Britain’s Benidorm, Monte Carlo and Amalfi offering a far more affordable summer of fun

Team Hoo
5th July 2021

Our latest research highlights which British seaside resorts can most accurately replace your European summer holiday location this year, and how much money can be saved in the process. 

By matching popular European beach holiday locations with their closest UK counterparts, hoo has revealed that British holiday-goers can save, on average, around 50% on their holiday costs by staying in the UK rather than travelling abroad. All while maintaining the vital ingredients they’re looking for in their preferred European holiday resort. 

While a European beach holiday costs an average of £397 per night, the average UK beach break costs just £206 per night, a saving of 48%.

The biggest savings are available to those who would normally choose an upmarket European holiday destination, a good example of which is Thira on the iconic and remarkably beautiful Greek island of Santorini. The average holiday here will cost you a whopping £590 per night.

The closest UK alternative is Salcombe, a stunning spot on the south coast of England, found in the protected South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A holiday here provides all the class and perks of Santorini, from world-class beaches to Michelin-starred restaurants, but costs a relatively affordable £191 per night, a saving of 68%. 

There are also great savings to be had for those who like to holiday in Positano on the Amalfi coast of Italy where the average break will cost £587 per night. The good news is that Portmeirion, in Wales, stage for the iconic 60s TV series, The Prisoner, offers a very similar kind of holiday for much less money. 

Sure, the sun might not be quite as hot in Wales, but the whole place was purpose-built to mirror the style of an Italian village and has a stunning beach to rival any European destination. A holiday in Portmeirion will cost £225 per night, offering a 62% saving compared to Positano

The rich and famous often choose to holiday in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and so lots of UK holidaymakers like to travel there, too, in order to share some of the star-studded sunshine. But a visit to Monte Carlo will cost you an average of £663 per night. 

The closest UK equivalent is Sandbanks, Poole, on England’s south coast, this time located in a spot informally known as Britain's Palm Beach which boasts some of the highest land value in the world.  A holiday here will cost an average of £320 per night - still pricey, but 52% less than Monte Carlo.

If your usual holiday destination is the hugely popular Benidorm, in Spain, you can save 50% by choosing instead to visit the closest UK equivalent. People tend to visit Benidorm in search of cheap and cheerful beach holidays with a keen focus on partying the night away. While the glorious Spanish sunshine is hard to replicate, Blackpool offers a great UK-based alternative to this affordable party vibe. 

And while the average Benidorm holiday will cost you £239 per night, a Blackpool equivalent costs just £120 per night.

For those who travel to Albufeira in Portugal for the famous long, sandy beaches, Great Yarmouth, on England’s east coast, is a good alternative thanks to its immense popularity and 15-miles of immaculate sandy beach. A holiday to Albufeira will cost an average of £341 per night, whereas Great Yarmouth will cost just £175 per night, a saving of 49%. 

Co-founder Adrian Murdock, commented:

“Britain’s beach resorts have been criminally overlooked for years now. The introduction of cheap flights and package holidays to Europe meant that those on a budget could still make their way to Spain or Portugal and so little notice has been given to our own remarkable destinations.

From Wales to Devon, and Norfolk all the way down to Brighton and Hastings, we have towns and resorts to rival anything you’ll find in Europe, and now that travel restrictions are stopping people from jumping on cheap flights, there is hope that our love for the British seaside will be reinvigorated, especially given how much more affordable it is to holiday at home rather than abroad. 

We’re already seeing a huge uptick in demand for holiday accommodation throughout the UK and vacancies are running out fast, but there are still plenty of opportunities to secure a great deal on a Great British holiday this summer. ”

Data sourced from Hoo, Booking.com and Expedia based on 2 adults and 2 children taking a seven-night holiday in August:

British staycation replacement destinations data

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