15 Fab Bristol Hotels With Free Parking

Team Hoo
19th August 2021

Bristol straddles the River of Avon, and has a maritime history worthy to rival any other city in the UK. The restaurants you find close to the harbour have been situated in former 19th-century warehouses. This is where they stored gunpowder, shot, shell and swords that served in the Royal Navy. However, now Bristol is a great place to visit for a staycation or for a weekend away from all the noise at home. However, one of the most important things to you might be, especially if you are a dad, is where on earth do you park!? Here are some Bristol hotels with free parking so you don’t need to get in an argument with your spouse before you’ve stepped out of the car.

Future Inn Cabot Circus Hotel

Future Inn Cabot Circus Hotel in Bristol

Polite staff, great food and the parking is free. This hotel has already ticked off most of your boxes before you step foot inside. The plush red and tropical decor is extravagant. No wonder they have a 4-star rating after 4,000 reviews on Tripadvisor. They have 24-hour CCTV cameras in the parking lot, so your vehicle will be safe. 

Hotel du Vin Bristol

Hotel du Vin in Bristol

A quaint hotel with lots of earth tones. You would think you’re somewhere deep in the countryside when you look at their bistro/restaurant. Here you will also find free parking in their rear parking lot, which is only reserved for guests. The decor is surprisingly charming, with a little bit of a country Victorian theme going on here.

Backwell House

Beckwell House in Bristol, interiors

A great big booming Georgian mansion, with homage to the Hellenistic style. You’ll notice how stylish the house/hotel is right away as just the drive up to the front door is impressive. Quiet and beautiful gardens in the back, and there’s free parking off to the side where your car will be kept safe. The desserts are especially divine.

Holiday Inn Express Bristol - Filton

It's a classic. It's one of those large franchise hotels that just does everything so well. The decor is blue and gold, the rooms are roomy, and the food is delicious. Oh yes, the parking is free in their own parking garage, where the guests' cars, motorcycles, and vans are stored. There is onsite security too.

Best Western Henbury Lodge Hotel

It's strange to see an American branded hotel existing in another English manor house, but this lodge is superb. The house is classic Georgian, with black beams on show, so there’s a little Tudor in it as well. Parking is free, around the back, on the beige and white pebbles.

Mystique Barn

Mystique Barn in Bristol

A private hotel that is homely, cosy, comfortable and warm. There’s not many guests at this hotel because it's limited in rooms. The perfect retreat for a couple. The parking is in a secluded area, so there’s not much chance of thieves knowing where your car is and even less of a chance of it being smeared with a bird’s disapproval.

The Wellington

The Wellington in Bristol, bar

A classic British pub hotel, with plenty of local cheer. The bar is what you would expect, the restaurant serves comfort food and the parking is around the back, fully private for guests only. The restaurant does some fancy salads, such as their smoked salmon, watercress, and spiced cucumber dish.

Travelodge Bristol Filton Hotel

Another one of those large brands that ticks all the boxes. Don’t worry about parking, it's in a large underground parking lot that is free for guests. Apart from that, what more do you expect? It's got good clean rooms, great breakfast and some snacks you can purchase on your way out.

Arnos Manor Hotel

Arnos Manor in Bristol, double room

Shaped like a castle from the outside, the inside is in plush romance red. The decor is earth tone, very inviting and feels like it could be your grandfather’s house. The food is excellent, served in the huge conservatory. The parking is of course free, around the back. Sorry, no pebbles this time.

Whitehouse Guestrooms

If it looks and feels like someone’s house, that's because it is. This large house in a typical Bristol neighbourhood has been converted into a spacious hotel. The rooms are like you might have at home, the bed takes up most of the room, but for a hotel as long as it's affordable you can put up with it. Yes, as you know by now, the parking is free. It's driveway parking however.

Hilton Garden Inn Bristol City Centre

Right in the city, this hotel is accessible from any direction. Unlike some of the others on this list, you don’t need to drive up a path to find where it is. This huge hotel has a rather large underground parking area, with plenty of cameras to watch who comes and goes. It's a Hilton, so you can expect great service, plush rooms, soft bedding and some good refreshing orange juice with breakfast.

The Bristol

The Bristol, double room

A hotel that takes the name of the city it's located in, better live up to it and this one does. Thankfully, it's got parking that is surrounded by privacy trees, so your car is neither seen or heard while you swan about the city. This does have some nice bar food though, so book a lunch with the hotel while you’re here.

Hampton by Hilton Bristol City Centre

If you want a truly contemporary hotel, this is the one for you. The restaurant serves great seafood salads, the wine prices don’t make you roll your eyes and the staff are really polite. The breakfast buffet is typical of an American brand, but we love them for it.

Ibis Bristol Centre

Right in the city as well, this is a brand we don’t often see. It's got a bit of an Amsterdam touch about it, with it's red, white and black interior design. The food is continental, so croissants, orange juice, fresh fruit and olives are in order. Yes, the parking is free.

Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel

Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, double room with a view

Another classic American hotel brand, doing what you would expect in it's usual boring fashion. It's got everything you need, nice neutral rooms, great bed sizes, excellent staff and you know it by now don’t you!? Free parking.

All of these hotels want their guests to stay for longer, so they provide a parking space for your vehicle with no extra charge. If you would like to stay for a while in Bristol, any of these will float your boat. Do you need parking when you travel or do you give your car a holiday back at home? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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