Top Hotels In Istanbul Near The Blue Mosque

Team Hoo
8th December 2021

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is historic. Built in 1616 by Sultan Ahmed I, it’s the most important mosque in Turkey and it’s why people go to visit every single year. With its blue ceramic tiles that have been hand painted in history throughout the interior walls, the mosque is noted for being inspirational in the communities. Each of the tiles has over 50 different Iznik-style tulip designs, and they’re something else to see! The Blue Mosque is a known UNESCO Heritage site, and you can visit free of charge. It’s not something to miss if you’re heading to Istanbul and while you’re there, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Below, we’ve got a list of the best hotels in Istanbul near the Blue Mosque for you to visit. 

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

The Four Seasons Hotel is known to be the best luxury hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque. It’s located just 200 metres from the Blue Mosque in a neoclassical prison building. It’s also 350 metres from Topkapi Palace so you can visit more than one place while you visit. The rooms all have hand woven Turkish rugs and minibars, air conditioning and marble bathrooms with perfectly deep soaking tubs. Small dogs are also allowed in the hotel!

Four Seasons - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel

Located right on Divanyolu Caddesi, the Sura Hagia Sophia is one of the best 5* hotels in Istanbul. It’s actually won some awards for being the best, and one of those awards was for the Leading Lifestyle Hotel in 2015. It’s set in the Old Town neighbourhood and it’s got the traditional style architecture with its own on-site botanic garden. There’s even a pool for guests to enjoy and cafes for the local meats and veggies to be enjoyed.

Sura Hagia Sophia - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Vogue Hotel Supreme Istanbul

One of the hotels in Istanbul near Blue Mosque is the Vogue Hotel. This is a place to stay that is set just 40 minutes from the Basilica Cistern, and it’s based in the Faith District. It’s within walking distance of many different sites to be seen in Istanbul, and the onsite restaurant serves some of the most delicious Turkish cuisine you could ever find. There are spacious rooms with the right technology, minbars, soundproofing and more!

Vogue Hotel Supreme - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

It’s a relatively new hotel, built in 2017, but the Ajwa Hotel is superior in Istanbul! Luxuriously decorated and comfortable for guests of all group sizes. There are inclusive options like TVs, air conditioning, underfloor heating systems and more. There are even M Line Slow Motion Beds - the best of the best. You can find rooms with coffee machines and minibars, too. There’s a private spa bath, sauna and steam room in the suites, too!

Ajwa Hotel Sulanahmet - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Kalyon Hotel Istanbul

One of the nicest hotels in Istanbul, Kalyon Hotel is located on the seafront. The Topkapi Palace is nearby, as is the Blue Mosque, and you’ll get a ton of features in each room along with views of the Marmara promenade of the Old City. There is an open-air terrace out there for guests set along with the allowance of pets for guests. It’s one of the best to stay in if you’re looking after pets while you travel.

Kalyon Hotel - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Best Western Empire Hotel & Spa

This is the Empire Hotel, one of the boutique hotels close to the Blue Mosque. The rooms are carpeted and decorated with Turkish furnishings. The family rooms can accommodate up to four guests, and there are all of the modern conveniences one would expect here. Guests can also enjoy a traditional hammam as well as massages at a charge - well worth it as part of your stay!

Best Western Empire - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Great Fortune Hotel & Spa

There are many of the best hotels in Istanbul near Blue Mosque and the Great Fortune is definitely one of them. The parking is cheap, the hotel extras are lovely and the suites are huge. You can find all of the major attractions within walking distance, and there is even free access to the onsite spa and pool indoors. If you bring children they’ll even include baby safety gates to keep your little ones safe!

Great Fortune - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Armada Istanbul Old City Hotel

One of the brightest hotels near to the Blue Mosque is the Armada Istanbul. It’s got beautiful rooftop views and there is a daily buffet breakfast that includes organic fresh fruits, homemade breads and jams and some of the tastiest drinks. You can even find the Armada Terrace Restaurant and Bar with stunning views and there’s even a permanent display case that has some of vintage radios from the 50s and 60s. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay here!

Armada Istanbul Old City - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Obelisk Hotel Suites Istanbul

The Obelisk Hotel Suites are less than 100 metres from the Blue Mosque and it’s within walking distance of other attractions, too. If you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Istanbul, this is it! The rooms are stunning, comfortable and sumptuously decorated, and the suites have balconies, too, that offer some of the best views of the landmarks out there.

Obelisk Hotel & Suites - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Meserret Palace Hotel

One of the hotels in Istanbul that is affordable and elegant is the Meserret Palace Hotel. It’s an elegant hotel, decorated to a high standard and offers options in amenities and the menu that far surpass other hotels in the area. Halal breakfast options are available, as are chandeliers and painted ceilings. Suites are equipped with balcony views and offer you the chance to see the city.

Meserret Palace - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

The President Hotel

Offering wide and panoramic views across the Marmara Sea, the President Hotel in Istanbul is equipped with a gym, wellness centre, a sauna, a steam room and a hot tub. There’s even the option of massages at an extra charge, and all of the rooms are spacious and ready to be enjoyed. There is free parking available on site and there’s something for everyone at this hotel.

The President - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul

Right in the heart of the Old City is the Doubletree Old Town. It’s within walking distance of famous attractions and landmarks, and the rooms themselves feature minibars, WiFi, safes and radios. Some of the rooms include balconies and these can be asked for upon booking. The Bosphorus Terrace is the perfect place for dinner for the whole family. The city skyline is right in front of you while you enjoy your meal, too. There is modern elegance in an Old City here and it’s worth every single penny of your booking.

Doubletree Old Town - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Saba Sultan Hotel

Just 20 minutes away from the airport, the Saba Sultan has 17 luxury rooms and these have all been designed and decorated in a way that is completely unique to the rest of the hotels in Istanbul. The rooms are beautifully designed and they all come with the amenities that you need for a safe break away.

Saba Sultan - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Sokullu Pasa Hotel

The Sokullu Pasa is right in the heart of Istanbul and is only a walk away from the Blue Mosque. The feel of the hotel is one of luxury and antiquity, and guests here are in for a treat when they choose the Sokullu Pasa to stay in. Some of the rooms offer spa baths, and the buffet breakfast is inclusive in the price.

Sokullu Pasa - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

Nomade Hotel Exclusive

The Nomade is a famed hotel for couples and is located close to all of the tourist attractions. The view makes it the right spot for all meals and drinks, and the restaurant has food to die for!

Nomade - hotel in Istanbul near Blue Mosque

You’re now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking Istanbul hotels nearby to the Blue Mosque - which will you pick for a stay on your next trip? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit, and don’t forget to check out how to make an offer on a hotel room with hoo.

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