Holidaymakers no longer find value in hotel entertainment

Team Hoo
16th August 2021

UK holidaymakers have fallen out of love with the traditional hotel favourites such as magic shows and bingo with the majority no longer bothered about being entertained at all. 

Holidaymakers no longer find value in hotel entertainment offerings

Our latest sector research has found that 65% of UK holidaymakers believe in-house hotel entertainment is of no importance when looking to book somewhere to stay.

27% thought it was somewhat important that they be amused with just 8% still placing it of high importance when looking to book. 

Not only are holidaymakers not bothered but they’d rather save money than shell out for a show they have no interest in. Just 27% stated they would pay more for a hotel that provides a high level of entertainment with 73% preferring to save their money. 

It’s also clear that holidaymakers are no longer enticed by the traditional headline acts that have become synonymous with holiday performances over the years. 

hoo asked what sort of evening entertainment holidaymakers would most like to see when staying at a hotel. Magic shows and bingo ranked as the least appealing, along with a cinema or film night. 

Live music was the most sought after act along with comedians and quiz nights, with performing arts also proving relatively popular.  

hoo's co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented:

“It seems as though UK holidaymakers are not entertained when it comes to the traditional forms of hotel entertainment and neither do they want to be. In fact, the majority would rather not pay a premium to cover the cost of something they’re simply not interested in. 

Hotels used to be the hub of our holiday and so an all-encompassing experience was often vital to draw in customers. 

Today, a diverse offering of places to eat, drink or unwind means a far greater level of choice and so many often view their hotel as a place to lay their head between holiday activities. This suggests that hotels would be better off looking at alternative ways to add value and maximise footfall, particularly in these tough times for the travel and tourism industry.”

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