London’s Top Christmas Trees To See (Even In 2020!)

Team Hoo
8th December 2020

Christmas is a time for being with loved ones, and the twinkling Christmas tree in the corner of the room. There is nothing quite like seeing the twinkle of fairy lights, snowflakes falling and a star at the peak of a green, bushy tree. All of this screams the festive season, and that’s before we even hear ’All I Want For Christmas’ or see the first snowflake. 

Being away from home, or out shopping, there’s nothing quite like the spirit and twinkles of a Christmas tree. It can bring warmth and spirit to an otherwise chilly time of year—especially if you’re away from home. While many put on mouth-dropping displays, not many can beat the English capital for their show-stopping holiday spirit. While most expect fantastical trees from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty, people forget about the parks, hotels and stations. 

Because of this, we wanted to cover London’s top Christmas trees, both in hotels and outside in public, so you can make sure you see all of the jaw-dropping trees London has to offer. 

London’s Top Five Hotels With Amazing Christmas Trees

The Dorchester, Mayfair

Standing in the foyer of the hotel you will find the famous Dorchester Christmas tree staring back at you. From floor to ceiling, this gorgeous tree will have a twinkle in your eye with their ribbons, baubles and twinkling lights. If you look past, you might clasp sight at the writing nook, specially created for anyone who wishes to send letters to Father Christmas. 

Look for the Dorchester doorman decorations on the Christmas tree; they are not to be missed!

Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

While The Shard is a must-go place for a festive treat, the Shangri-La Hotel isn’t somewhere you should miss staying either. If only for their eye-opening Christmas tree you’ll need to see which stands floor to ceiling at their tall windows. Their theme usually runs through the foyer and maintains a touch of glamour and glitz you’d otherwise expect.

In 2019, their Christmas tree was designed by students of the MA Interior and Spatial Design course. 

The Lanesborough, Knightsbridge

Just a short walk from Harrods, this dreamy hotel boasts a home-away-from-home feel with sparkling decorations and a lavish tree to go with it. Once a year, The Lanesborough transforms into an enchanted stay which will have you wishing to hang ruby red, and raspberry silk petal flowers from your ceiling, like the famous Ralph and Russo, created for The Lanesborough back in 2019. 

The Lanesborough continuously mix festivity with couture, making eyes go wide with their transformation and one not to miss. 

Claridge’s, Mayfair

One of Mayfair’s most festive landmarks is the marvellous Claridge’s Christmas tree. Each year not only does the tree change but the lobby in which it sits—perfectly matching the decor and designer who takes on the famous floor to ceiling tree (or trees). Whoever takes on the challenge, the Claridge’s never loses its notable impeccable style, combining instead with a designer touch. 

Notable designers who have decorated their foyer and tree are Christian Louboutin, Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld. 

The Ned, City

With an 18-foot tree and over 4,000 fairy lights, The Ned doesn’t do Christmas trees by half. Previously it’s been decorated from head to toe in gold and burgundy baubles—over 1000s of them, in fact—that isn’t all you’ll spot. With festive wreaths and carols being sung, you’ll be hard-pressed not to get into the spirit of the season here. 

The Ritz, Piccadilly 

Not only will you find Christmas trees down the long gallery, but The Ritz will add a splash of glamour and glitz to their hotel lobby. In recent years, this is a 25-feet tall tree grown in the Scottish Highlands and decorated head to toe in rich reds and glamourous golds. 

London’s Six Best Public Christmas Trees

Covent Garden

Every year Covent Garden puts on a show-stopping tree which always screams Christmas. British brands usually dress it, and this year it is no different. Standing as tall as 17-metres and covered in glistening lights, and festive delight, this is a tree you need to see in person. 

Trafalgar Square

An eye-catching Christmas tree shines over this square annually as the tree is a gift from Norway, and has been since 1947. Often decorated in a Nordic style, with vertical strings of light, it is usually up from December 1st to 5th January.

St. Pancras Station

This year, St Pancras International Station has decided to opt to decorate with over 1,000 metres of pink ribbon which has messages from NHS staff. This beacon of pink glows brightly and will remain up until the 3rd of January. 


Outside this exclusive club, is a tree you’ll most definitely want to see in person. In past years, it has covered the entire front of the store, and each year out-does the previous. Back in 2019 was an enormous 42-feet, and decorated entirely in white with gold accents. 

Somerset House

The famous Somerset House not only turns their outdoor courtyard into a 900-square-metre ice rink from mid-November to January. Not only that but in the centre is a gorgeous 12-metre tree decorated to the max. Due to the current pandemic, they have unfortunately announced the ice rink will not be built, but fingers crossed for the delightful tree. 

The Royal Exchange 

Outside The Royal Exchange stands a 25-foot-tall tree which is decorated by Fortnum & Mason, as it has done in 2018 and 2019. You’ll find miniature hampers as decorations, and bright lights which light up the colder nights. 

While there, maybe take a chance to have a look at the advent calendar where it surrounds the main entrance at the top of their grand western steps.

As we all know, 2020 hasn’t been what many of us have thought. However, with Christmas around the corner, there’s still a chance at making this year as unique as it should be. While it may be different, that doesn’t mean we have to surrender our glitz and glamour or out baubles and tinsel. 

In London, you can be assured the places above are putting their all into making this year as festive as they can. Here’s to hoping for more baubles, more fairy lights and Christmas carols than ever before as London attempts to out-do itself, more now than ever before. 

Team hoo.

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