15 Beautiful Albania Beaches

Christine Peasnell
25th August 2022

You might not think of a sandy shoreline when you think of the Balkans, but these beautiful beaches in Albania are some of the best in Europe. From the luxe landscape of the Albanian Riviera to the rugged natural coastlines with hidden coves and pristine lagoons, there’s plenty to admire where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea. Let’s look at some of the best.

15 Gorgeous Albanian Beaches

Beach of Durrës

One of the most visited beaches in Albania, the Beach of Durrës is one of the most serene and populated beaches in the country. Spanning over 10km long, lined with golden sands, clear blue water and multiple bars and restaurants, the Beach of Durres is a beach you’ll want to have a stroll down on your travels to Albania.

Durres Albanian beach

Spille Beach

Spille Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Albania, as it offers one of the nicest sunsets as well as a beautiful place to unload and relax. Spille beach is borderline straight and is surrounded by greenery away from the noise and foot traffic from the main town of Spille.

Spille Beach in Albania

Plazhi i Semanit

If you’re looking to soak up the sun all day, then the Plazhi i Semanit beach may be the one for you. Stretching 3.5km across Albania, this beach lets you see Italy on a clear day and has sun pretty much all day around. We recommend you stop at some of the beautiful shops here too, as they are super family friendly.

Plazhi i Semanit in Albania

Bora Bora

Nope - not the French Island, but Albania’s very own lush location that you can take advantage of. Bora Bora is another Albanian beach that spans quite a distance but has some of the clearest views of the water as well as a serene setting for you and your kids to enjoy. Not only this, but the affordable umbrella/bed hiring is a huge bonus too. 

Bora Bora beach in Albania

Pulëbardha Beach

Pulëbardha Beach is another beach we strongly suggest you visit if you’re heading to the area of Saranda. This beach is not only luscious and has some amazing sand and sea, but is surrounded by a small mountain making it a great beach to soak up the rays and explore the surrounding area if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

Pulebardha Beach in Albania

Gjipe Beach

Albania has some of the nicest beaches around, and Gjipe beach is no exception to this. This amazing beach has soft golden sands and crystal clear waters to take a dip in. This small cove is not only cosy but is surrounded by small hills making you feel like you’re on the cast for castaway. Although you can’t get lost, we strongly recommend you check out the surrounding attractions too, as this beach comes with many.

Gjipe Beach in Albania

Ksamil Beach

From the dreams of laptop background creators, Ksamil beach is truly eye candy for people who love beaches. This beach is a major social attraction, featuring an array of islands surrounding the beach as well as amazing facilities including bars, restaurants, and even jetski/pedalo hires to make your beach day even greater. Ksamil beach is one of the best to stay for a few hours to soak up the sun.

Ksamil Beach in Albania

Jale Beach

Although it can be confused for Jail Beach, we promise you this isn’t that bad of a place to be locked up. Jale beach is a small, but luxurious beach where you and your family and friends can rest to soak up that Albanian sun all year around. Curving around small hills, Jale beach is also a place for some small adventures! If you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful location in Albania, then Jale beach fills that hole. 

Jale Beach in Albania

Lori Beach

Big beaches and vast seas might not be for everyone, and that’s where Lori beach might float your boat. Lori beach is a small, yet amazing beach to visit to have a peaceful and relaxing sunbed session, or a quick dip into the angelic waters that hit the coast of Albania. Right next to Ksamil Beach, Lori beach is one that you should visit if you want a bit of relaxing peace and quiet. 

Lori Beach in Albania

Palasa Beach

Some say pictures will not do a vision justice, and we can confirm that with Palasa Beach. This beach is not only stunning to look at, but is amazing to be at. Palasa Beach is another beach that is surrounded by hills and small mountains but lets you enjoy a peaceful swim or tanning session on your own little bed. If you’re stopping by Palase then we strongly recommend you visit this beautiful beach, even if it’s only to take a quick walk.

Palasa Beach in Albania

Dhërmiu Beach

Dhërmiu Beach is another beach that you should consider visiting when in Albania, especially near the coast. Dhërmiu Beach is by far a hidden gem when it comes to beaches, as no asphalt roads lead here - but once you arrive at this wonder of a beach, you’ll be glad you continued your journey here. With crystal clear waters and belting sunshine 12 hours a day, Dhërmiu beach is a beach that will knock your socks off. 

Dhermiu Beach in Albania

Mango Beach

Who doesn’t like mangos? Although no mangos grow here (sorry to disappoint), Mango beach is one of the cleanest and clearest beaches on this list. With some of the nicest spots for sunbathing and shallow waters to take a dip in, Mango beach is one of the several astounding beaches you can find on the coast of Albania. 

Mango Beach in Albania

Flamingo Beach

Albania is one of the most common Balkan countries where you’ll find some flamingos, however, Flamingo beach is not quite that. Flamingo beach is a beach surrounded by bars, restaurants and other amenities for when you’re not soaking up that Balkan sun or sea. Flamingo beach is also one of the main beaches where you can catch a beautiful Ionian breeze to help cool you down for ultimate relaxation.  

Flamingo Beach in Albania

Livadhi Beach

Livadhi beach is another Albanian beach that we strongly suggest you visit. Although the waters may not be as crystal clear as others on this list, the surrounding areas and silky golden sands more than make up for this. Take a dip or have a drink at one of the many bars around, and enjoy yourself on this amazing beach.

Livadhi Beach in Albania

Kakoma Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that is surrounded by the vast nature of Albania but still opens you up to that Balkan sun, then Kakoma beach is the one for you. With lush golden sands and pristine waters to take a dip in, this away-from-city beach is one that you should visit when you get the chance - we promise you, you won’t regret it.

Kakoma Beach in Albania

From the traditional villages that nestle in the rugged countryside to the untouched golden beaches along the coast, there are plenty of beautiful beaches in Albania for every seaside taste and preference. Fancy going more inland on your Balkan getaway? Take a look at our tips on the best tourist-friendly cities in Croatia, and once you know where you want to go... just hoo it!

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