Live It Up In 15 Blackpool Hotels With Entertainment

Team Hoo
31st August 2021

Blackpool is one of the best-known cities in the UK, almost purely because of its pier front. It's got plenty of nightlife for the nocturnal partygoers, but there’s tons to do if you’re out for a day with the family too. Blackpool has more than just casinos and rides; some of the best ice cream in the country, some amazing views but most importantly, a thriving hotel culture. All of these great Blackpool hotels have entertainment for the guests within their halls so you don’t need to venture a single step outside to have a great night.

Grand Metropole Hotel

The Grand Metropole Hotel in Blackpool

One of the best Blackpool hotels with entertainment is the Grand Metropole. They have dancers and singers performing regularly. Some of them are local favourites and some of them are touring the country. If you don’t mind a cha-cha and a samba performance in the same hour, this is one to visit.

The Royal Carlton Hotel

What could be more entertaining than a 24-hour bar? No, seriously, they have lots more to offer. They have entertainment nights for all ages. You’d be surprised how much the family can have sitting alongside grandma, having a round of bingo. Okay, maybe not, but you can have a party night if you choose to book.

Royal Seabank Hotel

Royal Seabank Hotel bar in Blackpool

The entertainment lasts til midnight, so you can always pop down for a look at what’s on show. They have comedians performing standup, as well as magicians doing comedy routines. You can also find singers belting out a tune and getting the crowd to join in.

Tiffany's Hotel Blackpool

The Tiffany's Hotel in Blackpool

In this hotel, the entertainment can go as late as 1 am. So if listening to R&B, pop and show-tune singers is your thing, then this is a hotel you will enjoy. Not to mention, they also do weddings, stag parties and a whole bunch of other things that you’ll notice when you check in.

Lyndene Hotel

This is a classic Blackpool hotel, with baby blue paint all around the exterior. It has 2 restaurants, 3 bars and 2 lounges which will host live entertainment. It's right by the seaside, so you have great views. With over 1,200 ratings on Google and a 4-star rating, it's a gem. It's also not too far from a couple of excellent fish and chip shops too.

The Cliffs hotel

Katy Barsby at the Cliffs Hotel in Balckpool

This has a very classic look. A little bit of Victorian and Georgian architecture never goes amiss. The jacuzzi/pool is great. You’ll understand once you get there. There’s a bar that sells cold food such as sandwiches and sub rolls, as well as crisps and other snacks. There are games such as air hockey, table football and live sports on the telly.

The Ruskin Hotel

The Ruskin Hotel in Blackpool

A no thrills no spills hotel, with great food and a nice bit of entertainment. Great fish and chips, but they do a killer steak and chips too. The decor is semi-modern, great if you don’t like rapid change and don’t mind sleeping with one leg in the 90s and another in the 2000s.

The Winter Garden Suites Hotel

A charming place, with some great self-catering options if you are a family or going to Blackpool with a group of friends. The entertainment is pretty predictable such as karaoke competitions, comedians, singers and other performers.

Montgomery Hotel

Probably named after the WW2 general, it certainly has the bedding of that era. Nonetheless, the beds are comfortable, the food is good and the prices are reasonable. Entertainment in the evening is also satisfactory. It's child-friendly, so if you have a baby that might cry in the night, this is a hotel that won’t be asking you to pack your bags in the morning.

Norbreck Castle Hotel

This one puts on quite a show from the offset. A huge castle hotel that looks fantastic at night when it's lit up. It has a large swimming pool for those of you that want to take a swim, but it's raining again. What did you expect? One of the more affordable options, this hotel is great for those that want to spend more on shopping than where they’re staying.

Park House Hotel

The Park House Hotel in Blackpool

A great 4.4-star rating on Google, but you can see why. A great sunroom, a bistro that serves great cuts, and a bar with some top night time shows. Cocktails, tropical drinks and the odd craft beer is on offer along with dinner, and there’s free parking, too. 

Queens Hotel

It's a 2-star hotel and, to be honest, the rooms are pretty much what you’d expect for this level - but if you’re happy without any frills then the prices are rock bottom reasonable. They make up for it with great entertainment; a dancefloor restaurant, live bands and a bar with a snooker table.

Britannia Metropole Hotel

Britannia Metropole Hotel in Blackpool

This hotel has a great view, but so do most of the others. What really sets this one apart is the rooms themselves; classic Victorian, with great big plush beds and room service. Fantastic for a couple that wants to have a great experience, but it also has some great in-house entertainment including cabaret and bingo.

The Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel in Blackpool

A solid 4-star hotel with a breakfast buffet, regular events, free wifi and immediate access to the beach. The service is the shining light of this hotel, and what better place to experience it than in the gorgeous restaurant and bar lounge?

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool

The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool

We’ve saved the best till last: this hotel earns every single one of its four stars. The rooms are very spacious and the decor is quintessentially 1900s British, perfectly matching the iconic exterior. There’s a great selection of lunches, especially the afternoon tea selection, and a great selection of other goodies in the No 10 bar and lounge.

There’s something for everyone here, from micro budgets to big splashy spenders, so let these Blackpool hotels woo you with their in-house entertainment offerings. As an added bonus they all offer great food, too, so if the local comedian can’t make you laugh, at least the seared bass won’t make you cry. What’s your favourite way to chill in your hotel during the evening? Let us know on Insta or tweet us @justhooit!

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