15 Luscious Luxury Hotels In Turkey

Team Hoo
27th October 2021

A trip to Turkey can be fun no matter where you stay. After all, it’s difficult not to have a brilliant trip when you’re in a country that’s so full of culture, history, and life. However, we all know that our travel adventures are that little bit more enjoyable when we’re staying in an impressive hotel. Fortunately, Turkey has its fair share of impressive hotels to choose from! In this blog, we’re going to run through fifteen of the best luxury hotels in Turkey. Stay at one of these, and you’ll be sure to have a trip that’s memorable for all the right reasons!

GLK PREMIER Sea Mansion Suites & Spa

Nothing says luxury like having a hot tub in your hotel room. At GLK PREMIER Sea Mansion Suites & Spa, there’s a hot tub in every room. And while you’re there, you’ll have a view of the sea of the city. Not bad! Guests usually comment on the cleanliness of the rooms and the many amenities that the hotel offers. You won’t lack for anything, let’s just say that.

GLK PREMIER The home suites

Another offering from GLK Premier, The Home Suites is located within a 19th century Ottoman mansion. And that means you’ll get to enjoy a slice of history and all the modern amenities and facilities at the same time. Wooden flooring, luxury furnishings, and a staff that cares deeply about the happiness of the guests all adds up to a truly great place to stay.

GLK PREMIER Regency Suites & Spa

Some hotels have luxury on their side. Some hotels have location on their side. The GLK Premier Regency Suites & Spa has both. The Blue Mosque is just 200 metres from the hotel! Inside the hotel, you’ll find plenty of elegance and luxury. Comfortable bedding, beautiful bathrooms, and a lovely terrace with views of Istanbul. A great place.

Elexus Hotel Resort & SPA

If you’re looking to enjoy all the pleasures of the Turkish coast (even if this one isn't technically IN Turkey itself...) while also staying at a fantastic hotel, then the Elexus Hotel Resort & SPA might be the place for you. You’ll have easy access to the beautiful beach, while onsite, you’ll find a restaurant, outdoor pool, and water park. 


Some hotels offer a range of amenities to their guests. At the ROSALIE PALACE, guests get to enjoy traditional Turkish hospitality. The owner is always around, ready to help with whatever you need. If you’re looking for luxury and the true Turkey experience, then book yourself into this hotel.

Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

There are some hotels that just take your breath away when you first step foot on the grounds. In that camp, we can put Caresse. It offers everything you’d need to feel at your comfortable best, including a private beach, a spa, outdoor pool, and hotel rooms where every feature has been designed with luxury in mind. 

Caresse, luxury hotel in Turkey

Kaya Belek

Guests love the Kaya Belek for three reasons. First, there’s the 300 metre private beach. Second, all the rooms are well put together, and full of modern amenities. And finally, there’s the hospitality. When you stay here, you’re made to feel extremely welcome. It’s hard not to feel luxurious when you’re treated like a king or queen!

Kaya Belek, luxury hotel in Turkey

Ela Quality Resort Belek

The Ela Quality Resort Belek excels at offering outstanding service. If you’re looking for a hotel that mixes touches of luxury with a welcoming and hospitable staff, then it’s the hotel to go for. This is a family hotel that allows kids and adults alike the chance to feel like superstars.

Ela Quality Resort Belek, luxury hotel in Turkey

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Is there a Mandarin Oriental hotel that isn’t spectacular in virtually every way? If there is, we don’t know where it is! This one is located in Bodrum, and has everything that we’ve come to expect from a world-class name. Private beaches, plush bedrooms, indoor and outdoor pools. You won’t want to leave. 

Mandarin Oriental, luxury hotel in Turkey

IC Hotels Residence

The IC Hotels Residence is a hotel that you can imagine celebrities would stay at. It’s small, it’s intimate, it’s luxurious, it’s extremely well decorated. At every turn, you’ll find something to fall in love with. You can even get a Thai massage or have a mud bath onsite.

IC Hotels Residence, luxury hotel in Turkey

The Bodrum EDITION

This is a spa hotel from Marriott that makes it impossible to feel anything other than well and truly relaxed. There’s a plunge pool, salt treatment facility, sauna, steam room, and much more. In the rooms, you’ll find modern, comfortable furnishings, while there’s also a top-class restaurant onsite, too. 

The Bodrum Edition, luxury hotel in Turkey

Gloria Serenity Resort

Looking for a place that allows you to escape it all? Then book yourself into the Gloria Serenity Resort. There’s a private beach, spa area, and a whole host of other luxury touches. For the best experience, book a superior room, which comes with a private hot tub. 

Gloria Serenity Resort, luxury hotel in Turkey

Club Mega Saray

This seafront hotel offers a perfect mix of fun and luxury. With a private beach, plenty of pools, a waterpark, and a spa, it’s a place to have a holiday that’ll live long in the memory. There are also six restaurants onsite. You won’t need - or want - to leave, basically.

Club Mega Saray, luxury hotel in Turkey

Calista Luxury Resort

You’re guaranteed to have a good time at the Calista Luxury Resort, an all inclusive 5-star hotel that has a well-earned reputation for delivering the goods. Outstanding accommodation, delicious foods, and plenty of fun and relaxing activities ensure that this is a standout hotel by anyone’s standards. 

Calista Luxury Resort, luxury hotel in Turkey

Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa

Spas, tennis courts, swimming pools, rooms with a private balcony and all the modern features of a great hotel. Nobody stays at the Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa and leaves disappointed. The reviews say it all: “Everything is Exceptional.”

Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa, luxury hotel in Turkey

And there we have it! This is far from an exhaustive list of all the best hotels in Turkey, but all of these hotels would most definitely feature in a list of the recommended places to stay. So the next time you’re planning a trip to Turkey, be sure to book yourself into one of the above, and make your trip truly special. Do you love to wallow in luxury on holiday, or go a bit more basic to spend on other things? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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