Hoo's Ultimate Comparison Guide To Disney Resort Hotels

Team Hoo
17th November 2020

Located in Orlando, Florida, Disney World Resort is a beauty to behold being dubbed The Most Magical Place On Earth. Founded initially nearly 50-years-ago, Walt Disney World Resorts has only grown larger with each passing year. 

Most recently, it became the host of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, proving Disney has something for all of the family, characters we love, and the films we grew up watching, it would be a lie if anyone said they didn’t want to experience the mouse magic for themselves. 

But while choosing a visit to Disney may have been easy, the rest is no walk in the park. Hopefully, with our helpful guide, by the end, you’ll have a full rundown of the Disney Resort Hotels, which will hopefully help make your choices that bit easier. 

What Are Disney Resort Hotels

Disney Resort Hotels are places to stay around the Disney Resort which will make getting to, and around, the 43-mile park easier than staying at a hotel in Orlando. They range from Value Resort Hotels, Moderate Resort Hotels, and Deluxe Resorts Hotels. The resorts in each category come with their own amenities, and price ranges and careful consideration should be taken when booking to assess what matters most to you. 

As standard, all the hotels have access to a pool. They are also located in a different part of the Disney Resort, which is something to consider when choosing your hotel.  These areas are Magic Kingdom Resort Area, the Epcot Resort Area, the Animal Kingdom Resort Area, the Wide World of Sports Resort Area, or the Disney Springs Resort area.

Price Ranges, Amenities And Park Accesses

With any of the three types of resorts below, booking with a Disney Resort Hotel gives you access to Extra Magic Hours!, FastPass+ Planning Service and complimentary transportation from the resort hotel to the resort. 

* Please be aware during COVID-19 that some of these benefits are restricted. Speak to your holiday provider or the hotel to enquire about the details of your stay. 

Value Resort Hotels

These resorts are perfect for those on a budget, with rooms starting from $120 per night. They all come with access to two pools and range from an occupancy of 4 to 6. You can opt to stay in Art of Animation and All-Star Music Resort which do have family suites and are larger than the standard value resort room. The decor of these hotels are wild, colourful and charismatic, and is aimed primarily at Disney’s younger audience. 

Some of these hotels also come with an outside playground, just in case the little ones in your party aren’t tired from exploring the park. 

They have access to a food court and offer no table-service restaurants. They have a bus operating to get you to the park, and you can get a map and timetable from your hotel reception. 

Moderate Resort Hotels

These are mid-level hotels which come with larger rooms than value and are also a step up when it comes to amenities. Their starting price is from $249 per night. 

The Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans-Riverside Resorts also have themed rooms which are perfect for any children in your party, and the resorts in this price range can occupy up to six. 

Likewise, to value, they have access to two pools, including a quieter one with them even having children’s slides and other fun pool amenities. These hotels also have access to a food court but do also have one table-service restaurant, except the Port Orleans-French Quarter, which doesn’t.

The magic, however, doesn’t stop there. These hotels boast magical movie evenings and waterslides, and a toned back royal decor. 

Deluxe Resort Hotels

It’s important to note there is quite a degree of variety from deluxe resort to the next, so keep that in mind when choosing one of these. 

The decor of each deluxe hotel is tailored to older children and grown-ups. This is different from the value hotels which opt to cater to smaller children. They also have much larger rooms than moderate and value, with deluxe resort hotels being the top line of resort hotels.

Their starting price per night is anything from $400, depending on the resort hotel you choose. For the younger fans, some of these hotels also offer character meals where you can eat breakfast and see Mickey before you’ve even reached the park. 

They all have at least one feature pool, with amenities for the children, and a quieter pool also. These also have access to a food court, a table-service restaurant, as well as a full-service lounge and a pool bar. 

Best Hotels By Age Group/Family Interests

Although magic never discriminates against age, this is just some of the hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort organised by targeted age based on the resort's amenities. 

Little Disney Fans

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

This value hotel has all of the benefits listed above under the value resort hotel, but this hotel specialises in adding a magical touch to your stay. With various themed rooms for little fans or big fans of Disney, which sleep up to six people, your most challenging choice is which room to choose from. There’s a Cars, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo themed room. There is also The Little Mermaid themed room, but be aware that this room only sleeps up to four. 

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

A moderate resort hotel with all the amenities listed above, this hotel doesn’t stop there. You are provided with the chance for an adventure, from the young to the old, back in your room. With pirate-themed rooms, a pirate-adventure cruise for the children and campfire activities for the entire family, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a Caribbean getaway straight after your day in the park. 

You can make this stay special, choosing a water or standard view and a chance to make a special one stay even better by getting the staff to decorate the room for a special occasion. 

Younger Disney Fans & Older Disney Fans

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

This hotel is the perfect balance of value, with style. Recently redecorated, with prints and splashes of brighter colours, this hotel is ideal for children, families and adults alike. With a Fantasia-inspired pool, playground, arcade and movies under the stars, you’ll find yourself wanting to make memories at every turn. Outside the hotel, however, you’ll find yourself surrounded by larger-than-life Dalmations and other Disney characters, making it the perfect blend for children who aren’t ready to grow up. 

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

This hotel is a moderate resort hotel.  It comes with the same fabulous amenities as above, as well as the option of having a room with a view.  If you have always wanted, or someone you love, to sleep in a room with regal touches, this hotel will ease your stress. With the option of catering your stay to the view you receive from the pool, to the river or the woods. You can also receive a regal, and princess, touch to each room. With golden handles, plush cushion and rich colours, you’ll only wonder when you’re going to be crowned when you choose this hotel. 

Disney's BoardWalk Inn

Located in the Epcot Resort Area, this deluxe hotel has fun things for all the family. It offers the amazing Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf adventure as well as a pool with fun themes and Disney characters. For the older fans, there is morning yoga for you to stretch and unwind before you begin your day, and for the younger Disney fans, there is an action-packed arcade as well as bike rentals and fishing.  

Older Disney Fans

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

One of Disney’s Deluxe hotels, and it doesn’t disappoint. With a Wanyama Safari, you are given a chance to see over 30 species of animals. You can even opt for a view of them at dinner where you can be up-close to the animals. This hotel is perfect for those wanting to combine rides with a safari. Boasting an 11,000 square foot pool, an award-winning restaurant, and the chance to create a masterpiece in a painting class, this hotel is perfect for those wanting to unwind after a busy day in the park. 

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Found at the Magic Kingdom Resort Area, a monorail ride straight to and from, this hotel is a deluxe stay with magic at every corner. It is also bursting with recreational activities, including yoga, basketball, and motorised boat rentals, there is something for everyone when you want a day from the parks. But it’s the views this hotel offers which are next to none, with choices of theme-park level views, lake and garden. Decorated with modern and laid-back decor, you’ll find yourself weighing up where best to begin the day, in your room, outside or on the monorail to Epcot. 

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Located in Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort Area this moderate hotel has so much for those who don’t want to grow up, but found they have. Hosting Spanish-inspired Toledo, a Tapas, Steak & Seafood restaurant as well as a top range Fitness centre to keep yourself in shape, unwinding at this hotel is just what you need after walking the park. With all the amenities listed in the moderate resort section, you also get a masterclass in painting during your stay at the Colors of Coronado Painting Experience. 

* Please keep in mind, due to the current COVID-19 situation, some of these hotels are reopening as this is written, and some have strict health and safety guidelines in place. 

Regardless of whatever hotel you stay at, whether it's a value or deluxe, you’ll find magic at every corner of it and warmth warming your heart from the moment you enter. Disney prides itself on making their hotels, parks and amenities in between something you’ll never forget. From this list, it’s easy to see they are still managing the magic alive in Orlando, Florida, nearly fifty years after it was founded. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Team hoo.

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