The Best Cities To Visit In Thailand, And Why

Team Hoo
19th January 2021

Thailand is a southeast Asian country best known for its beaches, ancient ruins, and memorable experiences. With it being a year-round holiday destination, it doesn't limit its tourism to one set period, making it a desirable area for a getaway. With famous floating markets and the many Thai temples which have diverse architecture, there is plenty to do when visiting. 

Thailand is unique, not just because of its enviable beaches and expansive forestry, but because many of the cities open themselves up to others closeby, allowing you to sample a taste of both. Each city has its own mixed history, jungles and natural sights to see and do. 

When you visit Thailand, there is always going to be much more than meets the eye. So read on, and let us know if you think we’ve missed any city off because, with Thailand, we are sure we have. 

Top Cities To Visit For Families With Kids


While a busy hub of a city, Bangkok also offers many things to see and do on your holiday. With theme parks for all ages, as well as indoor play areas for younger members of the family, there will always be something for everyone. There are also the famous Buddhist temples to explore, and beach resorts to stay in. 

That isn’t all, Bangkok also offers an intense and out-of-this-world food scene you will want to explore, allowing your tastebuds to make as many memories as the rest of your family. 


With luxurious high-end resorts, many suited for families, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re catered for. In the day, Phuket has much to offer, with a zoo and aquarium, and even the Tiger Kingdom animal sanctuary. You’ll also be able to find mini-golf and scuba diving around Phuket, giving you a chance for some friendly competition between you all. 

Phuket also has a wide range of eateries to choose from, as well as a relaxing, almost-paradise feel to it, having something for everyone. 

Chiang Mai

With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, many families choose to spend their vacation at Chiang Mai. Not only do they have museums and an excellent zoo for the family to explore. But they also have local markets to explore and entertain. 

With the vast countryside, there are treks and zip-lining, as well as an elephant sanctuary, allowing you to get up close and personal to these magnificent animals.  


With some of Thailand’s best beaches in Krabi, it is easy to see why many families opt to travel and stay here. This isn’t all when it comes to entertainment for the family, Krabi takes it a step above the rest with national parks, waterfalls, and elephant sanctuaries. For the thrill-seekers, there is even rock climbing in some of the world’s best spots. 

Nakhon Ratchasima

Famous for being home to the country’s first national park named Khao Yai National Park, this is perfect for the family to explore with trails suited for all. 

Top Cities To Visit For Solo Travellers / Couples

Koh Samui

This tropical island is perfect for those wanting some time away from the world or a couple wishing to find some romance. With many water sports, including snorkelling, yachting, and even the chance to kayak or jeep tour in the deep jungle, Koh Samui has something for everyone.

With beautiful beaches, outstanding resorts, and even the chance to take a cooking class, whether you’re alone and wishing for culture, or away with your beloved, Koh Samui is perfect for unwinding and connecting. 


The only city to be mentioned on both lists, and that’s because Bangkok truly has something for everyone. Like any major city, it is busy and has a lot to offer for each holidayer. With vast shopping areas, with known designers and local favourites, as well as many eateries and delicacies to be sampled. 

Most importantly, Bangkok has some amazing nightlife with bars and clubs being an enormous selling point to those who are travelling on their own or as part of a couple. Head to Khao San Road, which is the centre of the tourist area for the best Bangkok experience. 

Koh Kut

This is a perfect place for seclusion and switching off. Free from the busy crowds of some of the other cities, Koh Kut promises tranquillity and disconnect with their coral-coloured beaches and clear waters. Some of the beaches are only accessible by boat, so planning is essential, but when you get there, you can be rest assured privacy and solitude can be found. 

Hua Hin

For a more laid-back trip, Hua Hin is the perfect destination. With its golf courses, waterparks and numerous day trips, it has also become a holiday destination for residents to come and unwind at.

If you’re hoping for things to do, there are wineries, historic homes and even forests perfect for exploring. Hua Hin is ideal for those who are wanting to unwind and switch off than some of the busier cities in Thailand. 


Being a famous destination for nature lovers, Chanthaburi has beautiful countrysides to discover and diverse landscapes awe-worthy for most travellers. From here, you can explore gorgeous waterfalls and treks deep into the woods, allowing you a moment to reconnect with nature, with many visiting Namtokphlio National Park. 


An honourable mention for travellers, as Sukhothai has much history needing to be explored. Although having impressive ruins and the Sukhothai Historical Park, the city itself is laid back and often only visited, rather than stayed in. It is one not to miss if you have the chance to travel across many parts of Thailand, as the rich history and archaeological sites are not to be ignored. 

Thailand has so much to offer compared to many places around the world. With each city offering something different, and the chance to explore and uncover local delicacies, history and local delights. It isn’t a place you’ll ever forget, and while we did our best to mention as much of Thailand as possible, there is so much more of this country to discover. The best thing about Thailand is that whatever holiday you’re after, there is something for everyone, from the young to the old. 

Team hoo.

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