curvy rivers and hills/mountains that will enthuse your journey with nature even more. If you like nudist beaches or want to explore this, why not stay for a night?

La Plage Des Templiers nudist beach in France

Naturist Beach of Torreilles

The Naturist Beach of Torreilles is one of the highest-rated nudist beaches in France, and there’s no question as to why. This quiet but long-stretch of silky smooth golden sands and clear water is not only clean but one of the friendliest beaches for all nudists. If you’re wanting to strip down and find a quiet place, even though it’s popular, we're confident you’ll find a perfect spot to sit down and relax.

Torreilles nudist beach in France

Nudist Beach Port Leucate

During the day, the Nudist Beach Port Leucate is not full of nudists, however - if you come back in the evening you’ll be amazed by all the curves and edges you’ll find. This nudist beach is one of the nicest to walk and talk on in the evenings and hey - it’s rude not to be nude. Why not jump in the sea for some skinny dipping and enjoy this nudist beach in the Port of Leucate.

Port Leucate nudist beach in France

Service d’Accueil du Village Naturist

Even though you might not speak French, this village of nature is something you should consider when visiting France. Service d’Accueil du Village Naturist is the perfect nudist beach (as well as other facilities and amenities) that we’re sure you’ll love. It’s that good, that it’s rated as the best nudist village/beach out there. Go give it a go and let the world see your true colours.

Service d'Accueil du Village Nudist beach in france

Espiguette Naturist Beach

If you’re looking for a spectacular beach that has no rules for what you wear, then Espiguette Naturist beach is one of the best you can get, especially when you’re in the South-East. If you’re wanting to strip off and get yourself a tan with beautiful sands and perfect sea, then the Espiguette Naturist Beach is the perfect one for you, nude or not.

Espiguette nudst beach in France

Plage de Piemanson

Although most of Plage de Piemanson is not nude-friendly, there is still a big portion that is. Plage de Piemanson is another stretch of perfect beaches from a stretch of land coming away from France, and has some amazing dunes and facilities that will make your nudist adventure so much more enjoyable. If you’re down in Arles, why not stop by and see how you feel? 

Piemanson nude beach in France

Plage Naturiste du Saint-Selon

If you’re feeling the need to strip off down in Saint-Selon, then the Plate Naturist du Saint-Selon beach is perfect for you. This natural mountain-side beach is worth the small walk to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Plus, the added benefit of being able to do it in the nuddy is worth all the time in the world.

Saint-Selon nudist beach in France

Plage des Vieux Salins

France is known for having “patchy” lakes dotted around the country, but this all-natural beach, Plage des Vieux Salins, is formed from hundreds of mini lakes making it a perfect place to strip off and sunbathe or go for a skinny dip. This beach is quiet compared to the others, but makes it perfect for some private nudists.

Vieux Salins nude beach lakefronts in France

The best nude beaches in France will offer soft sand, gentle tides, good facilities and decent weather, but that doesn’t mean the south coast is the only place to find them. Want something a little more undercover? Take a look at our guide to visiting the coastal town of Toulon in France instead, and once you know where you want to go... just hoo it!

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