The Top Cheapest Hotels In Istanbul

Team Hoo
11th November 2021

If you are looking for a hotel in Istanbul, there are a lot of considerations that you might want to bear in mind. It can be hard to choose the right accommodation no matter where in the world you are travelling, but somewhere as exotic as Istanbul can be particularly tricky. That being said, there are some great and obvious choices when it comes to hotels in this beautiful city.

When you're particularly keen to save some money when you are booking an Istanbul hotel, you might want to take a look at the following options. These are 15 of the cheapest hotels in the city that you might want to take a look around. They could be the best option for you.

Ramada Plaza

Once you take a look around the city of Istanbul and its various hotels, you will soon come across a chain of hotels under the name Wyndham Istanbul, and these are well worth looking into as they offer a great deal. One of their cheaper options, and one of the city’s most affordable at £47 a night, is the Ramada Plaza.

Days Hotel

This is actually another hotel by the same brand, and you are probably starting to see just how much this chain likes to provide affordable accommodation for guests in Istanbul. The good news here is that the Days Hotel is a very straightforward and good hotel, and you can’t go far wrong with an average nightly price of £36.

Kunlun Hotel

You will find Kunlun Hotel being mentioned on many lists of Istanbul hotels, as it is a great little all-rounder. But it is also a very affordable option, with an average night price of only £22. Don’t be fooled by that, however - you are going to get a very comfortable night's sleep here, and in a fantastic central location.

The Istanbul Airport Hotel

You can of course also expect the airport hotel to always be an affordable option, as it is in most cities, and this is definitely true here. The Istanbul Airport Hotel is one of the city’s very cheapest at only £27 a night on average, and it is located in a perfect spot by the airport itself. It doesn’t have all the amenities in the world, but it’s great for a last-minute booking.

Yavuz Hotel

For a £22 a night hotel, the Yavuz offers up quite a lot to sink your teeth into - including one of the most preferred hotel bars in all of Istanbul. Once you have had a busy day of seeing the sights, you can retire to the Yavuz for a no-nonsense night, with a little added fun should that be your cup of tea.

Sidonya Hotel

The Sidonya only charges an average of £33 a night, and yet it has one great quality that brings people back to it time and time again: namely, its delicious food. If food is one of the most important things for you when you are staying somewhere, then you could do a lot worse than checking into the Sidonya - and eating at their restaurant before you check out.

Mardia Hotel

Located in the popular area of Fatih, this luxury boutique hotel gives you a sense of true luxury without charging you through the nose for it. You only need to pay an average of £35 for a night per person to be able to enjoy the splendour of one of the city’s best hotels and restaurants, so it really is worth checking out.

Star Hotel Taksim

The Star Hotel is known all over Istanbul and beyond for being a useful spot close to the entertainment venues, along with the shopping and health centres being really close by too. If you are keen to visit all of the historical and cultural spots this is likewise going to be the place to seek out. And for such a great location, the price is awesome: only £24 a night.

Alrazi Hotel

There is a certain amount of style in the Alrazi hotel that you are not going to find in many other spots - or at least not for this amount of money! For only £40 a night on average you will be able to experience one of the city’s best hotels with a beloved restaurant, wifi and an indoor pool - as well as a health club that is revered all over Turkey.

Grand Bazaar Hotel

Grand the name may be, and the experience is pretty good too, but this is not the kind of hotel you are going to have to pay through the nose for. It’s a little cheaper than some on this list at £47 a night per person, but you are getting a little more for it, so it’s well worth the extra pennies.

Hotel Yesilpark

One thing you have to know about Yesil Park is that they serve a fantastic breakfast - included, no less, in the £57 a night average price! Definitely take a look if breakfast is one of the more important aspects of accommodation for you.

Emirtimes Hotel

In nearby Tuzla you can find this little beauty of a hotel with plenty of old-world charm. It is in a perfect spot if you want to go to the famous F1 race track, and it also happens to be highly affordable at a very low £23 for an average night!

Perili Kosk Concept Hotel

Normally, for the more interesting concept-style hotels, you have to pay more for the privilege - but not here. For only £56 a night you will have a room in one of the city’s finest buildings, and the service is apparently amazing too.

Grand Mark Hotel

Another grand option for a very grand price - £22 a night - and you will be very happy with this choice indeed. It’s only a short walk to any of the major attractions you might want to see, too.

Dymar Hotel

The Dymar is a classic and a favourite, and yet it’s only going to put you back £26 a night. It’s well worth checking out if you want to be central for less money.

There you have it - any of these are worth looking into if you want to save some money on your trip to Istanbul while still experiencing the beauty and culture this city has to offer. What’s your pick for a budget stay in Turkey’s capital city? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit, and don’t forget to check out how to make an offer on a hotel room with hoo.

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