The World's Best Hotels For Chocolate Lovers

Team Hoo
22nd October 2020

When you’re a sweet tooth, there can be nothing better than the idea of staying in a chocolate-centred hotel. Today, we are going to cover some of the world’s best hotels if you’re a chocolate lover. 

Firstly though, we need to look at what will make the hotel that bit more special for you. Are you wanting the full immersive experience or just wishing to stay somewhere with luxury chocolate? Those things will matter in choosing one of the hotels below because they range from the full experience, including treatments revolving around chocolate itself to some of the world’s best sous-chefs who mix culinary expertise with chocolate.

Here are just some of the most fantastic chocolate-themed hotels around the world, offering different experiences. 

The Top 10 Chocolate Themed Hotels In The World

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel, Merida, Mexico 

Kicking off our list today is this fuschia decorated boutique hotel and spa in Mexico. With chocolate-infused liqueurs at their bar and chocolate spa treatments, this is the perfect stay for a chocoholic. That isn’t all, the decor of this place is like waking in a chocolate-inspired dream with deep chocolate walls and bright splashes of fuschia and lighter woods. 

As a bonus, you enter the hotel through a chocolate shop, which is just a dream come true. 

Rabot Hotel: Hotel Chocolat, Soufriere, St. Lucia

If you’re someone who wishes to know the ins and outs of chocolate production and sourcing, as well as sampling some of your very own, this is the hotel for you. Owned and ran by Hotel Chocolat, this hotel offers you the chance to create your very own chocolate as you discover cacao like never before. If you want to grow and harvest cacao beans, this hotel offers you the chance to.

This isn’t all, the hotel offers many more experiences depending on how hands-on you wish to be, but if you’re after a relaxing time away, they offer that too, with a pool and nature right on your doorstep. 

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth, UK

Opened primarily to set up a chocolate-themed hotel in England, The Chocolate Boutique Grade-II listed hotel has chocolate at the centre of your stay. With chocolate workshops on offer, chocolate centred decor throughout your room and the rest of the hotel, as well as the chance to have a chocolate fountain delivered to your room, this is the perfect stay for couples wishing to escape. 

They even offer a chocolate wine, and chocolate shot glasses in an additional package, which screams the question...what are you waiting for? 

The Chocolate Box Hotel, Bournemouth, UK

Opened up after the success of The Chocolate Boutique, the owners decided to branch out and offer another chance to experience the deliciousness of chocolate. With it being closeby to the sea, meaning waking up to beautiful Bournemouth views, you still get the same chocolate luxury as you do at the boutique hotel. 

These include the Chocolate Box Hamper and a chance to be a part of The Chocolate Tasting Room evenings. 

The Fortress Resort & Spa, Galle, Sri Lanka

Right on the beach, with greenery and elegance surrounding you, The Fortress Resort is a place to behold. The Fortress Luxury room is decorated in dark wooden chocolate and with a spacious marble tiled shower and bathtub. The highlight of this hotel for chocolate lovers, however, is the unique ‘The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence’, one of the world’s most expensive chocolate desserts.

Which, for the biggest chocolate lover, is definitely something to tick off your bucket list. 

Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate, Minho, Portugal

With eighteen rooms, this hotel offers you an experience like no other. Each guest can sleep in a space dedicated to some of their favourite chocolate brands, or even stories such as Charlie & The Chocolate Factory or Hansel & Gretel. 

Not only that, they offer pampering Chocotherapy, a chocolate fountain and the chance to visit the Chocolate Museum. A stay at this hotel really is staying in all of your chocolate dreams. 

Three Ways Hotel, the Cotswolds, UK 

Made famous by the Pudding Club, this hotel is the perfect sweet-tooth hotel. This hotel, though, offers overnight chocolate breaks, with dessert-themed decor and demonstrations by their chefs. They usually run chocolate lunches, while also giving you the chance to sleep in a Chocolate room with a bed decorated like a chocolate box. 

The cushions at this hotel are also chocolate-inspired, making it appear as though they too have come from a plushy chocolate box. 

Etruscan Chocohotel, Perugia, Italy

Boasting a dedication to chocolate like no other, the Chocohotel has two floors dedicated to either milk gianduia and dark chocolate to kick things off. Not only that, but every inch of decoration is chosen for their love of chocolate; this ranges  from the photo frames to the headboards. 

But, that isn’t all, downstairs they have the Perugia Chocostore, providing you with the chance to taste some sweet chocolate-goodness, right from the hands of those who create it. It’s a holiday to remember, that’s for sure. 

Hotel Indigo York, York, UK 

This hotel puts on events named ‘The Chocolate Box’, and they don’t stop their appreciation there for the delicious cocoa treat. With York as the birthplace of some famous chocolate, such as Kit Kat, Smarties and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, it’s unsurprising to find a chocolate cafe in their midst with workshops. 

They are currently offering the Chocolate Package, for those who wish to explore York as well as surround themselves with the history of York’s famous chocolates. 

Nihi Sumba, Indonesia 

This remote resort has something for all of the family. With its very own chocolate factory, chocolate making classes, and a tour of the factory at select times of the day, you can soak up the sun, sea and sand while also trying their delectable chocolate. For the children, there are ‘Chocolate Wizards’ who bring an array of activities to keep them busy, while you sink off to the hotel’s Cocoa-themed spa treatments.

Regardless of your love for chocolate, you’ll walk away with an immense appreciation and taste for it after staying in this resort hotel. 

Regardless of the various things these hotels can offer, there is something they all agree on, which is that chocolate is both relaxing and needed. We all know when we’ve had a bad day, chocolate can be the very thing to solve our woes, it’s the very thing we turn to for heartbreak and for a treat when we’ve done well. 

With each hotel catering to a different brand of chocolate lover, you’ll be sure to find something which will suit you and those you are planning to share the experience with. Whether it be for a romantic getaway, for a celebration, or to kick back with your friends, these hotels have your stay in mind, as well as providing you with enough chocolate experiences to eat your heart out. 

In this current climate, check ahead before booking to find what experiences are on and their limited spacing to avoid disappointment!

Team hoo.

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