The Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Team Hoo
23rd March 2021

With Bangkok being the capital and busiest city in Thailand, you may quickly tire from the city sights and begin dreaming about the sand and sea around you. With warm temperatures all year round, there is never a wrong time to take a day to lie on the beach when visiting Bangkok. 

From small islands around the city to small and large beach towns a few hours away, there are some beautiful escapes closeby to the capital, without needing to travel to the south to enjoy some amazing beaches. 

Below are some of the best beaches near Bangkok, for either a day escape or even a few days away. 

The 10 Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Pattaya Beach

If you’re looking for a lively beach, then Pattaya Beach is the one for you, with an endless stretch of bars and clubs. With a roaring nightlife closeby, with this beach-town echoing Bangkok’s action-packed nights. While there, in the daytime, you can visit some of the nearby islands, and if you’re hungry, check out their street food vendors. 

Cha-am Beach

A popular tree-lined beach is expansive, allowing you to spread out for privacy if needed. You can rent chairs while you’re there, finding many eateries and beverage stations closeby. Offering fun activities such as banana boats and jet skis, if you so wish, is a quieter beach most of the time. 

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Southeast of Bangkok, Hat Sai Kaew beach is on an island and offers white sandy beaches, a beautiful blue sea and the chance to see some fantastic sunsets. Very popular amongst sunbathers and sarong-sellers with speedboat and jet skis available to hire. If you’re peckish, there are restaurants along the beach, with a lively night scene. 

Pranburi Beach

With pristine beaches and clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Pranburi Beach is a few hours shy of Bangkok. This small village has a relaxing and private beach, making it so desirable by tourists, where you can truly unwind and recuperate. They have kite-surfing schools, made perfect by the strong winds blowing all-year-round, and restaurants offering fresh seafood such as crabs and tiger prawns.

Khao Tao Beach

A small pine-fringed beach and a much more secluded option than Hua Hin. With fresh seafood available close by, and with the government designating a coral reef within the waters and deeming the beach a marine park, be sure to bring your camera. 

Bang Saen Beach

More popular amongst locals than tourists, it’s one you should visit if you love seafood and wish to escape from the city air. While the sand is coarse, it’s clean and offers many restaurants along the beachfront. Offering both delicious eateries and the chance to watch a sunset while visiting. 

Hua Hin Beach

This beach is three hours away from Bangkok, a coastal place minus the flocks of tourists. However, this beach is well-loved even by locals and residents, with them flocking on the weekends to enjoy the sand and sun. There are even great restaurants, such as Thai and Asian to Italian and French cuisine, and bars close to the white sand and crystal blue sea. From Bangkok, you can take a bus or drive there. 

Cha-Am Beach

Being 100 miles outside of Bangkok, this beach offers both peace and seaside activities, offering something for all who visit. If you want quiet, there are plenty of spaces to read a good book. If you fancy a chance to ride a pony along the sea, this beach offers the opportunity to do so. You can even get a secluded authentic Thai massage. 

Klong Chao Beach

A stunning, quiet beach in Koh Kood, four and a half hours away from Bangkok, has white beaches and thick tropical jungles. However, this beach is the most developed area locally simply because of how little development there is on the island as a whole. With a few shops and restaurants, you will most likely find you have it almost all to yourself. 

Lonely Beach 

While the beach is five hours away from Bangkok on the Island of Koh Chang, it was worth mentioning on this list. A laid-back, social and friendly beach that promises peace and relaxation when you visit. Offering the chance to relax amongst the hammocks on the beach, eat in their cosy restaurant, where you can truly unwind from the busy city life.

There is a perfect beach for all close by to Bangkok, whether you’re after quiet or busy, or even seeking a way to turn day into night with beachside restaurants or nightlife. 

All of the popular sandy stretches require some planning and travel from Bangkok, but the views are very much well worth it. Bangkok is so central to these beautiful beaches that it makes an excellent base for those who want the best of both worlds, a city and beach escape. 

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