Fill Your Gub With These Spots For Breakfast In Belfast

Team Hoo
29th April 2022

Belfast is a vibrant city that’s definitely seeing a boom in tourism lately. There’s so much history through every street in this lovely place - and it’s starting to become a great city for foodies. 

If you’re someone that enjoys popping out for breakfast and enjoying some tasty grub, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got a list of the best spots for breakfast in Belfast, so grab your knife and fork.

The Lamppost Cafe

Probably one of the most unique places for a spot to eat in Belfast. The Lamppost Cafe is a delightful little tearoom that’s uniquely styled in the theme of The Chronicles of Narnia. Nobody really knows why, but the homemade breakfast scones are delicious, as are the cute little heart-shaped waffles. 

The Lamppost Cafe for breakfast in Belfast


If you want a homemade breakfast, Grapevine is the place to be. There’s freshly baked bread every morning, along with an array of homemade treats to stuff in your gob. We’re talking breakfast burritos, porridge, bagels - it’s a great place to get energised for the day. 

Grapevine for breakfast in Belfast

The Pocket

The Pocket is popular with the uni students in Belfast. Partly because it’s just across from the University and partly because it has a lot of creative items here. If you want a traditional breakfast, this one ain’t for you! Most dishes involve a fusion of flavours that twist classic breakfast ideas. Still, the food is very delicious and a great place to go for a unique and friendly atmosphere. 

The Pocket for breakfast in Belfast

Curated Kitchen & Coffee

This lovely little restaurant embodies everything about modern-day Belfast. Curated Kitchen & Coffee looks to introduce a new concept to the foodie scene. Every week, the restaurant uses a new cookbook to create its menu. This means that the breakfast offerings can be completely different from one week to the next. It’s very intriguing, but no matter what’s on the menu, it tastes delicious. They’re particularly good at making French toast here!

Curated Kitchen & Coffee for breakfast in Belfast

Established Coffee

Now, this is a great place to go if you love a morning coffee with your breakfast. Located in the Cathedral Quarter, Established Coffee is known as the best coffee place in the city. It also offers up delightfully tasty cooked breakfasts - the poached eggs are a real standout choice. 

Established Coffee for breakfast in Belfast

The Coffee House Bistro

Looking for somewhere that serves up a classic Irish breakfast? The Coffee House Bistro is renowned for its exceptional Ulster Frys - think a full-English, but with a little Irish twist. Genuinely, these frys have won awards in the local community, so it’s well worth paying them a visit to see what all the fuss is about. 

The Coffee House Bistro for breakfast in Belfast

Vietnamese Coffee Co

Perhaps the most unique place in Belfast for breakfast or brunch. Vietnamese Coffee Co offers chill vibes and delectable Vietnamese coffee. This is served with some fresh and vibrant food options that are unlike any other breakfasts you’ve had before. They serve things you’d traditionally find in Vietnam for breakfast or brunch - like brown rice noodle bowls, tofu sandwiches, etc. For a lighter bite to eat, and a more chilled out morning, this is the place to visit. 

Vietnamese Coffee Co for breakfast in Belfast


Avoca is a store and food market that also has a self-service cafe. It’s a splendid spot for a breakfast in Belfast, offering a wide range of options on its award-winning menu. But, if you have to pick one thing to try, it’s the scones. These things are gigantic and packed full of unique flavours. It’s a well-known local fact that the pear scones are to die for, so pick one up with some tasty coffee and start your day well.

Avoca for breakfast in Belfast

Harlem Cafe

Inside this charming little bistro, you get great food at great value for money. For under £7, you can get an all-day breakfast that includes succulent sausages, crispy bacon, fluffy soda bread, perfectly cooked eggs - and much more. It’s a really nice place to be inside and the owner of Harlem Cafe is absolutely lovely as well. 

Harlem Cafe for breakfast in Belfast

Granny Annies

The last place on our list is a wild one. Fancy eating somewhere that combines Irish flair with French cooking and a bit of American dining? Of course you do, what a silly question! Well, Granny Annies have all of this, bringing a combination of flavour and ideas to your breakfast table. There’s the classic Big Irish Fry, filled soda bread options, and even some breakfast cocktails. The place is always alive with activity, and it’s a brilliant spot to get your morning off on the right foot. 

Granny Annies for breakfast in Belfast

There’s an amazingly diverse range of breakfast options for you to enjoy in Belfast. Whether you want a traditional Ulster fry or something sweeter, these hot breakfast spots will fill your tummy and your soul. Looking for a spot to stay nearby? Check out our list of beautiful Belfast city centre hotels, and don’t forget to check out how to make an offer on a hotel room with hoo for a bargain on your next stay, wherever it is.

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