The Best Hotels In Hoo (We Had To Do It...!)

Christine Peasnell
30th August 2022

There’s a little village in Suffolk also called Hoo, and of course our own lovely selves (our version of hoo stands for hotel offers online, in case you were wondering…) but today we’re talking about the best hotels in Hoo down in Kent; this peninsula is surrounded by marshes and separates the estuaries of the Thames and the Medway rivers. There are a lot of industrial sites in Hoo but also plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and green spaces, along with the Thames & Medway Canal and the famous Hundred of Hoo railway, so don’t overlook the smattering of cute little villages as a potential spot for a short stay or weekend getaway down in the Garden of England. With that in mind, we've put together our pick of the best hotels in and nearby Hoo... think of it by hoo, for Hoo...!

15 Great Places To Stay In & Near Hoo

Orchard Cottage B&B Kent

Hoo in general is a great place, and name - but the Orchard B&B in Kent is small but sweet and homely. Run by a small family, the Orchard B&B rooms feature flat-screen TVs, extremely comfy Harrison beds and off-road parking. Not to mention the amazing breakfasts available, we’re sure you’ll love this lovely B&B. 

Orchard Cottage B&B hotel in Hoo

Horseshoe & Castle

This bed and breakfast, combined with a beautiful restaurant, Horseshoe & Castle is a local premium when we look at hotels. With their home-like hotel rooms with double and king suite beds, not to mention the stunning inclusive breakfasts - the Horseshoe & Castle makes for a perfect place to stay. Not to mention their amazing pub-like food menu which is unbelievably attractive.

Horseshoe & Castle hotel in Hoo

The Six Bells (Cliffe)

The Six Bells is a small but authentic Kent B&B right in the heart of Hoo. The Six Bells features several beautiful rooms in a range of themes, most commonly the newly refurbished white rooms. Feeling the need for a drink? Just pop on downstairs and grab yourself one of the many bar items including food, and enjoy your stay even more. If you’re wanting to stay in the area, The Six Bells is definitely a place to consider.

The Six Bells (Cliffe) hotel in Hoo

Field View Bed and Breakfast

Field View B&B is another Kent-based bed-and-breakfast that you should consider if you’re staying in the area. This family-run bed and breakfast based in Higham has been around since 2007 and has several stunning rooms at really affordable prices. Surrounded by several local attractions, the Field View bed and breakfast is just one more place to consider when in the area.

Field View B&B hotel in Hoo

The Lodge Guest House

As the name suggests, the Lodge Guest House can host new and previous customers for any period of time. Their several rooms are spacious, and affordable and have several facilities such as TVs, fridges, and even full en-suite rooms. If you need somewhere to stay where you’ll feel welcomed and have a great night's sleep, then the Lodge Guest House is one for you.

The Lodge Guest House hotel in Hoo

Ship & Trades (Chatham Maritime)

If you love the sea, or want to be literally on the water for your B&B, then Ship & Trades (as the name might suggest) is pretty much the place for you. With the exquisite rooms and restaurants overlooking the waterfront, the Ship & Trades hotel and restaurant should be on your consideration list. Plus, their superior rooms are both affordable and all kitted out so you can enjoy your stay even more.

Ship & Trades hotel in Hoo

RBS Hotel

The RBS Hotel in Rochester, Kent is another amazing hotel that boasts affordable luxury with amazing rooms and essential facilities. RBS rooms are both affordable and full of modern technology as well as social areas for their filling breakfasts. RBS being in the heart of Rochester also means it's surrounded by other activities and shops that we’re sure you’ll love. 

RBS Hotel in Hoo

Trivelles Hotels (Rochester)

Luxury in Kent is not hard to come across, but at hotels that are both lush and affordable can be - but Trivelles Hotel in Rochester features both of these. With premium rooms featuring self-catering supplies, modern TVs and private bathrooms - the Trivelle’s Hotel in Rochester is perfect for you if you’re staying in the area. Not to mention that the hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the city centre.

Trivelles Hotel (Rochester) in Hoo

Inn on the Lake

Kent is known for being peaceful and relaxing when in the countryside of the area, and Inn on the Lake can offer that in the form of a hotel. This premium and modern hotel is not only affordable and perfect for short stays, but is right next to a lake. Inn on the Lake is the perfect place to relax, and their food is out of this world! We strongly suggest you head on down here even just for one night, and try out the lakeside bar.

Inn on the Lake hotel in Hoo

Jolly Drayman

The Jolly Drayman is another hotel on this list that 100% deserves to be. Not only is this place indeed jolly (and authentic), but you can eat, sleep, relax and unwind all at this one location. The hotel aspect of the Jolly Drayman might not be considered modern, but more modern and is a stunning place to stay. If you do get a chance to stay here, be sure to try their food and drinks too, as these make the experience so much better.

Jolly Drayman hotel in Hoo

Overcliffe Hotel (and Bloomers Restaurant) 

Overcliffe Hotel is another hotel on our list that we strongly suggest you visit. This high-street hotel is not only beautiful inside and out, but boasts an award-winning restaurant which is all yours to enjoy. At Overcliffe, the single, double, and king rooms are affordable but luxurious in every aspect and we’re sure they won’t let you down. Plus - if you stay with them you can get your hands on an immense full-English for just £10. Do not pass this opportunity up! 

Overcliffe Hotel in Hoo

Thames View Camping

Hotels aren’t for everyone (gasp), and just like the capsule hotels in Japan, Kent is well-known for its vast array of camping sites. Thames View Camping is a camping site (both hire and bring your own) that you can book to enjoy the experience, and nature around Kent. Thames View’s stunning grounds also make this a wonderful camping experience. If you’ve not camped before, we strongly suggest you explore it with Thames View Camping. 

Thames View Camping hotel alternative in Hoo

North Downs Barn

Kent is known for being the garden of England, and the North Downs Barn in Kent is literally in the middle of nowhere. This barn conversion unit boasts a stunning set to sleep, and relax in. Only a 5-minute journey from the M25/M2, the North Downs Barn is one of the best places to stay near Hoo. Although it’s a little away from civilization, there is still plenty you can do in the area, should you ever want to leave this masterpiece of a b&b.

North Downs Barn hotel in Hoo

St. George Hotel

The St. George Hotel is in the heart of Medway, close to Hoo and surrounded by amazing shops, bars, and city life. This small family-run hotel is not only modernised and supportive of several amazing rooms but has some of the nicest breakfasts and dining experiences for you. If you’re staying in the area of Medway (and/or Hoo) - then we suggest you give the St. George Hotel a go because you won’t regret it.

St George Hotel in Hoo

Chatham Waters

Chatham Waters is more of an apartment complex than it is a hotel, but still has all the bed and breakfast vibes you can imagine. This incredibly modern self-service apartment is not only one of the best places to stay near Hoo on our list, but also features everything you need to stay the night, week, or even the month. If you want a private home-like room, then we strongly suggest you visit Chatham Waters and stay.

Chatham Waters aparthotel in Hoo

Whether you’re looking for a scenic base to explore Kent and London or just fancy a getaway to somewhere quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the southeast, these hotels in Hoo and nearby offer plenty of options. Looking for a countryside getaway that’s a bit more visually spectacular? Take a look at our guide to the waterfalls in the Peak District for some scenic inspiration instead, and once you know where you want to go... just hoo it!

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