Luxurious Treehouse Hotels To Experience

Team Hoo
13th August 2021

There’s something about being in nature. Hearing the chirping of the birds, and the rustling of the leaves in the tree. It’s tranquil, beautiful. Combining that with the childhood passion of climbing trees, even as an adult, it’s a winner for sure. 

Treehouse hotels have become the latest holiday experience that provides cosiness, open-spaces, and nostalgia all into one. Having had a significant upgrade on the ones you may have had as a child, this escapism might be up in the trees with the birds and leaves, but it’s far from a plank of wood and a few nails. These gorgeous hideaways are usually built around and fixed to the tree, but are also supported by many stilts, with many other materials used to ensure its safety. 

But that isn’t all. 

Opting to stay in one of the world’s top luxury treehouses doesn’t mean you’ll be skimping out on all of the things you’d get in a luxury hotel. You’ll find most treehouses with a wide balcony, large beds, and the best amenities; some even include whirlpools, bars and saunas. Many also offer a spa close by, and fabulous restaurants to take your tastebuds on a journey of their own. 

While being so close to nature is a bonus, many of these hotels also offer experience. They provide you with the chance to see as much of the forest, or snow, as you can cram into your trip. Depending on your destination, some treehouses even include such things as luxury dining, tours or amenities. Be sure to check, when booking, what’s included, as there are available upgrades to take your trip to the next level, including private dining and infinity pools. 

There are things to consider about booking a treehouse hotel, while luxury is on your side, the open windows providing an entrance for bugs can be problematic. Some travellers may need to consider that some of these luxury hotels also have stairs to reach the treehouse and even some of the higher decks, which can prove challenging. If you are also someone who worries about being alone, it’s worth remembering that you won’t see people unless you want to, although help is always around the corner if need be. 

The benefit of these treehouses is for sure the rolling views they offer. Being so high up, you escape from the ground and live amongst the trees. They provide a break from the mundane, giving us once in a lifetime memories we’ll never want to forget. There’s something about looking out over the leafy branches and seeing the world at your feet, and you have a pick with the fabulous hotels below; the branches really are the limit!

Top 10 Luxury Treehouse Hotels

Mamole Treehouse, Bali 

Hidden amongst foliage and forestry, this idyllic place has much to offer. Combining both luxury and beach-holiday, this luxury treehouse hotel is perfect if you’re after sun, sea, and relaxation. Right on the edge of the beach, this three-bedroom treehouse comes with an additional tent room, and butler on hand. You also gain a private lounge area and pool. The Nihi Sumda resort also has access to a wellness centre and luxury dining. 

Treetops Treehouse, Devon, United Kingdom

This treetop, lost in the leaves and countryside of Devon is the perfect family hideaway. With a king-size bed and a copper bath, a river close by for fishing, and plenty of views, this place has escapism written all over it. If you fancy getting out of the trees and exploring, there’s a beautiful path that takes you into the village, finding homely shops and pubs to keep you entertained. 

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finland 

Offering panoramic views of the forest and arctic skies, this treehouse hotel will take your breath away. Made from Finnish wood and sustainably produced materials, these treehouse’s are at one with nature themselves. With the chance to view the famous Northern Lights and a chance to see the Midnight Sun, this hotel will leave you full of wintery memories and cosy warmth for a long time. Each treehouse suite has its own private sauna, kitchenette, and enchanting views. They also offer tailor-made experiences, including a Christmas fairytale package. 

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa 

Escaping to this heavenly treetop lodge is a must. With garden paths, vast forestry to open your eyes to, and adventures at your feet, this experience is one you’ll never forget. There are ten luxury, private treetops to choose from, including under-floor heating and spacious bathrooms. And, if you fancy coming down from the views, there are also experiences including whale watching, exploring garden paths, and surfing available, you’re covered for all you want to gain from your break away from the mundane. 

Keemala Treehouses, Thailand 

With seven luxury treetops to choose from, all including their own private pools, this is sure to have something for all. Offering rainforest and resort views, with nature-inspired decor, incorporating suspended furniture and monsoon showers, you’ll feel one with the forest, from the comfort of your own treetop.  With a spa at the resort, if you’re after something a little more relaxing, they have you covered. 

Watamu Treehouse, Kenya

Wrapped and in harmony with nature, Watamu Treehouse has so much to tempt you. With stunning views of the ocean and wildlife, the chance to see both the sunset and sunrise, you are bound to find peace. With seven rooms to choose from, and opting from upper or lower floors, you have the perfect chance to cater your holiday to you. Watamu also offers their own path to the beach, right through the indigenous forest.

San Luis Treehouses, Italy

These luxury treehouses boast of pure Italian views. The luxury treehouse has a private sauna, warming decor, and a bathtub in a panoramic position. With the location of this resort surrounded by a protected reserve park and orchards, San Luis resort has managed to make itself a home away from home. With a small cinema, fitness centre and restaurants, you’ll find plenty to do. 

Huilo Huilo Treehouse, Chile

Lost in the Patagonian jungle, surrounded by the forests of southern Andes are ten treehouses to enjoy the reserve. With floor to ceiling windows, private balconies, and a whirlpool tub, you’ll feel the stress melt away from you as you overlook the reserve with nature at its best. 

Châteaux Dans Les Arbres Nojals-et-Clotte, France 

With six Châteaux’s to choose from, these elevated castles in the sky will awaken the child within you. With hot tubs and infinity pools, benign nestled amongst chestnut trees and a wide terrace, you’ll find stress melting from you. This is even a treehouse hovered over a lake if you’re after some water views also. 

Ivory Lodge Treehouse, South Africa

We couldn’t avoid mentioning this one if we tried. Especially with it being one of the most mentioned when it comes to top luxury treehouse hotels to experience. With natural materials used, and nature right on your doorstep, this is a once in a lifetime trip. Offering remote views, and the chance to hear nature in its home, you’ll never wish to leave this suspended home in the sky. With a private lounge, pool and a dedicated team of staff on hand, there is not a single thing that isn’t included!

Whether you're looking for luxury with a difference or really craving sky-high views, where will your next treetop adventure take you?

Team hoo.

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