The Hoo Pick Of The Best London Vegan Hotels

Team Hoo
20th August 2020

For many of us, consuming and not-using animal products is something we take very seriously, which makes staying away from home difficult, especially in a world which isn’t vegan. To make an accommodation vegan, the place needs to be as cruelty-free as possible.

Because of that, It isn’t just hard to find a restaurant (especially when in a group of friends) that provides a vegan menu, but looking for a location or room to stay in that also lines up with your views can be frustratingly difficult. Making a hotel or suite vegan is the renunciation of animal products from top to bottom, but with the launch of several vegan-friendly hotels up and down the UK, life has become a little bit easier. 

Even better, now, when visiting London, there are a handful of excellent places you can stay, but the city also has the largest numbers of vegan restaurants available. So, it seems fitting that London is host to some gorgeous and friendly vegan suites and rooms (and, hopefully, even more, to come).

Staying in one of these hotels or B&Bs means that it’s as vegan friendly as possible, some even opting for all plant-based products or furniture. This ensures that your entire visit is as relaxing and as comfortable as possible, knowing everything from the decor, and even the cleaning products, is vegan-friendly with no animal products being used. 

Worldwide, vegan-hotels are stepping it up, spreading out with some hotels even using natural materials such as hemp on the outside of the building. 

While the UK is moving forward to accepting a vegan-lifestyle, it has been increasingly more positive over the last few years. For a country who loves Sunday roasts, full-English breakfasts, and fish and chips, it’s also becoming a country who is accepting and accommodating to those living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. 

Here are several vegan-friendly hotel rooms and B&Bs that don’t skimp on gorgeous food or comfort for your stay in London: 

The Hilton London Bankside Vegan Suite

With Hilton London Bankside being London’s first luxury vegan hotel suite, it seemed appropriate to kick this list off with this one.  The hotel is just south of the River Thames, with the location close to several public transport links.

With everything in the suite having been created from natural materials, including the headboard, you can tell a lot of care has gone into even the finer details. The suite, which has been completely refurbished, has an authentic vegan experience in its mind; everything from the carpets, pillows and mini-bar items are all taken care of. 

With this suite, you don’t have to relinquish style at all, with glamour combining with consciousness. There are vegan in-room and restaurant menus also, including vegan toiletries, providing the luxury experience you deserve.

La Suite West

La Suite West is right next to Hyde Park, offering easy access to London’s sights. The bonus to is that it is home to the luxurious Café Forty One, which offers London’s first vegan French patisserie. Café Forty One provides a wonderfully creative afternoon tea, and full-vegan English breakfast. 

With its sleek and dark design, effortless cool decor, it’s a must stay for vegans and more so for the delicious plant-based meals offered. It has recently been refurbished, refreshing the decor to wow you during your stay.

Temple Lodge Club

Tucked closeby to Broadway, and the River Thames close by, this place (the former home of Sir Frank Brangwyn) offers quietness in this busy city. With a vegetarian restaurant, on its previous mezzanine floor, offering vegan options. With televisions removed from rooms and a secluded garden at the rear, you’ll find peace and tranquillity hidden away from the busy day to day of the city.

The great thing about Temple Lodge Club is they support Eco-friendly ethos with them using natural fibres, organic and natural skincare products which are available for purchase from the reception desk. They also offer allergy-free rooms, gluten-free and lactose-free meal options, and Wi-Fi. 

Kew Gardens B&B

This vegetarian hotel in London is another option if you don’t mind being in the city centre. While it is primarily a vegetarian hotel, vegan options are available for the food offered at Kew Gardens B&B. 

One thing Kew Gardens B&B offers others can’t is their hands-on, one-on-one expertise. They’ve even gone to the effort of crafting useful itineraries, and their knowledge of the hidden gems of London. It also helps that they love cooking, and more than happy to provide many vegan options for your stay. That means you're guaranteed something especially catered to you, allowing you to focus only on enjoying the sights of London.

Clink78 Hostel

Slightly on the cheaper side, and perfect for large groups for a weekend away, this option can be perfect for backpackers or just those wanting more relaxed accommodation. Clink78 has its own kitchen for you to prepare your own food as well as various vegan restaurants around if you fancy being wined and dined. There are options for shared or even female-only dormitories ,or a private room, and shared or ensuite bathrooms. 

It’s also worth mentioning it’s a close walk to a vegan Japanese restaurant, Itadaki Zen, which is an experience all in itself!

Special Mention Outside London: BayTree House 

While not specifically in London, we wanted to include this south of London place as it has close beach access and is a full vegan hotel. With light and airy decor, and partial views of the sea, this place is a beautiful stay if you’re wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of London, but remain within an hour and a half drive or train ride from the city centre. 

This B&B is especially perfect for those wanting to spend time away with loved ones and travel into the city centre, rather than staying in it indefinitely. It offers tranquillity and peace, long walks and with the beach a stone throw away, it has much to offer. This hotel is also pet friendly, with prior notice, and offers an excellent vegan continental style breakfast included in the price. 

What's your favourite vegan accommodation pick in London and the surrounding counties? Drop us a note with your top tips!

Team hoo.

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