14 Beautiful Boutique Hotels In Turkey

Team Hoo
13th October 2021

Turkey is rightly regarded as one of the world’s most exciting destinations. There is, after all, much to love about this historic and culturally rich corner of the globe! And that means that you can have a fun time no matter where you’re staying or what you’re doing. 

However, there are always ways to take your trip from ‘great’ to ‘truly outstanding.’ And one of these ways is simple: just stay in a hotel that really stands out from the crowd. If you’re a fan of boutique hotels, then you’ll find much to love in Turkey! In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the best boutique hotels in Turkey. Book yourself into one of these, and you’ll love your trip all the more.


There’s a lot of charm at the ACE Boutique Hotel. There, you’ll have fantastic views of the water, onsite gardens, plenty of charming corners, and rooms that have been well thought out. Nobody visits this hotel and has a disappointing time, as you’ll find out for yourself, especially once you’ve seen one of the magnificent sunsets. 

Göreme Ascension Cave Suites

You’ll fall in love with Göreme Ascension Cave Suites from the first moment that you see it. And how could you not? It’s a cave! Indeed, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever stayed in a hotel like this one. They’ve designed the space extremely well, and despite it being a cave, there are many luxury touches that really make it stand out. 

No:81 Hotel Golturkbuku Bodrum

You’re guaranteed to have a good time at this hotel. In the rooms, you’ll find luxury furnishings and great views of the bay, while also onsite you’ll find restaurants and cafes. They specialise in cocktails at this hotel, so if you’re looking for a touch of the high life, then don’t miss out on staying here.

Kazdagları İda Natura Life Style Bungalov Otel

If you’re looking to add a touch of the beautiful Turkish countryside to your trip, then it’s well worth looking at this hotel! Every room has its own style, and, in truth, there’s a lot of character at more or less every turn. The grounds offer a once in a lifetime experience that you and the whole family will love. 

Mithra Cave Hotel

The Mithra Cave Hotel offers the best that Turkish culture and hospitality has to offer. There, you’ll find intricate, one of a kind decor, as well as views that truly take the breath away. There aren’t too many things more special than enjoying a delicious breakfast as you look out at the sunrise!

Mithra Cave Hotel, boutique hotel in Turkey

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is a pretty special place. It has been beautifully furnished and is full of modern features. Plus, there’s a traditional Turkish bath onsite! When you’re here, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world, one that you very much enjoy being in.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel, boutique hotel in Turkey

Hotel Pop Alaçatı

Located just 100 metres from Pazaryeri, this charming hotel is full of character that delights visitors. Guests typically mention how beautiful the garden and overall experience of their stay was. It’s one of the coziest hotels you’ll find in Turkey, and is an absolute delight to return to after a long day of exploring. 

Hotel Pop Alacati, boutique hotel in Turkey

SOTA Cappadocia

There’s nothing to dislike about the SOTA Cappadocia hotel. The location is great. The decor is great. The staff are friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for an intimate hotel that seems to get everything right, then you can’t go wrong with this one! It’s adults only, too, which gives it an additional dose of relaxation. 

SOTA Cappadocia, boutique hotel in Turkey

Alâ Avsa Hotel

Just yards from the beach, the Alâ Avsa Hotel boasts a terrace and well-appointed accommodations. The staff are extremely attentive, too, and will always be there for whatever you need.

Ala Avsa Boutique Hotel, boutique hotel in Turkey

Palm House 17 

Palm House 17 is another adults-only hotel. It’s located on the beach and has a garden; the best of both worlds! It’s set in an old townhouse, which ensures it has plenty of character, but in your room you’ll find a lot of modern touches that’ll ensure a comfortable stay.

Palm House 17, boutique hotel in Turkey

Harmony Butik Otel

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of tradition and luxury, then you’ll find much to love at the Harmony Butik Otel in Alanya. Set in a traditional stone house, these luxury rooms have tons of character, with some offering beautiful sea views. Bonus points for the amazing onsite cafe which is a must-stop in Alanya even if you're staying elsewhere!

Harmony Boutique Otel, boutique hotel in Turkey

Sakula Hotel

The Sakula Hotel is a gem of a place located close to Ilıca Beach. There, you’ll find a sweet garden, bar, and some homey touches that really allow you to sink into all the comforts that a great boutique hotel can offer. The rooms are extremely comfortable, too --you won’t want to get out of bed.

Sakula Hotel, boutique hotel in Turkey

Oread Cave Suites

You’ll love staying at Oread Cave Suites, because everyone does! There’s a lot of character here, with every room having something that inspires. It’s extremely clean and the food is top-quality, too. 

Oread Cave Suits, boutique hotel in Turkey

Yacht Boheme Hotel

This adults-only hotel is well situated close to the marina; in fact you can see the marina from the hotel! Packed with facilities and featuring a great atmosphere, the delicate decor touches are extremely welcome. The service is top end too - everything is catered so that you have a great and easy to manage stay. 

Yacht Boheme Hotel, boutique hotel in Turkey

There really are plenty of top-quality boutique hotels in Turkey to choose from. In fact, the problem that you might have is deciding which one to book. But thankfully, one of the many beauties of Turkey is that it draws you back again and again, so if you don’t stay at one on your next trip, you can always stay on the one after that! Which boutique spots and places to stay are your favourites? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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